Chapter 254: Chi Xiaodie

In fact, most of the people in the Lion’s Roar Gate thought that Li Qiye was fooling Chi Xiaodao; it was just that they didn’t want to stomp on Xiaodao’s parade. After all, Chi Xiaodao had always been a hard worker and his innate aptitude was not bad, either. Moreover, the gate itself had poured a lot of effort into him, yet his cultivation had always been stuck at the Soul Creation realm; it would not advance to Royal Noble.

Everyone could understand his desperation and willingness to try anything so, after Li Qiye’s arrival, most of the seniors all assumed that Li Qiye was fooling Chi Xiaodao. Back when Chi Xiaodao went around to borrow money, his seniors also reminded him of this fact, but they didn’t go as far as this girl who directly wanted to chase Li Qiye away.

“Am I not correct?” The girl glanced at Li Qiye and said: “Fate changing is the most profound technique of the alchemy dao. For a little brat like you who’s only around seventeen to eighteen years old, are you able to grasp it? My little brother is sick in the head so he believed you, but this does not mean that you can also fool other people!”

Li Qiye smiled and looked at the girl before him to say: “First, even though I am a bit young, this does not mean that I am unable to grasp the profundity of Fate changing. Have you never heard of the phrase, ‘the first to be enlightened is the senior?’ Second, these medicinal materials might be precious in your eyes, but they are nothing in mine; they are not worth my effort to try and swindle from you. Third, we’ll pretend that I am a swindler. If this was the case, then I would not pick your Lion’s Roar Gate in the first place. Your gate has nothing that’s worth my time to swindle.” 1

“I can’t believe you have the nerves to bluster like this!” The girl snorted with a retort: “All alchemists that are capable of Fate changing in the current times are renowned, and I’m afraid they have to be Legendary Alchemists! You are a little brat whose hair hasn’t even fully grown yet, and you dare to say that you have grasped the profundity of Fate changing! Such a big tone.”

Li Qiye then glanced back at her with a smile: “You haven’t seen my naked body, so how do you know that my hair isn’t long enough? Little Girl, don’t be nonsensical. Even though your knowledge might be shallow, that does not mean other people aren’t capable.”

“You!” While pointing her shaking finger at Li Qiye, the girl was angered to the point where her face was flushed red due to Li Qiye’s words. Her milky round breasts rose up and down, creating a very pleasing ripple.

“So, cat got your tongue?” Li Qiye smilingly said. It was one thing if he kept quiet, but if it was an argument with someone else, who would be able to defeat his razor sharp tongue?

The girl took a deep breath as her golden eyes revealed a cold flash with a pressing aura. She then spoke in a serious tone: “If you don’t leave now, it will not be as pretty when my Lion’s Roar Gate forces you to leave.”

“I’m so afraid!” Li Qiye patted his chest a couple of times with a playfully frightened expression, causing the girl to almost vomit blood from anger.

“Big Sister!” Right when the girl was about to explode, Chi Xiaodao hurriedly rushed in and saw his big sister and Li Qiye’s expressions. He immediately knew that something wasn’t right so he quickly separated the two of them.

In fact, the moment he heard that his sister had returned, he immediately went back for he knew that his sister would find Li Qiye. She would definitely chase Li Qiye away because she must have thought that he was fooled by Li Qiye. Because of this, Chi Xiaodao no longer continued to borrow money and ran back just to stop Li Qiye from fighting his sister.

In order to resolve the tense atmosphere between Li Qiye and his sister, he quickly introduced the two of them to each other.

The girl before him was Chi Xiaodao’s big sister, Chi Xiaodie, the princess of the Lion’s Roar Country. Her status could be described as the high-above golden branches with jade leaves.

Compared to Chi Xiaodao, Chi Xiaodie’s cultivation was a bit stronger; she was at the Royal Noble realm. It was not an easy matter for the current Lion’s Roar Gate to support Chi Xiaodie to the Mysterious Fate realm, so she was absolutely worthy of being called a heaven’s proud daughter.

Naturally, the gate must have expended a considerable amount of effort and resources on her. An ordinary disciple would not be able to enjoy such a fortunate upbringing and have the same cultivation as her today.

“Xiaodao, you need to know how to judge people a bit more when you travel outside. There is a saying — you might know someone and their face, but not their heart!”

Even though Chi Xiaodao wanted to thwart the grievances between the two, Chi Xiaodie was quite antagonistic towards Li Qiye. She was already being sensible; if Chi Xiaodao wasn’t here right now, she would have outright called Li Qiye a swindler.

Chi Xiaodao quickly defended Li Qiye: “Sister, Brother Qiye is not a swindler. He will definitely be able to cure my problem. He is the one who knew the most about my situation out of everyone I’ve met. No one has been able to clearly recognize my issue after just one glance before. Even I myself was not so sure, but Brother Qiye was able to tell me very clearly so I trust that he has the ability.”

In order to earn Chi Xiaodie’s trust, Chi Xiaodao — once again — repeated Li Qiye’s words and clearly explained, in detail, about his matter of the lion biting the turtle.

“Lion biting the turtle?” After hearing his careful explanation, Chi Xiaodie’s eyes couldn’t help but become serious. Li Qiye’s detailed analysis was indeed the first and most reliable theory that she had heard.

