Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2703

Chapter 2703: 2703

“Buzz . ” Li Qiye and the emperor repeated the process countless times before they lit up .

Space fluctuated and became similar to a shiny mirror from congealing . The reflection inside was that of a majestic and boundless world, consisting of numerous mountains and an uncountable amount of sects . One wouldn’t be able to travel this expanse in one lifetime .

Though separated by one dimension, they could still sense the vast power there - pure beyond belief . This world was above any other, causing people to think of a particular phrase - good land gives birth to great heroes .

Yes, this world had plenty of talents, prodigies, and masters . Its name was Immortal Lineage .

“Such an impressive project . ” The emperor stood at the end of the path and reflected: “The creator of these paths is far superior to a progenitor . ”

These paths connecting worlds couldn’t be made by one powerful emperor or progenitor . It required many of them working together across many generations .

However, who had such influence to gather so many masters in one place? None came up in her mind .

“Go in . ” Li Qiye only chuckled . This topic was too ancient . He couldn’t explain the mysteries behind this old era with just one or two words .

The two exchanged glances and had the same idea . They walked forward at the same time and entered the congealed space .

This mirror-like area had ripples from the contact . The two disappeared into it then the mirror went away as well .

The duo entered Immortal Lineage at the same time and took a deep breath . Even a regular person could tell the difference between Imperial and Immortal Lineage .

This worldly energy here was denser and richer . Upon closer inspection, one would find another difference . The energy in this place had a touch of “immortal” energy . Of course, it might be nothing like that but Imperial definitely didn’t have this same affinity .

The stronger masters or talented prodigies found it easier to harmonize with the grand dao in this world . This feeling should only happen when they were inside their own system .

However, even an outsider here felt this harmonization . It meant that cultivating in Immortal was easier compared to Imperial . The grand dao was closer to people so they could understand its profundity with less effort .

Because of this, strong Eternals and emperors would always ascend to Immortal because the lower worlds no longer satisfied their cultivation requirements . This world allowed them to take the next step forward on their dao and break through .

“Immortal Lineage . ” The emperor quietly said . Though Imperial was her home, Immortal was indeed more suitable to stimulate their potential .

Staying back in Imperial for powerful beings would be akin to having shackles . People only stayed behind if they had no other choice or there was something worth it for them to stay .

“Dao Brother, is this where we say goodbye?” The emperor asked .

“Boom!” Suddenly, the sky seemingly exploded and startled her .

“I only wanted to invite you to my grotto, does heaven really need to send thunder?” She joked .

“Rumble!” However, more deafening explosions occurred .

The two looked up and saw chaotic bolts twisting in the sky, not similar to the usual thunderstorm .

These bolts arranged themselves like wires in the sky with currents channeling through them .

“What is that?” Her vast knowledge failed her this time .

She never saw anything like this before . These bolts and currents turned the sky into a world of lightning . It nearly encompassed all of Immortal Lineage .

She wasn’t the only stunned spectators since this phenomenon encompassed the whole world .

Not to mention the billions and billions of mortals, even the invincible emperors and progenitors found this astonishing .

“What’s going on?” These experts became horrified .

“Is… this the end of the world? A calamity is descending . ” One of them stammered .  

“Why is this happening?” Old Eternals were in disbelief . The scene of an emperor proving his dao still didn’t reach this level of horror .

The birth of a progenitor would only bring a small-scale heavenly tribulation . However, this lightning storm covered all of Immortal Lineage, seemingly turning it into a prison .

“Creak…” A heavy creaking sounded as if a great gate above was slowly closing . Sure enough, the sky suddenly turned dark .

“Why is there something like this above?” Everyone became confused, progenitors included .

“This is a grand phenomenon . We need to run right now, a spectacle like this will have something ferocious after it . ” One emperor felt his heart skipping a beat and shielded his presence while still speaking before running to a hiding spot .

One progenitor took out a divination table to take a better look . “Boom!” Alas, his table instantly exploded .

“The machination of heavens is in chaos…” His expression soured as he gravely said: “Damn it! Something terrible is coming, who did this?!” He also chose to hide .

In fact, the encroaching darkness made the truly powerful and knowledgeable masters run away . They had no idea what was going on so they exercised prudence .

“What is happening?” True Emperor Jiu Ning was infinitely close to the progenitorial realm .

In fact, she was suppressing herself because she wanted to become an immortal-level one from the first attempt . Alas, she couldn’t calculate the current development .

She turned towards Li Qiye .

His eyes narrowed as he derived the myriad dao . His expression darkened as a result: “Not good, someone is trying to calculate the heaven’s will!” [1]

1 . Not the same word as the Heaven’s Will back in the nine worlds, but it fits this context