Chapter 370: Battle Against the Divine Tiger

“Damn it! One person with two emperor weapons and an emperor longevity treasure — this is a rich young master, no, an imperial young master! Only the direct children of Immortal Emperors would be able to enjoy such privileges!” A person exclaimed with indignation. 1

“Good, good, good…” The Tiger’s Howl School’s Ancestor was laughing from anger. He, a terrifying ancestor had been sealed for so many years underground, had to come into being today just for a little junior. He thought that he could deal with this as easily as flipping his palm, but he didn’t think that he couldn’t garner even the least bit of advantage. 2

As a powerful ancestor who failed to kill a junior even after using his True Fate Weapon, it was extremely humiliating for him.

“Take this!” In a wrathful outrage, the ancestor took out a treasure that stole the colors from the moon and sun while the stars lost their luminosity.

“The True Fate Weapon of the Tiger God!” A person was amazed after seeing the treasure in the Tiger’s Howl Ancestor’s hand.

Sacred universal laws encircled this treasure that exuded countless divine lights as if an embryo of a True God was being nourished inside. The divine power that was spewing out was boundless, causing others to quiver as if a True God was suppressing them.

The Progenitor of the Tiger’s Howl School was a Virtuous Paragon that had opened the legendary divine investiture. This was a supreme existence, an eternal Progenitor that ordinary Virtuous Paragons could never compare to!

“Junior, die—!” The enraged ancestor madly shouted as he dripped a drop of Longevity Blood onto the Tiger God’s True Treasure. Suddenly, a bloody light pierced the sky as a tiger’s roar shattered the grand dao, causing all the other gods to tremble.

“Really?” Li Qiye laughed as his Yin Yang Sea of Blood kept on transferring blood energy nonstop. The endless blood energy lifted a massive tidal wave of Longevity Blood that spun inside his Life Wheel to power his emperor weapons!

“Die!” The ancestor unleashed the Tiger God’s True Treasure. A white tiger crossed the sky — this was a real Tiger God. The moment it stepped out, the fabric of space and time shattered. Its stride did not have any physical limitations; its claw could incinerate oceans and destroy all lands. Such a powerful divine aura caused countless existences to shiver.

“Thousand Hands Against the Nine Worlds!” Li Qiye did not retreat and instead trod forward. With a cry, the nine worlds were lifted along with three thousand minor worlds. The two emperor weapons were already powerful enough under the support of the endless blood energy, but now they exuded an even more powerful presence.

The Violet Imperial Hammer’s emperor aura filled the sky. Inside the swirling violet energy was a vast territory as if an emperor was sitting on his throne, creating a new dao and changing the profundity of this world. Meanwhile, a monstrous Black Tortoise stepped out from the Black Tortoise Rod. This tortoise crushed the land as it shouldered the blue sky. It derived and created numerous grand dao and laws with a totem capable of freezing eternity itself!

This time, the two emperor weapons were no longer on the offensive. They suddenly became an impregnable gate as if two Immortal Emperors were guarding Li Qiye!

“Boom!” A loud explosion rang as the white tiger — with an invincible momentum — slammed into the gate created by the two emperor weapons. The endless void shattered like glass falling down in the sky!

“Thud, thud, thud!” Li Qiye continuously took several steps back. A Virtuous Paragon used all of his might to unleash a true treasure attack that belonged to an existence that had opened the investiture list, so one could only imagine the power of this strike! However, it was still unable to slay Li Qiye!

“No way, even the Tiger God’s True Treasure could not kill him!” Witnessing this scene, countless people were in disbelief.

A great character softly sighed and said: “This kid is too heaven-defying. He unleashed fifty to sixty percent of the Immortal Emperor Life Treasures’ power; even a descendant of an Ancient Kingdom could not do such a thing!”

“You cannot escape death even with two emperor weapons. Emperor weapons are not omnipotent!” The ancestor coldly spoke after he gained some advantage with that last exchange.

Li Qiye revealed a smile and said: “If you were still young or if your blood energy was still strong, then I would accept these words. Virtuous Paragons are indeed great, and even an ordinary one could defeat an emperor weapon in the hands of a junior! However, you won’t do! You are old with a depleted lifespan and dried up blood energy. Yes, with the Tiger God’s True Treasure, you can muster some ground, but I have two emperor weapons. Under my resilience, I can block five to ten moves from you, but how long can your blood energy support the Tiger God’s True Treasure?”

Li Qiye’s words moved many spectators in the distance. Even though using emperor weapons required a huge amount of blood energy, Li Qiye’s advantage was due to his young age and vigorous blood energy, not to mention that his Longevity Treasure belonged to the emperor grade. This was enough for him to persevere for a short time!

“It’s enough for me to kill you!” The ancestor’s eyes were filled with rage. In fact, Li Qiye’s words rang true to the ancestor’s ears. His lifespan was indeed depleted. Even if he could kill Li Qiye with the Tiger God’s True Treasure, his blood energy would be emptied as a result. This meant that he could no longer seal himself; his death was assured even if he killed Li Qiye.

