Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2721

Chapter 2721: 2721

“Don’t say that!” Zhiting immediately stopped the senior sister .

Unlike the others, she knew that Li Qiye wasn’t actually a crippled mortal . The guy was an unfathomable master . Provoking him could result in great danger for their sect .  

Jiahui waved at her fellow sect members before starting the journey with Li Qiye on her back .

The rest followed her for a bit . Although the mountain looked like it was in front of them and that she would get there in no time, there was still quite a distance left .

This first path wasn’t difficult at all since she was still a cultivator that had trained for several years . Carrying a person wasn’t a problem even if she wasn’t an expert .

It took a long time before they made it to the foot of the mountain .

She looked up and finally felt its immensity . It towered in the sky with clouds floating even before the midway ridge . It seemed to be the center of the universe up there .

A winding path made of rocks existed from the base and headed straight for the peak . It was narrow and dangerously steep, only meant for one person at a time .

Zhiting helped Jiahui check everything one last time . They then tightened Li Qiye’s rope .

“Go now, I’ll be waiting for you right here . ” Zhiting nodded after confirming .

Jiahui nodded and held Zhiting’s hands before waving goodbye again . Zhiting continued to watch the strange duo slowly moving up the pass . She didn’t look away until they have disappeared from sight .

In the beginning, Jiahui was relatively fast but this pace didn’t last long . After a short distance, she felt the same as a mortal, struggling and realizing Li Qiye’s weight .

Her power no longer worked so carrying a man took a lot of effort . Just imagine, a regular girl carrying a full-grown man up a steep pass? This was quite arduous but she persevered on .

She had labored breathing the more she went up . Alas, she didn’t want to give up . When she ran out of breath, she would take a short break before trying again .

This process only became increasingly harder . It was as if her legs were tied with iron weights . This was even before considering Li Qiye .

Every three steps made her gasp for breath, nearly suffocating . A while later, just one step took everything she had . She was drenched with sweat, on the verge of collapsing from dehydration .

She stopped to consume some recovery pills in order to make it through this torturous climb .

Soon after, she felt as if she was carrying a mountain . Her back was being bent . Moreover, there seemed to be a flame scorching her chest . This heat would spread and boil her blood - truly a terrible feeling .

The pass didn’t make it any easier for her either . The steepness required her to climb while tilting forward . Just one wrong step and she could fall down to an ugly death .

Several days have passed and she didn’t make go too far . She looked up and saw the peak still as unreachable as ever with no end in sight .

Anyone would feel the urge to give up under these circumstances . Her mind started wavering after each agonizing step . Her bones were cracking all over, on the verge of collapsing .

She gritted her teeth and didn’t want to give up despite her mind and body telling her to do so . Only a single thought kept her going, telling her not to listen to any excuses for giving up .

She started losing feelings as time went on . Though the weight on her back only increased, she no longer felt afraid . Each step was a tiny goal for her now .

This ultimate focus put her in a zen state . The weight encumbering her and the winding pass were no longer on her mind .

The only thing right now was her target - one step at a time . Each successful attempt made her feel a sense of improvement . The pain and resistance gradually increased but she had thrown these feelings away .

Of course, little did she know that Li Qiye was withstanding the brunt force of the suppression for her .

She alone couldn’t reach this point . The suppression at this level would have instantly rendered her into a bloody mist .

Only a minuscule pressure got through Li Qiye and landed on her . This wasn’t enough to crush her to death, only perfect to stimulate her latent potential . Li Qiye was controlling the amount of pressure that got through to the finest detail .

It was nothing for Li Qiye but Jiahui still had a hard time with it . This torture seemed to be lasting for an eternity .

However, as long as she remained unyielding, the pressure could force out her true potential and grant her a lifetime of benefits - akin to shedding one’s mortal shell and bones for something far superior .

The zen state took away emotions and physical feelings . Hunger was solved with rations and recovery pills . Thirst was quenched with the springs along the way . Fatigue went away after resting by leaning against the cliff .

This journey didn’t end as long as she still has a sliver of physical power and consciousness left .  

Along the way, she wasn’t aware of the pressure slowly growing and stimulating her potential at all . Her cultivation didn’t increase but her body was transforming . The pressure refined her bones and flesh on top of polishing her dao heart .

The sun rose and set repeatedly . She didn’t know how many days she has been up here . All in all, her only conviction was to accomplish one minor goal in the form of one step at a time .