Chapter 267: Heaven Cutting Tablet

Li Qiye put away the wooden ruler, then he said to the Chi duo: “We are going back.”

He didn’t want to garner too much attention after grabbing this wooden ruler, so he planned to leave this area. As they began their departure, someone blocked their path before they could return to the Lion’s Roar Gate.

Heavenly flowers fell down from the sky as immortal hymns resonated about. A group of beautiful women descended from the sky and below their feet were blossoming ice petals. Right afterwards, Bing Yuxia appeared before everyone.

Her sudden appearance along with the Ice Feather Palace disciples alarmed the group of Chi Xiaodie. Sikong Toutian also lost his calm and said: “This hard-to-mess-with girl is eyeing us.”

The wary Chi Xiaodie and Chi Xiaodao both knew that the Ice Feather Palace was absolutely a monster that their Lion’s Roar Gate couldn’t afford to offend.

“How about the two of us talk for a bit?” Bing Yuxia walked forward as if she was dancing and cheerfully smiled towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes at this strange Bing Yuxia before him and smiled: “We can talk. My favorite thing to do is to speak with pretty girls with our knees pressed close.” 1

“Look, Young Miss should be careful. Your man is a womanizer.” Bing Yuxia smiled cheerfully at Chi Xiaodie and continued: “Why not follow me instead of this heartless lover?”

“He is not my man!” Chi Xiaodie angrily snapped: “I have nothing to do with him!”

Li Qiye was still as calm as ever as he waved his sleeve and dismissively said: “Girl, don’t linger on these things. If you want to talk, then hurry up; otherwise, I will not accommodate you.”

Li Qiye’s arrogant attitude caused Chi Xiaodao to breathe in a cold breath. This was the descendant of the Ice Feather Palace — a future powerhouse. There weren’t many people amongst the younger generation who would dare to speak with such a big tone towards Bing Yuxia within the Eastern Hundred Cities.

“Good, we will talk then.” Bing Yuxia smiled. At this time, the female disciples of the Ice Feather Palace summoned a treasure. In the blink of an eye, a courtyard appeared before everyone.

At this time, the Ice Feather female disciples entertained the group of Chi Xiaodie while Li Qiye and Bing Yuxia walked together to enter the premises.

Only the two of them were inside the building. Bing Yuxia sat in the high position with her male clothing and smilingly spoke to Li Qiye: “Where are you from?”

“Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s disciple, Li Qiye.” Li Qiye calmly answered with a smile without hiding anything.

Bing Yuxia’s pretty eyes narrowed and stared at Li Qiye before saying: “Not long ago, I heard about such a person. Some people say that you are the most arrogant little demon in the Grand Middle Territory!”

“It seems like your Ice Feather Palace is very much interested in the Grand Middle Territory ah. You have very good intelligence.” Li Qiye was not surprised in the least bit.

In fact, the Grand Middle Territory was very far from the Eastern Hundred Cities. A sect privy to intelligence from the Grand Middle Territory while situated at the Eastern Hundred Cities would absolutely be powerful.

Bing Yuxia laughed. Her laughter in her male clothing was seven parts beautiful and three parts as bright as the sunshine; there was even a trace of charm mixed in. This type of appearance was quite alluring.

Li Qiye looked at her captivating style and shook his head: “A girl like you didn’t learn anything except your Matriarch’s style of dressing like a man. Isn’t this a bit too strange?”

Bing Yuxia withdrew her smile as she became serious and replied: “So you know our Matriarch very well.”

The Ice Feather Palace was just like its Progenitor, Immortal Emperor Bing Yu. She was an invincible existence that had swept through the world and carried the Heaven’s Will — absolutely peerless.

He couldn’t help but smile after thinking about Immortal Emperor Bing Yu. He then shook his head and said: “Not very well, but I have heard a thing or two about Immortal Emperor Bing Yu. I heard that she was an arrogant lady that was as cold as ice! Even though you dressing as a man does have a little charm, it is not like your Matriarch. Her arrogance, I heard, really made others very uncomfortable!” Li Qiye was probably the only person in this world who dared to comment about Immortal Emperors like this.

“Such a big tone!” Bing Yuxia scowled while looking at Li Qiye. A bit later, she continued on: “I didn’t come to find you to talk about such trivial matters. We need to talk about the Heaven Cutting Tablet!”

“Heaven Cutting Tablet?” Li Qiye burst out in laughter and shook his head: “It seems like besides that girl, Immortal Emperor Bing Yu, no one else is able to understand it.”

“In other words, you know a lot about the Heaven Cutting Tablet!” Bing Yuxia’s eyes became serious as her words carried more gravity as well.

Li Qiye, on the other hand, smiled with a relaxed look compared to Bing Yuxia’s austere countenance. He nonchalantly spoke: “It’s not worth mentioning, but that item originally did not belong to your Ice Feather Palace. Even though your Matriarch, Immortal Emperor Bing Yu, truly had some arrogance, she was not a foolish person. Her method was insufficient, thus she moved it outside.”

“Who on earth are you!” Her pretty eyes turned cold as she glared at Li Qiye.

