Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2545

Chapter 2545: 2545

Li Qiye has been inside for a long time so the group became restless .

“Is he okay?” This wasn’t Wild Bull’s first time asking this question during the wait .

“The young noble will be fine due to his power level . Even if he can’t get all the way down, leaving is just fine . You’ve tried before too and came out unscathed . ” The scholar replied .

“Sigh, don’t bring it up again . I instinctively felt something was wrong and ran . If it wasn’t for Ill Lord suppressing me right away outside, I would have gone crazy for sure . ” Wild Bull still looked scared because that was one of the roughest moments in his life .

“In my opinion, the young noble should be able to deal with the murderous intent, but will he be able to handle the surge of rage?” Golden Dragon became worried: “It’s a mental attack and has nothing to do with power . Just the dao heart matters there . ”

The group naturally worried about Li Qiye’s safety because they placed all of their hopes on him . If anything were to happen to the guy, they would no longer have a chance to leave this place alive .

“The young noble is a bit young but to reach that level, his dao heart must be far stronger than ours . He’ll be able to handle it . ” The lady said: “Even if he can’t, he’ll still come out just fine . Remember, even the likes of us can leave the pit, let alone him . ”

“I’m just afraid he’ll try to persevere for too long . Many have died in this place because they were too stubborn and eventually succumbed to their heart demon . ” Golden Dragon was still worried .

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine . ” Ill Lord was calmer in comparison, having full confidence in Li Qiye .

“Since the young noble dares to go in, he should be very certain of success . ” Ill Lord stared at the pit and continued: “Someone of his level can handle far worse dao and surely wouldn’t attempt something deemed to be suicidal . ”

The group felt much better as if they have just taken a calming pill . Li Qiye surely wouldn’t have been dumb enough to try something he wasn’t sure of .

“Just wait, be patient . ” Ill Lord said .

Li Qiye continued on . The pit seemed to be bottomless with numerous skeletons on the way down . These were the experts who have tried to explore this place, only to die here .

The deeper he went, the fewer corpses he saw . The murderous energy and mental attack gradually increased so those who have made it this far were incredible masters .

The murderous energy eventually acted like blades lacerating the flesh . Even with powerful defensive treasures, one still couldn’t handle its crushing power . One could be crushed to pieces at any moment .

Only someone as strong as Li Qiye could withstand its destructive might . He still walked normally without a problem .

The mental attack became fiercer . After reaching a certain depth, people would start to feel the rage of this land that could erupt at any moment - endless howlings and screams of anger .

He eventually made it to his destination and found another medium-sized pit within . Its depth far exceeded its radius . It has also been burned by a terrible true fire .  

“Rumble!” Continuous detonations occurred once he got close enough . The entire place shook as a result .

This hole was the origin of rage and murderous intent but Li Qiye still jumped down without any hesitation .

His ultimate defenses rendered him invulnerable to both of these offensive affinities .

When his feet touched the ground, the first thing he saw was a skeleton .

Judging by the skeleton, the person must have been tall and sturdy . The bones were yellow now from decaying .

Li Qiye finally found the two affinities exuding from this skeleton . Perhaps before death, this being was the embodiment of rage and madness . It unwillingly wanted to rush out of this place and tear the heaven and earth asunder . Unfortunately, escaping was impossible .

His attention turned towards an iron chain of a crimson color . It seemed to be ravaged by the terrible fire millions of years ago but the heat still remained .

He got closer and saw that it was pinned to the ground, perhaps to the deepest crevices and became one with the earth .

The other part of the chain coiled around the skeleton with the end drilling through the heart .

Li Qiye nodded approvingly: “Quite capable, a body seal and a true fate seal . No, even the dao heart is sealed . It’s impossible to take off this chain unless the prisoner is an immortal being, capable of starting over after destroying everything . ”

It’s clear whoever inserted this chain was amazing . This method was simply heaven-defying .

Of course, the victim here was also an incredible existence . Otherwise, one wouldn’t spend so much effort on this sealing method . A weakling could be suppressed with simpler methods .

It became clear to Li Qiye how this pit came into form . The prisoner didn’t wish to be locked here forever and used the most terrible fire to burn the iron chain . Unfortunately, years passed by and the chain won . The great pit was the result .

The chain was connected to the ground, becoming one with this physical entity . It was virtually impossible to burn the other end of the chain . The prisoner eventually died from old age in this place .

Li Qiye squatted down for a closer look . This iron chain wasn’t that special at first glance but now, he could see the numerous laws intertwining to form the individual links . Embedded within the laws were the rarest immortal metals . Even one speck was priceless .

Creating this iron chain must have taken tremendous effort .

“Clank!” Li Qiye held the chain and the end coiling around the skeleton immediately loosened .

“Clank!!” The other end that was one with the ground started shrinking backward, almost like a spirit serpent .

It became a tiny chain that could sway to the wind, not quite heavy . Who would have thought that this iron chain had once sealed a terrifying existence until death in this place?

“Simply incredible . ” Li Qiye praised . Only two or three people in the entire history of Three Immortals could have created this chain .

He put it away without any hesitation since such a great item could be useful in the future .

Finally, his eyes became profound . He started sweeping through the myriad realms of the three worlds, not allowing anything to hide from his gaze .

After several full sweeps, he stopped on the skull of the skeleton and smiled .

“I see, excuse me then . ” Li Qiye placed his palm on the skeleton .

“Pop!” The skull started changing .

Space and time started twisting in a chaotic manner . The physical contacted allowed him to spy into a different world .  

Spatial ripples continued to spread . Li Qiye’s body and the area around him started bending in a strange manner in multiple places .