Chapter 251: Ji Xiaodao

While traversing the Eastern Hundred Cities, he was cultivating while also honing his treasures!

Inside his second Fate Palace was the auto-refining Pristine Worldly Metal turning itself into a bow. The speed that this bow was forming shocked even Li Qiye. This divine bow was Li Qiye’s first Life Treasure, and it was the type personally fed by him.

In fact, Li Qiye originally wanted to grow Little Silly’s dao bone inside his second Fate Palace. Unfortunately, the Pristine Worldly Metal was too domineering and took over the spot.

Li Qiye gave this divine bow a name, the Nine Words True Bow. This was a peerless true bow created from the supreme true mantras of this heaven and earth.

After being ferociously beaten by the stone, the Pristine Worldly Metal lost its initial arrogance as if it had thought things through. After it turned into a true bow, Li Qiye had always been trying to resonate with it! Meanwhile, this Nine Words True Bow also accepted Li Qiye, so the master acceptance ceremony went extremely smoothly.

Keep in mind that this bow was refined from a Pristine Worldly Metal with its own consciousness. This was a bow with perfect and complete nine sets of true mantra. These types of weapons had their own sentience and it was extremely difficult to force them to submit.

However, this bow became smart after being beaten by the stone egg and easily accepted its master.

During his eastward journey, Li Qiye also contemplated on the mysteriousness of the Nine Words True Bow. After testing its power again and again, Li Qiye couldn’t help but become astonished. One had to know that he had even used a ferocious weapon like the Immortal’s Blood Spear, and there were not too many things in this world that could excite him.

However, the Nine Words True Bow actually moved Li Qiye! Once he became an Immortal Emperor in the future, this will surely be his number one bow!

Cultivating and remembering along his eastward way, he eventually came across a mountain range with very few inhabitants. There was an old ancestral temple in this place.

The ancestral temple was hidden inside a cedar thicket. This place had become ordinary, but one could still faintly tell its past glory. This ancestral temple used to have ancestors with heaven-soaring prestige.

The old bricks and tiles were now green while all the carved walls and columns carried mottled appearances. There were flourishing weeds, proving that this place had been abandoned for a long time.

“Squeak.” Li Qiye opened the doors and entered this ancestral temple. This hall was worshiping a mighty and majestic stone statue of an old man. Even though it had not been taken care of for a long time, one was still able to see that when this old man was alive, he was an awe-inspiring figure capable of disdaining all directions.

“Even the Ji Clan has fallen!” Li Qiye lamented after seeing the empty incense burner without any signs of recent visitors.

This was the ancestral temple of the Ji Clan. Its ancestor used to be one of the most powerful generals under him. However, the Immortal Massacre War was too cruel and countless people died in the battles. Wise sages of the human race fell one after another. However, after one fell, a new one took a step forward in the never-ending struggle as blood filled the rivers and mountains were made from bones. So many people by his side died in that war.

Like the ancestor of the Ji Clan, he was one of the most powerful existences! During the Immortal Massacre War, the Ji Clan ancestor was the commander protecting the rear. He stayed behind in order to protect and allow Li Qiye’s Tetra-War Bronze Chariot to reach the center of the battlefield. He used his blood to stop one flank after another; because of this, Li Qiye was able to reach his destination.

In the end, it was a victory so the sacrifices of all the human wise sages were not in vain! The Ji Clan ancestor had a great contribution in this matter, but he also died in battle during this war!

As the Dark Crow, Li Qiye had agreed to protect the prosperity of his Ji Clan for three generations, then he brought the ancestor’s remains back to the Ji Clan’s ancestral ground. For the next three generations, the Ji Clan was protected by the Dark Crow so they prospered for its entirety!

After millions of years, he came here again today to look at this old ancestral hall. The Ji Clan that was once protected by him for three generations had fallen. Time was heartless, and even an Immortal Emperor lineage like the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect would eventually fall.

“The years are so relentless in the end!” Li Qiye finally looked at the old man’s stone statue and bemoaned. This was one of his most powerful generals with great contributions during the Immortal Massacre War.

After looking at the stone statue for a bit, he left the ancestral temple and walked through this cedar thicket before inadvertently stopping at an old pond.

“Ah!” Before Li Qiye reached the old pond, there was a loud scream that resonated to the far reaches.

There was a young man standing before the old pond. His Fate Palace hung above his head with a turtle image. His entire body exuded a bright light, creating an illusion of a lion. It rushed towards the emerging turtle and bit this image!

After a roar, the light around his body eventually disappeared and his Fate Palace went back inside his meridian. At this time, the turtle and lion both disappeared while the young man looked as if he had just been through a harsh battle. His entire body was sweating as he sat straight on the ground with a tired expression.

Li Qiye from afar was surprised from this scene as he murmured while walking towards the old pond: “It has been a long time since I’ve seen a person with this fate line.”

