Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2716

Chapter 2716

Guo Jiahui’s decision to take care of a cripple like Li Qiye truly perplexed her fellow sect members .

A few gossipped and criticized her while most thought that she was too kind-hearted, throwing her precious time away in the process .

Cultivators truly valued their time; none would want to waste a single second, let alone on a crippled mortal like Li Qiye .

Her innate talents weren’t exceptional either so she should put in more effort and time for cultivation . Otherwise, her peers would surpass her, even the juniors who joined the sect after her too . At that point, she would be abandoned by the sect .

Some have convinced her to forget about Li Qiye and take him down the mountain then pay a regular household to take care of him .

Alas, she continued on her stubborn way . In the beginning, he looked similar to her late brother . But now, after spending some time together, the resemblance ended long ago . Nevertheless, she still didn’t want to abandon him for she slowly started considering him as a family member .

Her mood and state of mind improved when he was around . She had few close friends in the sect and even fewer confidants . Li Qiye was the only person she opened her heart without needing to hide anything .

Though Li Qiye never answered back or even opened his eyes to look at her, she was still more than willing to chat with him about her daily life .  

She thought about curing his ailment . Though Mountguard was no longer the same as before, it still had plenty of capable medical masters and alchemists .

It might be possible for a powerful alchemist to cure a crippled mortal so she tried asking them .

“Impossible, his six veins are done for . He’ll be bedridden forever . ” Alas, one alchemist took a look and shook his head .

“Is there no other way?” She held on to hope .

“Try using true energy to massage him each day to open his energy channels . There might be hope later down the line . ” The senior said with uncertainty before adding: “But don’t waste time on a mortal . The right thing for you to do is focus on your own cultivation . ”

The senior left after saying this, thinking that it wasn’t worth it to do this over a mortal .

From then on, Jiahui had a new task . She would massage him every day and pour her true energy into him .

Unfortunately, this proved to be futile because her energy couldn’t move through his hardened veins .

How could her weak energy actually activate the veins of such a monster? Simply impossible .

This didn’t stop her since she continued onward while hoping for a miracle . This sheer determination showed that she viewed him as a family member .

All of this still didn’t warrant a response from Li Qiye . As time passed, his suppression successfully weakened the monstrous being .

“Sigh . ” She lamented during a sun-bathing session one day: “I can’t finish my mental law, even Master scolded me for being stupid, maybe it’s really true . I’m not suitable for cultivation…” 

“You’re not the only stupid one, your master is stupid beyond help too . ” A faint voice interrupted her reflection .

“Ah!” She jumped from being startled and started looking around, thinking that there was a ghost .

However, only Li Qiye was with her in this courtyard .

“Who, who is it?!” She shouted after not finding anyone; fear loomed in her mind .

“Next to you . ” Li Qiye finally opened his eyes to look at her .

“You…you’re up!” She was astounded since this was his first time reacting outside of moving his eyes when they found him the first time .

She looked into his eyes and saw a look of disdain as if he found himself superior to her and everyone else . However, why would a mortal have this type of glare? 

Li Qiye said his part then closed his eyes again, seemingly asleep .

She calmed down and realized that she had told him everything in the past so she became embarrassed, wanting to dig a hole and jump down on it to hide .

“I, I’ll make you something to eat . ” She came up with an excuse to run .

“No, your cooking is terrible, find someone better . ” Li Qiye said flatly .  

Jiahui didn’t know how to react and moved her arms around awkwardly . This person woke up and didn’t bother thanking her, only criticizing her cooking .

“You trained the Desolate Mind Scripture incorrectly and were silly enough to take your master’s teachings as facts instead of learning on your own . Then again, your idiotic master made the simple scripture so complex . If the old man were alive, he would go crazy after witnessing this level of stupidity . ” Li Qiye spoke again while she stood there in a daze .

“How can you be so rude?!” She became angry after hearing this criticism of her master .

Her master didn’t mistreat or punish her despite her mediocrity . She wasn’t angry when he called her stupid, but insulting her master was a different story .

“Buzz . ” Li Qiye pointed at her forehead with a speed too fast for her to react . A tiny law entered her brain .

“Boom!” A complete version of the Desolate Mind Scripture emerged with amazing profundity and transformations . She could hear the chants now .

The difficult scripture suddenly couldn’t be any simpler for her . She understood the mysteries right away .

More importantly, she found her previous cultivation of the scripture to be full of mistakes and holes . The scripture fully drew her attention . This was her first time finding out the beautiful grand dao . It wasn’t as dry and confusing as she thought .