Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2534

Chapter 2534

“Clank!” The power of a progenitor empowered the slash, allowing it to destroy the ages and any immortal .

The swords released strands of light . Each seemed to be materializing into physical form, full of murderous intent . These bright rays were fatal, aiming straight for the throat .

This slash would remove any immortal in the world . The sword has finally revealed its true form and terrifying power . This primordial beast has shown its real fangs .

The emperor didn’t exert its true power earlier . He needed to be at this level before being capable of delivering this slash .

The crowd’s expression darkened, petrified by this murderous aura . Some dropped straight to the ground .

“Good . ” Li Qiye smiled and casually raised his right hand in retaliation .

“Clank!” Another sword hymn could be heard . It wasn’t as sharp and clear as the one from the Immortal Slaying Sword but rather forceful with a deeper pitch similar to a large bell .

A bronze sword appeared . It was as massive as a mountain, lying horizontally in the sky and crushing the stars above .

Its size actually didn’t matter, only its incalculable weight - surely the heaviest item in existence .

“Whoosh!” It flew out and slashed at the other sword with pure strength . There was no murderous aura nor technique - just an immaculate power that could crush everything .

Because of its unimaginable weight, the moment it took action, the spatial area nearby got crushed and became a terrible void after loud cracking noises .

Perhaps it weighed a thousand times more than Three Immortals . Just imagine the force behind such weight . The most amazing slash wouldn’t amount to much when facing its might .

“Bam!” A contest of a peerless formation versus a heavy sword .  

Unfortunately, the formation seemed feeble in comparison like an ant being crushed by a mountain .

Fiery sparks scattered before the Immortal Slaying Sword was blown flying . Even the figure behind the emperor suffered the same fate .

The heavy sword didn’t stop there; its shockwaves still continued forward through everything .

“Boom!” The weight of the strike seemed to be on the back end and has just now reached the front to hit Eight Formation True Emperor .

“Ah!” He bellowed miserably before turning into a mist of blood .

Since the start with his ultimate slash till his death only took the blink of an eye . The spectators didn’t even have the time to breathe before everything ended .

“Boom!” The formation collapsed, leaving behind the three floating swords .

Just a while ago, the emperor had the Immortal Slaying Formation on top of blessings from his kingdom and the power of Nine Secrets . Alas, just a single slash still took him down . The guy didn’t even have the chance to try and run .

The spectators regained their wits and trembled in fear . The king didn’t need to use any invincible art; just this bronze sword alone could make him invincible .

One slash from it could take down a kingdom or lineage . A million miles of land would sink to the core . Hidden powers and resources? Ancestors? True Gods? All to ashes .

The three immortal swords were still floating, unharmed by the contact earlier with the bronze one . They were clearly precious treasures .

“Not bad at all, mine . ” Li Qiye smiled and reached for them .

“Clank! Clank!” The swords resisted his suppression since they already had a master, not wanting to submit .

Unfortunately, his great palm didn’t allow for resistance . They were instantly suppressed and fell into his possession .

He did a simple wiping motion and destroyed the seals of the swords along with the markings of Myriad Formation Kingdom .

There was no doubt that their master has changed at this point . The kingdom wouldn’t be able to summon them back .

“Buzz . ” Suddenly, the bloody mist lit up . A condensation force took place .

“What’s going on?” A strong expert noticed this .

A shadow of Eight Formation True Emperor appeared in the bloody mist, only around the size of a fist .

“He’s not dead yet since his true fate hasn’t been destroyed . ” An ancestor figured it out .

True Emperor was a resilient realm . A True God would have been ashes after being struck by that slash . However, the true fate of this emperor was still intact . He only needed time and certain conditions to create a new body and live again .

“Unfortunately, you are doomed . ” Li Qiye chuckled after seeing this .

“Clank!” He casually used his new swords . They all swung down in unison .

“No!” The image of the emperor shouted and finally felt fear . He wanted to escape at this last second .

“Pluff!” It was already too late . His true fate was instantly cut by the three swords . It became extinguished and dispersed into light particles .

The crowd watched the slowly dispersing radiance while trembling inside . This signaled the death of the emperor . He no longer existed in this world; the end of a great genius .

Everyone became emotional and speechless, albeit with different feelings .

Not just in Nine Secrets but in all of Imperial, Eight Formation True Emperor was a brilliant prodigy . Becoming an emperor at such a young age meant that he had limitless potential .

Some considered him to be number one in Nine Secrets . They viewed him as their role model as they strived to become better and famous, perhaps reaching the imperial realm just like him .

Alas, they watched his death today after suffering an utter defeat to the hand of the king, someone they have looked down upon . This reversal was such irony to the emperor’s fans .

The older experts didn’t feel the same way . They felt a chill because the king was untouchable now . The fate of Nine Secrets has been determined . Everyone needed to obey him in the future .

They also knew that nothing good would come from opposing the king . It was suicidal on top of bringing potential sect-destruction . His reign of terror would far exceed Lucidity King’s .  

Bingchi Hanyu gently sighed after seeing this . She had tried her best to convince the emperor otherwise . He was the one who chose this path .