“Who?” Li Qiye’s footsteps immediately alerted the young man next to the pond. He suddenly stood up and turned around to glare at Li Qiye: “Who are you?”

“Just a passerby.” Li Qiye gave a friendly wide smile at this young man before him. This young man was a bit older than him and he had a clear and bright expression. He was dressed in black from head to toe to give off an unusually awesome look. His eyes flashed a brilliance that revealed an unyielding resolution!

“Why did you come to this place? There is no beautiful scenery to be found here!” The young man was on full alert after seeing a stranger like Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled a bit and replied: “I had read many ancient books about the Eastern Hundred Cities. However, people do say that reading for ten years is not as great as walking a thousand miles. I am on a vacation and wanted to see a few legends. It was written that this place used to be the ancestral temple of the Ji Clan, so I came here for a look to see if it was the truth or not.”

“Oh, so you are trying to find the ancestral temple. I will lead the way for you to see.” The young man became relieved after hearing Li Qiye’s answer. Li Qiye did not look like a bad person, so he had a good impression of him.

This young man was truly friendly and immediately led Li Qiye to the ancestral temple. He was walking while talking: “My name is Ji Xiaodao, what is your name?” 1

So it was a descendant of the Ji Clan! Li Qiye smiled and was a bit surprised. He didn’t think that he would meet a descendant of the Ji Clan. Li Qiye then told the young man his name.

“Where are you from?” Ji Xiaodao was a talkative person and immediately struck up a conversation after meeting Li Qiye.

“The Grand Middle Territory — it’s very far from here. I went on this trip so that I could see this world.” Li Qiye calmly and leisurely responded with a smile.

“The Grand Middle Territory, wow!” Ji Xiaodao was quite surprised and became even more curious as he struck up even more small talk.

A few moments later, Li Qiye followed Ji Xiaodao back to the ancestral temple. While looking at the stone statue, Li Qiye glanced at Ji Xiaodao once and smiled: “The Ji Clan’s ancestor… So the ancestral temple of the Ji Clan was at this place.”

“Yep, this is the ancestral temple to honor my maternal ancestor!” Ji Xiaodao looked at the statue and said with some emotion.

Li Qiye acted as if he was in a daze. He looked at Ji Xiaodao and asked: “Your maternal ancestor? But your last name is also Ji.”

Ji Xiaodao smiled and explained: “My grandfather was a live-in son-in-law at the Ji Clan. My grandfather’s last name initially was not Ji, but we all followed our grandmother’s last name so it is now Ji.” 2

“You know, my grandfather’s clan before was not any lesser than the Ji Clan. My grandfather’s ancestor was also an unfathomable character, and people called him Lion Monarch Ba Xian. Legend has it that he was an invincible existence, and some rumors even stated that he was a grand completion Immortal Physique!” Ji Xiaodao loved to talk so he chatted up about his clan’s story to Li Qiye.

“Lion Monarch Ba Xian!” Li Qiye was a bit taken back after hearing this. This world was really too small. Back at the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, he had tricked the Tyrannical Immortal Saber from Lion Monarch Ba Xian and had formed a positive karma with him. He didn’t expect to meet his descendant at this moment, and he also didn’t expect that the future generation of the Lion Monarch married the future generation of his general!

“You have also heard about the ancestor of my grandfather?” Ji Xiaodao excitedly asked.

Li Qiye nodded his head and spoke: “I have. Lion Monarch Ba Xian was a great character during Immortal Emperor Tun Ri’s era. Even when Immortal Emperor Tun Ri was alive, the Lion Monarch was still an amazing character.”

After knowing that the ancestor of Ji Xiaodao’s grandfather was Lion Monarch Ba Xian, Li Qiye now clearly knew just what had happened with Ji Xiaodao. This was a rarely seen conflict between the fate line and Physique.

After hearing Li Qiye’s response, Ji Xiaodao was even more ecstatic as he continued on: “No wonder why you like old tales about the Eastern Hundred Cities. So it turns out you know so many historical stuff like this. My grandfather’s ancestor, Lion Monarch Ba Xian, was quite great, but in fact, my maternal ancestor was even greater. Legend has it that my maternal ancestor was an invincible character, that he participated in a heaven-frightening war and managed to save the human race. His name was immortalized!”

Ji Xiaodao couldn’t help but become proud when mentioning the glorious deed of his ancestor. It was as if he could reimagine the scene where his ancestor swept through the Nine Worlds and Ten Earths.

“Yes, the Immortal Massacre War!” Li Qiye softly sighed.


  1. Xiaodao = Little Saber or Knife 
  2. Live-in son-in-law is quite a shameful thing in ancient China. Very very shameful. No MC would marry the prettiest girl in the world if they have to be a live-in son-in-law.