Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2658

Chapter 2658

“Rumble!” The entire world seemed to be uprooted in this process .

A dao source was the foundation of a system, personally created by a progenitor . Inside were supreme measures left behind by the progenitor .

In other words, outside of the progenitors themselves, no one else would be able to move or lift the dao sources . A person capable of this would have enough power to destroy a mighty system, truly a force to be reckoned with .

Nothing was impossible for Li Qiye, so he managed to pull up this dao source out of the stone jar .

“Return from whence you came, it is time for Stone Harmony’s awakening . ” He said insipidly and slowly placed the dao source back into the river .

“Boom!” This inner world shook as a result . It seemed as if an immensely heavy object has just dropped on the ground .

In fact, all of Stone Harmony shook as well . Everyone heard a loud bang .

A while ago, the system resembled a ship out in the wide ocean without heavy supplies and as light as a feather . Such a system felt feeble and easily toppled .

Once the dao source was placed in the river and after the bang, the ship’s storage now had a boulder heavy enough for stabilization - allowing the ship to no longer be afraid of big waves and storms .

Next, the true water of the grand dao assimilated with the river water .

“Boom!” It spread at an unmatched pace with Li Qiye’s position at the center . Immortal rays shot out all over this internal system .

Meanwhile, the dao laws inside the source extended and made the whole source to be incomparably large - no longer able to be stored inside the jar .

It took the form of a pulsing maelstrom . Inside seemed to be gestating endless strength of the dao .

“Rumble!” The rotating maelstrom caused this internal world to be filled with true dao water and majestic life force .

Though the progenitor separated the outer and inner world, they were actually the same . Thus, the proliferation of this water also affected Stone Harmony . Tremors happened outside as if something mighty underground was coming up .

The system became resplendent with rays coming out of the ground . They illuminated every single inch of the land .

Next came the power of the grand dao . It didn’t take long before this massive system become filled with dao and life force .

“What… our dao source has awakened!” Wu Youzheng was the first to react .

“It’s ours… our dao source… our dao source!” The disciples reacted with shouts .

“Our system is saved! We’re saved!” They got on their knees with tears dripping down their cheeks .

Though they didn’t know what was going on, they could sense the existence of their dao source again and its various powers spreading across the realms . They started breathing in the extremely thick dao energy and exuberant life force .

“Young Noble…” Youzheng and Lin Yixue were also on their knees with tears . They told their fellow sect members to kowtow .

Other members of the system were left in the dark, but this group knew that this revitalization was due to Li Qiye .

Not only did he save them and the city, he even went ahead and save the entire system . How could the group not be grateful?

Those looking up inside Stone Harmony could see the sky turning bright . This arc of light began to infuse the system with various forces .

“Stone Harmony is saved, maybe it will rise again in the future . ” One Eternal emotionally said after seeing this .

The system has been declining for numerous eras . Everyone thought that collapse is imminent . But now, the system started flourishing once more .

“Nothing is impossible for Fiercest . He didn’t only stop the ferocious waves but also brought it back from the brink of death . ” One ancestor commented .

The impossible became possible when Fiercest was involved; even a withering system could be saved .

Li Qiye didn’t waste time at the river before returning to the jar to touch it .

It had a coarse and sandy texture, also cold to the touch . Strangely enough, this cold was actually quite pleasant and comforting .

He closed his eyes and continued to feel it, sensing a boundless vastness as a result… 

Worlds and galaxies felt tiny in comparison .

“Naturally formed during the start of all, truly priceless . ” He withdrew his hand and said .

He then took out the Three Immortals Tree . It was now growing on top of the black soil taken from the heavenly prison .

He poured the soil in the jar then inserted the tree - a perfect fit . This jar looked like a tree pot now, seemingly created specifically for the Three Immortals Tree .

In fact, this tree was indeed grown inside this pot and with this soil during the olden days .

“Buzz . ” The stone jar lit up and changed its appearance, no longer possessing the ashen shade .

It turned into a primordial world while the tree was holding up Three Immortals World .

To put it simply, the jar was the source of the three worlds, the soil gave them nourishment, and the tree created everything else in the three worlds - granting them life force .

Possessing these three things made it seem as if he had the three worlds in his grasp .