Still as calm as ever, Li Qiye looked at her and slowly continued: “A Cleansing Incense disciple. In reality, who I am is not important to you. The crucial matter is the Heaven Cutting Tablet, don’t you think?”

“You must really know a lot about the Heaven Cutting Tablet!” Bing Yuxia gravely said.

“This is the result from reading many works. A girl, ah, should stay at home and study well; read a bit more. This will be very beneficial for you! Maybe you would be able to find the answer.”

“I hope to hear your answer even more.” Bing Yuxia slowly responded. At this point, her casual air was no longer present. She carried a cold and exalted demeanor. In the end, she was the descendant of an Immortal Emperor lineage — very formidable.

Her aura had no effect on Li Qiye. He was still at ease like before: “Why must I tell you the answer?”

A cold glimmer flashed in Bing Yuxia’s eyes, creating a chilling and penetrating air that dug all the way to one’s bones as she spoke: “Surely, you do not wish for me to invite you back to the Ice Feather Palace as a guest.”

With a glance at her, Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh as he shook his head and retorted: “Girl, your ability is great; however, do not boast in front of me. If you dare to act without bringing Immortal Emperor Bing Yu’s True Treasure here, watch out or I will capture you and turn you into a bed-warmer maid!”

As the successor of the Ice Feather Palace, Bing Yuxia’s power was unfathomable. She was a girl but she always dressed as a man without a care for the world. However, she was still very famous within the Eastern Hundred Cities and others had always been wary of her.

Yet today, this little demon in front of her didn’t think much of her despite her threat; he maintained his calm as if victory was already within his grasp.

“It seems that you are confident enough.” Bing Yuxia slowly spoke. It was rare for someone to bluster like this in front of her; even the descendants from ancient kingdoms would not necessarily be able to speak such arrogant words.

Li Qiye glanced at her and smiled to say: “Because I am Li Qiye!” They were such dull words yet they carried an imposing and majestic aura that shot straight to the sky.

Because I am Li Qiye! — such a sentence exuded a sensation of being above all; this kind of confidence was capable of being the sole ruler of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths.

“Not bad, this phrase ‘because I am Li Qiye.’ “ After a while, Bing Yuxia laughed in a valiant and refreshing manner while exuding an alluring charm.

After cracking up for a while, Bing Yuxia asked Li Qiye: “What do I have to do to convince you to talk about the Heaven Cutting Tablet? How about I connect the strings for you with some people? Within the Eastern Hundred Cities, whether they be the princesses of Ancient Kingdoms, saintesses of grand sects, fairies of sacred gates — I actually know quite a few of them. Do you want me to hook you up?”

Li Qiye smilingly shook his head and said: “Women who can grab my attention aren’t limited to the few around you. Even though they are not bad, they’re still a bit short. How about this, if you stay by my side and be my maid, I will tell you an ultimate secret regarding the Heaven Cutting Tablet of your Ice Feather Palace! The fact that your Matriarch was too arrogant cannot be denied. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have only brought back the Heaven Cutting Tablet that year…”

“… However, your Matriarch was also exceptional and possessed heaven-frightening intelligence. As a frog at the bottom of the well, she was able to comprehend the whole picture while being limited to just one star; she was capable of understanding the mysterious profundity to finally become a generation’s invincible Immortal Emperor! If you stay behind as my maid, I will let you know the true origin of the Heaven Cutting Tablet. At that point, your harvest will not simply be the Heaven Cutting Tablet.” Finished speaking, Li Qiye then glanced at Bing Yuxia.

Bing Yuxia suddenly shivered as she stared at Li Qiye and said: “You know our Matriarch…”

“I wish I could meet her, but unfortunately, I was born millions of years late. Otherwise, with my supreme and peerless charm and also being born in the same era as your Matriarch, I would have been the best dao companion for her.” Li Qiye laughed then shook his head.

Li Qiye’s statement was half true and half false so people couldn’t decipher its validity.

“Enough narcissism! You think a little demon like you would be favored by our Matriarch? When our Matriarch was alive, even the flowers and the moon shied at her presence, and she viewed all the men in this world like dirt! In regards to a little demon like you, I’m afraid my Matriarch wouldn’t even give you a single glance.” Bing Yuxia looked at Li Qiye and shook her head disapprovingly.

Li Qiye simply smiled in response and didn’t say anything else.

“What do you want before you’re willing to talk about the Heaven Cutting Tablet?” A moment later, Bing Yuxia asked with more gravity.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile while staring at the cross-dressing Bing Yuxia before him. Even though Bing Yuxia and Little Girl Bing Yu’s appearances were different, their charm was quite similar, especially when both of them were cross-dressing. However, Bing Yuxia — right now — was not as great as Immortal Emperor Bing Yu that year; Bing Yuxia was just a little girl who was arrogant to the extreme. Nevertheless, she really had the ability to be so domineering.

“Forget it, I am the type who finds joy in helping people. This is all because I’ve read so many books and became this knowledgeable, resulting in gaining greater responsibilities, am I right?” Li Qiye smiled before continuing: “I’ll give you a little hint. Don’t waste time on the inscriptions on the tablet. The meaning of the inscriptions is that it is fundamentally meaningless!”