Despite this, she was still not convinced and spoke with a grave tone: “Even if his diagnosis of your problem is correct, Fate changing is not something an ordinary person can grasp! This is the most profound and mysterious art within the alchemy dao. Rumor has it that before one reaches the level of Legendary Alchemist, no one would be able to grasp the mysteries of Fate changing.”

Chi Xiaodie’s attitude was much better compared to earlier.

“Big Sister, a small age does not represent one’s abilities!” Chi Xiaodao was extremely convinced by Li Qiye so he quickly added: “Brother Li is the most knowledgeable person I have ever seen. His deep knowledge is not something that our generation can compare to. He is also not someone who speaks nonsense; I trust that someone like Brother Li will not swindle my medicinal materials.”

Chi Xiaodao really wanted to reveal the secret regarding the Chi Clan’s ancestor that Li Qiye told him, but he made a vow so he couldn’t say it no matter what!

“If it is really the lion biting the turtle, then this matter of Fate changing cannot be rushed.” Chi Xiaodie continued on: “Fate changing is not a trivial matter, and it could hurt you without having careful preparations. We need to tell Royal Father to find the most renowned alchemist in the Eastern Hundred Cities — what do you think?”

“Sister, I trust Brother Li!” Chi Xiaodao took a deep breath and exclaimed with a firm attitude.

As for Chi Xiaodie, she was wondering just what kind of medicine Li Qiye fed to Chi Xiaodao to completely win this trust after only meeting him for a short amount of time.

Li Qiye could only shrug against Chi Xiaodie’s killer gaze as he said: “You don’t need to glare at me like this, I didn’t feed your brother any weird medicine! I dare to say that in this era, only I can change your little brother’s Fate. Even if you find a Legendary Alchemist, they would not be able to do it as well as me!”

“Such big words!” Chi Xiaodie couldn’t help but snort and said: “Do you even know what a Legendary Alchemist is? You’re so young yet so arrogant already!”

“Legendary Alchemist?” Li Qiye leisurely smiled then answered: “They are only alchemists who are capable of refining Seventh or Eighth Transformation Fate Pills — they’re no big deal.”

Chi Xiaodie was completely speechless; it was her first time meeting such an egoistic person. Even Chi Xiaodao, who trusted Li Qiye, became silent. A Legendary Alchemist ah, this was an existence of extremely high status. Even a Heavenly King would have a hard time inviting such an existence even if he personally went to do so! At this moment, Li Qiye made it sound as if they were only chefs who could make decent meals.

“Well, I don’t care if you believe it or not!” Li Qiye lightly waved his sleeve and said: “This time, the reason why I am helping him is purely to form a positive fateful bond with your Lion’s Roar Gate, and it’s also to end a karmic fruit! I have not obtained any benefits from you, yet you feel afraid of the possibility that I might swindle your little brother’s materials. You all can just keep the materials then; the moment when I need to use them, you can stay and watch! Of course, if you feel that I am not trustworthy, then this matter concludes here. The opportunity is in your hands; whether you can seize it or not is up to you.”

Li Qiye’s words caused Chi Xiaodie to be a little bit lost. What was this about forming a positive fateful bond, and what was this about ending a karmic fruit? No one would be able to understand such a thing.

Chi Xiaodao took a deep breath and earnestly spoke to Chi Xiaodie: “Sister, I trust Brother Li, and I have confidence in him!”

Li Qiye didn’t even hesitate the slightest bit when he told him a secret like the ancestral vein of the Chi Clan. Even a great treasure like the Heavenly Stone Golden Turtle was not worth a glance to Li Qiye; Xiaodao believed that Li Qiye would not swindle his medicinal materials!

Seeing her brother show such determination caused Chi Xiaodie to gently sigh. As his big sister, she naturally wished for his problem to be solved and, no matter what, she wouldn’t want his cultivation to always be stuck at the Soul Creation realm.

“The elders will never give you these medicines!” Chi Xiaodie became soft under the firm resolution of Chi Xiaodao; she couldn’t do anything but to say this.

Chi Xiaodao nodded his head and replied: “The elders have already rejected my request, but I will gather enough refined jades to buy it from the gate at whatever the market price is!”

Chi Xiaodie looked at her little brother and asked: “How much did you manage to borrow right now?”

A little more than half! Chi Xiaodao wryly smiled and didn’t answer. The medicinal ingredients that he needed were all very precious. He pretty much borrowed from all the seniors in the sect, but it was still not enough.

Chi Xiaodie paused for a moment, then she said: “I still have a little savings. If you still don’t have enough, then take from my treasure trunk until you have enough.”

“Sister, the items in the treasure trunk were given to you before Grandfather went into secluded meditation. They are meant to be your future dowry; I absolutely cannot touch them.” Having heard this, Chi Xiaodao shockingly replied.

Once Chi Xiaodie made up her mind, there was no way to change it. She deepened her voice: “Just take it for now; you can return it to me later. If you delay any longer, then you will miss out on the best time to cultivate!”

“Besides, I’m not going to marry so there is no need for a dowry!” In the end, Chi Xiaodie coldly spoke.


  1. The full phrase is 学无先后,达者为先 — There is no seniority in learning, the first to be enlightened is the senior. It is saying that there is no young or old in academia, and even older learners can be humble and learn from a younger person without shame. The other meaning is that there is no age limit to learning, all should strive for it.