Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2595

Chapter 2595: 2595

Everyone stood in a daze before the incoming palms . How many could actually withstand this force?

Even the ancestors felt dread; their sects wouldn’t be able to do anything but turn to ashes .

“Is he a lump of flesh now?” Everyone wanted to confirm Li Qiye’s death .

“Rumble!” A series of explosions interrupted the speculations . Everyone saw the two palms being pushed apart .

“Look, inside!” A keen-eyed spectator instantly spotted Li Qiye .

The crowd saw him pushing out the palms with his bare hands . The process made the world quake .

“Rumble!” Space fluctuated continuously . Everyone could sense this violent feedback .

It was as if he wasn’t only splitting up the palms but also the entire world .

“Amitabha . ” A chant resounded with surging Buddhist light . This endless power gathered on the palms, allowing it to push together again in order to put an end to Li Qiye .

“Even if a real Buddha comes, he’ll still kneel before me, not to mention fakers like you . ” Li Qiye chuckled while his hands lit up .

“Boom!” They suddenly became colossal, more than enough to grasp the world .

“Boom!” Li Qiye pushed out the Buddhist palms without any effort . He then grabbed and fully immobilized them .

“Not good!” The Vajras became nervous since they couldn’t perform the scripture anymore .

“These are Buddhist Palms? What are they good for? Stir-frying some vegetables? I’ll break a bit off and make some appetizers . ” Li Qiye chuckled and twisted his hands .

“Crack!” He actually broke the hands apart .

Everyone was stunned because these invincible hands broke so cleanly as if they were fried dough twists .

“Does it taste good?” Li Qiye began his joke .

“It’s good . ” He broke one finger .

“It’s not good . ” He broke another with a smile .

“It’s good” and “it’s not good” interchanged for a bit until he broke all ten .

“Ah!” One Vajra fell from the sky after another . Blood gushed out from their body since Li Qiye broke their true form despite their physical toughness .

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” They became meat paste after slamming into the ground .

No one expected for all ten to fall in this manner . These were fierce characters that have swept through the world before but now, they were mangled and mutilated .

Li Qiye then casually threw the fingers away and wiped his hands as if they have been dirtied . He said flatly: “Buddhist Palm Scripture? More like Fried Dough Scripture . ” 

“The ten Vajras are finished just like that? Killed by a junior?” One old cultivator murmured .

“Okay then, that’s enough power to rival Jade-break and Puresword True Emperor . ” Another ancestor took a deep breath .

Everyone felt both fear and admiration towards this young man . He was strong enough to do whatever he wanted wherever .

“Buzz . ” The ten warships in the sky suddenly lit up . The various lights gathered and formed ponds of brilliance .

Shadows of the ten Vajras appeared in the ponds .

“What’s going on?” The crowd didn’t expect this .

“Splash! Splash! Splash…” The dead Vajras rushed out of the bright ponds .

They were still as brilliant as before, looking like ten supreme gods .

“How can this be? The dead coming back to life?!” A spectator shouted .

Some started rubbing their eyes, thinking that they were only seeing things . They saw the ten killed by Li Qiye just now, so how did they come back to life?

“Junior, are you in awe? We can’t be killed . ” The ten surrounded Li Qiye again while laughing .

Li Qiye looked at them and said: “Nothing to it, babies from Luminous Gold Tribe are born with special metals in their mouth, while these warships are made from them . It just means that as long as these warships are around, you all will be around too, and vice versa . ”

“You?!” The ten Vajras were shocked . Few people knew their actual background even though they have been around for so long .

“The legend is true . The Luminous Gold Tribe isn’t extinct . ” An old ancestor couldn’t believe it .

“Luminous Gold Tribe? What is that?” His junior asked .

“It used to be a great tribe in Left Bank but was exterminated after losing the political struggle . This tribe was versed in craftsmanship and could create many magical items . People were actually suspecting that Luminous Gold Tribe was still around after seeing these warships . Looks like Hidden Gold Grotto has saved the descendants of  this tribe, including the ten Vajras . ”

He looked at the ships then the Vajras: “No wonder why these warships are so strong . They have become one with the Vajras, storing these beings’ souls . It meant that even if their bodies were destroyed, as long as these ships were around, they could be rebuilt again . In order to kill them completely, one must destroy the ships as well . ”

“Doing both is not easy at all . ” A person murmured while staring at the gigantic ships .

“So what if you know? You can only take us down in your dream!” Iron Vajra shouted .

“This is just a special gift of your tribe, not true immortality . ” Li Qiye leisurely said: “Very well, since your group has destroyed my wooden house, I will build a palace out of your ships . Not a bad idea at all . ” 

“Such arrogance!” The other Vajras became furious . Though they weren’t his match, being shown such disdain was still very uncomfortable .

They channeled their energy and became radiant . This divinity swept through the realms as they fused together with their warships .