Chapter 263: You’re Still Too Inexperienced To Compete Against Me

Everyone became astonished due to the final price of the Rotten Underworld Beans. It was too illogical; even someone who needed it would not be able to accept such a price. In the end, the pot fell into the hands of Sima Longyun.

“Why did you suddenly go insane!?” Seeing Sima Longyun successfully obtain the pot of beans, Chi Xiaodie couldn’t help but explode and shout at Li Qiye.

The Rotten Underworld Beans was something that they must get, but because of Li Qiye’s meddling, Sima Longyun was able to grab it with such a sky-high price! Even if Sima Longyun didn’t win it, they wouldn’t have been able to afford such a ludicrous price.

At this time, Chi Xiaodie became exasperated because of Li Qiye’s troublemaking! If he didn’t go all out on bidding, then maybe they would have been able to grab this pot of beans at an acceptable price.

“Sister doesn’t need to be angry. If you need it, I’ll just give it to you. Money is only an external thing, it doesn’t matter at all.” Right now, Sima Longyun immediately handed the pot of Rotten Underworld Beans over to Chi Xiaodie.

10,000,000 jades for a pot of Rotten Underworld Beans was outrageous even for Sima Longyun, but if it could earn Chi Xiaodie’s favor and strike a blow to his love rival — Li Qiye, this was plenty worth it for him.

“This is all your fault!” Chi Xiaodie couldn’t help but announce her displeasure towards Li Qiye with a deep tone.

Li Qiye remained unperturbed and answered with a smile while looking at Sima Longyun: “The Rotten Underworld Bean has a great effect. However, a pot of useless beans is not useful at all. Using a pot of useless beans to please a beauty — this matter is really too embarrassing.”

“What do you mean?” Sima Longyun’s expression turned cold after hearing Li Qiye’s words. Many people present were also surprised at this sudden development.

Li Qiye smirked and slowly explained: “As an alchemist, I will provide you with some common sense. Correct, Rotten Underworld Beans are not valuable right after maturity; they need to be buried for a long time before becoming something worthwhile. Clearly, there are a few complications when this alchemist buried them; when he sun-dried these Underworld Rotten Beans, they must have been next to Lustrous Bloodworms.” 1

“What’s wrong with sun-drying Rotten Underworld Beans next to Lustrous Bloodworms?” An older cultivator couldn’t help but ask.

Li Qiye leisurely smiled and continued: “If you use the beans immediately, there will be no problems. However, because the beans were stained with blood energy and because they were sun-dried next to the bloodworms, the moment the beans were buried and basked in underworld energy for millions of years, the medicinal effect of the beans had been completely corroded! This turned these beans into waste without the slightest bit of value.”

Li Qiye continued on with a bright smile: “Therefore, when a few alchemists eventually die from old age, they need to make sure to never sun-dry Rotten Underworld Beans together with Lustrous Bloodworms.”

“Nonsense!” Sima Longyun coldly retorted: “The Inheritance Ancient Pavilion appraised these Rotten Underworld Beans!”

Li Qiye glanced at him with a carefree expression and said: “If you don’t believe it, then you can crush a bean to see if it’s true or not.”

Sima Longyun maintained a fierce stare at Li Qiye and finally snorted before saying: “I’ll pinch one just so that you can stop acting like you actually know something here!” Having said that, he immediately took out one bean.

However, the moment Sima Longyun crushed this Rotten Underworld Bean, a black water immediately came out; a sudden terrible smell appeared.

Sima Longyun immediately became shocked and went to crush many beans right afterwards. However, one after another, it was all the same; all of the bean cores were eroded.

“It really is like this. This is too strange, I have never heard of such a matter.” Many people couldn’t help but clamor after seeing this scene. Even alchemists were amazed for they have never seen or read such an occurrence before.

Of course, Li Qiye was well aware of this because he and the Alchemy God had tasted countless grasses and tried numerous medicines; what kind of medicines ever managed to elude their grasps? How could anyone understand the dao of alchemy more than he in contemporary times? Not to mention, he also had the peerless and supreme Alchemy God’s Grand Canon in his hands!

Right when he carefully sniffed the scent of these beans, he immediately knew that there was an issue with the pot. Due to Sima Longyun’s provocation, he used this chance to push him down the hole so that he would pay a sky-high price for this pot of beans.

Chi Xiaodie became a bit stunned after seeing the new development; she was unable to say a word for quite some time. At this time, she understood why Li Qiye raised the bid to such a ridiculous amount! With a slight change in her expression, she understood that even if she obtained it, it would have just been a pot of useless beans!

“Your eyesight is pretty bad to be giving a pot of useless beans to a beauty.” Li Qiye looked at the livid Sima Longyun and leisurely smiled.

