Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2532

Chapter 2532

The emperor’s eyes turned cold with a blinding radiance, capable of shining even the nine levels of hell .

“Don’t be so confident!” His thunderous roar was intimidating . He stood there like a supreme sovereign, robbing everyone of their breath .

The three swords in front of him had a cold glint, causing everyone to shudder . Their flashing glimmers pricked harshly down to the bones .

The crowd could already sense a murderous intent before an attack as if the swords were next to their neck . Decapitation could be next .

“Go, I’m waiting to see your comprehension . ” Li Qiye nonchalantly said .

“Very well . ” The emperor said .

“Clank!” The three swords resonated at the same time .

Everyone could hear their hymn and felt their hair standing on end because the sound went straight for their heart, seemingly originating from there .

This was akin to a direct assault on the heart, creating a penetrating pain . Many staggered backward from this unpleasant feeling .

“Buzz . ” Space fluctuated, seemingly being cut apart . The three swords began to rotate around the emperor .

At the same time, runes were surging out of the emperor . In this blink of an eye, he seemed to have endless runes as they slowly covered him . These runes were ancient and profound; each wielding considerable power . This was no different from the emergence of three thousand worlds .

“Clank!” The three swords have opened an ancient world filled with lights . It immediately stabilized and locked on to the runes around him, resulting in a massive formation .

It instantly trapped Li Qiye within . This domain had its own sun and moon with blood flowing everywhere . The stench was horrifying; same with the murderous pressure . People didn’t only shudder but would become nauseated as well .

Strange sizzles could be heard . It seemed that if any existence in this world were to let down their guard even a little bit, the pressure could instantly turn them to blood .

This was quite frightening . Just the atmosphere of the formation alone was extremely fatal .

“Boom!” After the formation took form, the emperor gathered his vitality and became resplendent .

“Rumble!” Myriad Formation Kingdom in the distant also exuded blinding lights . With the kingdom in the center, rays of light traveled to different places in Nine Secrets and started sucking out power .

These various forces from the system became pulsing rays and headed for the emperor .

The rays eventually converged into a single pulse and shot straight for the emperor .

He opened his fate palaces and absorbed the incoming energy in full . An inferno rushed out of his body and ravaged the sky .

He turned into a sacred deity, pulsing with a blinding radiance, no longer belonging to the mortal world . He was no different from a being from above, wielding an ancient sword to deliver judgments .

His battle abilities soared even greater than before . Just a wave had an apocalyptic might .

The crowd took a deep breath . This heightened form of his was truly strong . Not many ancestors in Nine Secrets could take him on now .

“Boom!” He then jumped into the ancient formation and split into three copies .

There were three of him now inside Immortal Slaying Ancient Formation . They were identical and had the same radiance . The split didn’t make any of them weaker than the original .

“Which one is real?” The spectators were confused to see three of him .

They opened their heavenly gaze and tried to spot the real one . Unfortunately, they were disappointed to find that regardless of how careful they looked, they still couldn’t notice anything .

“It’s impossible to tell . ” Even the ancestors shook their head .

“Copies can’t be this strong . ” Another murmured .

Cultivators could create avatars and copies after reaching a certain level but they were far inferior to the real body . Some copy didn’t even possess twenty-percent strength of the original .

One ancestor stared seriously at the formation: “The emperor has entered a special state in this formation . Even his copies are just as strong as the original . So now, there are three of him, and they’re all empowered too . ”

“This formation is incredible then . ” Another took a deep breath .

This meant that the emperor’s power had tripled . This combined with the murderous atmosphere in the formation made him much stronger than normal .

“Don’t be surprised . ” An ancestor said: “This formation has an amazing origin . Few in the history of Myriad Formation Kingdom have been able to learn it . ”

“Clank!” The three emperors each had one sword . They raised it in front of them in an offensive stance, ready to attack .

The swords exuded a flowing golden brilliance that spread to the emperors . They looked like three golden immortals with a transcending aura - a stark contrast to the murderous aura emanating from the swords .

“Die!” The emperor roared and finally made his move, slashing vertically with his swords .

“Clank!” The entire formation activated with a merciless sharpness, enough to kill an immortal .

The spectators felt a sharp sting on their neck as if they were the ones being decapitated .

“Come!” Li Qiye laughed and casually punched again .

The destructive punch was as unstoppable as before, destroying everything in its path . There was no taking back after releasing .

“Boom!” It aimed straight for the three swords .

The crowd watched with bated breath; this wasn’t the first time the king used his bare hands against weapons .

The result was the swords being blown to the air; the emperor staggered several steps backward .