“Ah!” At this time, a miserable scream appeared along with a rain of blood. With a crazed laughter, the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King tore the ex-Imperial Advisor of the Saint Country into two halves while he was still alive!

“Time to end this!” At the same time, Li Shuangyan also cried out. The Heavenly Sky Plate appeared in her hand. The moment it started to turn, the stars were destroyed. Its powerful force directly hit the body of the Tiger’s Howl Prime Imperial Sire, blowing him away as he let out a shrill scream. In this short period of time, before he had the chance to counterattack, Chen Baojiao slashed with her Tyrannical Immortal Saber like a storm goddess, creating a surging sea of blades!

“No!” The Prime Imperial Sire took out many treasures and wanted to stop these blades, but they were insufficient. After a sad bellow, he was also killed by this attack.

In just the blink of an eye, two experts from the Tiger’s Howl School were killed. The Tiger’s Howl Ancestor was stunned. He couldn’t help even if he wanted to since Li Qiye’s two emperor weapons had been fixated on him!

Seeing such a scene, not only the Tiger’s Howl disciples, but even the spectators outside were astonished. Li Qiye’s camp was way too powerful!

“If this is the limit of your capabilities, then there is no chance of stopping me today.” Li Qiye glanced at the Tiger’s Howl Ancestor whose face had become cold to the extreme.

Angered to the point of vomiting blood, the ancestor angrily laughed and then coldly declared: “Good, good… Junior, do you think you are the only one with Immortal Emperor Life Treasures? Please come out, Ancient Kingdom’s emperor weapons!”

“Bang—bang—bang—” The moment the ancestor finished his words, an Immortal Emperor’s aura suddenly ravaged the nearby land with a force even more powerful than Li Qiye’s two emperor weapons!

In just a split second, four emperor weapons appeared on the side of the Tiger’s Howl School with a terrifying pressure that shook the entire Eastern Hundred Cities!

“An Immortal Emperor True Treasure!” At this time, people felt a presence as if an Immortal Emperor had personally come. They couldn’t help but become pale from fear!

At this time, three Immortal Emperor Life Treasures and one Immortal Emperor True Treasure descended to the school and sealed this entire location! Even the spectators right outside were had to lie limp on the ground.

“Is this the prelude to eventual sinking the Tiger’s Howl School?” At this moment, countless old undyings of the great sects at the Eastern Hundred Cities became alarmed after feeling the Immortal Emperor True Treasure’s presence!

“The Evil Subduing Rod, Immortal Emperor Fu Mo’s True Treasure! And also the Water Dragon Rod, the Fire Phoenix Rod, and the Wood Tiger Rod!” Seeing the four weapons, someone became overwhelmed with shock and murmured: “All of Immortal Emperor Fu Mo’s weapons have gathered here today!” 3

Immortal Emperor Fu Mo of the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom had left behind an arsenal of weapons, including the Evil Subduing Rod and his rods crafted after the four images! It was said that this arsenal could turn into an invincible emperor formation!

Including the Black Tortoise Rod in Li Qiye’s hands, all of Immortal Emperor Fu Mo’s weapons had appeared at the Tiger’s Howl ancestral ground.

But outside of these three Life Treasures, even an Immortal Emperor True Treasure arrived. Everyone couldn’t help but take a deep breath after seeing such a scene. Today was a battle between Immortal Emperor weapons!

“Such a grand performance! All the emperor weapons of an Immortal Emperor have arrived. Only an Ancient Kingdom would be able to put on such a play!” Seeing the four weapons suppressing the four directions of the school, many were awestruck.

“This is the Tiger’s Howl School working together with the Furious Immortal Saint Country and the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom, it’s not just the school alone. Maybe the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom is the real mastermind behind all this!” A sect master figured it out and emotionally spoke.

The Tiger’s Howl School was merely the battlefield, the real player was the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom!

“The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom finally came.” Li Qiye became serious and commanded the group of Li Shuangyan: “All of you leave first, I shall deal with them!”

“It is too late to leave!” At this time, a terrifying voice resonated. A faint shadow appeared in the sky. The emergence of this shadow made the world seem insignificant. Where he stood was his domain; he was a god that controlled the heaven and earth.

Countless people felt the impulse to kneel down in worship before this faint shadow as if an almost primal, instinctive fear emanated from the depths of their minds.

“The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom’s Divine Beast Protector!” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the fuzzy shadow in the sky and said.

“The Divine Beast Protector from the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom!” After hearing this name, someone screamed. Even old undyings that hid in the darkness became shocked and murmured: “Is this an eternal existence?”

The title of eternal existence would not be granted to just anyone. Even an old undying like the Tiger’s Howl Ancestor was not qualified to be called an eternal existence. Even legendary masters lacked this privilege.

It was said that only people who opened the divine investiture list could be called eternal existences. Although there were no clear standards to this title, eternal existences were far beyond ordinary Virtuous Paragons! This was something known to everyone!