“Wonderful, such great alchemical knowledge definitely opened everyone’s eyes today.” The Ice Feather Palace’s descendant, Bing Yuxia, applauded while sitting in her pavilion.

“What is going on!” Sima Longyun was no longer able to contain himself and shouted at the auctioneer: “Could it be that your Inheritance Ancient Pavilion is auctioning these useless beans to fool everyone?”

The auctioneer remained calm and answered: “Young Noble Sima, do not be angry. Everyone in the Eastern Hundred Cities clearly knows that grave auctions are an equal risk for both the auction house and the buyer. From the tomb opening until now, the entire process was observed by everyone; our pavilion did not commit any shady business. As for the issue of the buried item, it could only be described as a mistake on our appraisers’ part. Say, if someone gets a bad deal, will they then ask our pavilion to make up for their loss? This is something everyone knows very clearly!”

“Our Inheritance Ancient Pavilion has been prestigious for many years. If there was a problem with an item in a formal auction, then we will repay the difference ten times over! However, everyone knew the rules of a grave auction; we appraise and observe the item together before auctioning it on the spot to have everyone share the venture and risk! Regardless of whether it be problems with the items, buyers getting a good deal, or we incorrectly appraising an item, these are all within reasonable limits! If you can see it, then you can buy it. This is not fraud on our part, so we will not bear the responsibilities.” The auctioneer eloquently clarified because this was not his first time dealing with such a matter.

“One can only accept his misfortune when such an issue occurs at a grave auction. A formal auction would have some insurance, but the starting price would be much higher.” A cultivator nodded in agreement.

All the cultivators in the Eastern Hundred Cities knew the rules of a grave auction. They understood that the pavilion did not commit fraud, so naturally, they didn’t have to bear the responsibilities.

Sima Longyun’s complexion turned pale. He wasted 10,000,000 Royal Noble Refined Jades to buy a pot of Rotten Underworld Beans in order to please the beauty; he didn’t expect to treat money like trash and waste this much to buy a pot of useless beans! The lost money was not the issue, it was losing all face in this seemingly prodigal endeavor. To simply put it, this matter was a joke to all the present spectators so how could he not turn pale from anger?

At this moment, the initially angry Chi Xiaodie also turned silent. If it wasn’t for Li Qiye’s troublemaking, she would have most likely paid a high price for these useless beans.

“If Little Girl doesn’t understand, then do not speak nonsense, lest you cause more misunderstandings.” At this time, Li Qiye glanced at her and nonchalantly said.

Chi Xiaodie immediately became annoyed with a stomach filled with hot air, but she could only hold it in! She glared at Li Qiye with quite a bit of exasperation!

“The next item up for auction.” The grave auction continued even after such a commotion. Everyone became alive again and did not hesitate to bid just because of the Rotten Underworld Beans matter.

Afterwards, a dozen or so items we brought up for bid, and they were all buried precious ancient medicines. The items inside the tomb became fewer as many of them were sold. Chi Xiaodao couldn’t help but bitterly smile because there were no more Rotten Underworld Beans amongst the remaining buried items.

At the end of the auction, there were a few buried items that even the pavilion’s appraisers had difficulty identifying.

“Next is the cheapest item up for auction.” The auctioneer declared as a wooden box was being brought up.

This wooden box had completely decayed and there were many patches of rotten mud stained on the top. There was no need to look any further; even if there were ancient medicines inside the box, they were most likely rotten. If it wasn’t for the rotting mud sticking on it, then this wooden box would have decayed entirely.

“This item is a rotted wooden box. After our appraisal, there is a medicinal scent inside, and it could be precious spirit medicines. We will not open the wooden box to take out the medicines; this ancient medicinal box will start at 300 Royal Noble Refined Jades.” The auctioneer said.

“What a joke!” Buyers immediately booed after hearing the auctioneer. One of them exclaimed: “This ancient medicinal box looks completely rotten, yet you still want 300 Royal Noble Refined Jades. This is straight up robbery.”

The auctioneer replied: “Our appraisers have examined it. The inside is definitely filled with precious spirit medicines. There is a herbal aroma of jewel sandalwood — extremely pure. This is a very rare spirit medicine.”

At this time, Li Qiye also carefully took a whiff of the wooden box that had basically turned into mud to check the medicinal scent inside.

“Even if it is a precious ancient medicine, it still isn’t worth anything. One would instantly know after just taking a look at the wooden box. It has decayed into mud so any ancient medicines inside would also be rotten. In my opinion, at best, it will only be worth 100 Heaven’s Primal Refined Jades. Use this low price so that everyone can gamble to see if there are any remnants of drugs inside this mud!” An alchemist offered his opinion.

“300 Royal Noble Refined Jades — this is the lowest price. If no one wants to bid, then our Inheritance Ancient Pavilion will have to take it back.” The auctioneer maintained this bottom line and declared to all the buyers.