Chapter 432: Massacre

The Yin Moon Prince led a group of Yin Moon disciples closer. Qiurong Wanxue immediately became alarmed after seeing this. His arrival was definitely not a coincidence; she finally understood why the Black Cloud Young Lord showed no fear.

Li Qiye smirked as he noticed the approaching Yin Moon Prince and his fellow disciples. He was not angry at all; trivial schemes and plots like these couldn’t enter his sight. Li Qiye had once plotted against this entire world, so this little play from the Yin Moon Prince was merely a trivial trick to him.

Qiurong Wanxue revealed a chilling flash in her eyes as she asked in a grave manner: “Yin Moon Prince, your Yin Moon Tribe wants to interfere with this matter as well?”

The Yin Moon Prince smiled with the confidence of a self-proclaimed cool romanticist and said: “Miss Qiurong, I am the descendant of the Yin Moon Tribe so I will not be biased towards either side. I have heard the conversation between you two. Although Miss Qiurong might think the accusation is merely a one-sided allegation from the Black Cloud Young Lord…

“If someone actually stole the Black Cloud Tribe’s treasure, then I cannot easily let this go. Right, Miss Qiurong?” The Yin Moon Prince confidently said: “It is also understandable that Miss Qiurong doesn’t want to let the Black Cloud Young Lord take him away since Young Noble Li is a guest of your tribe.”

At this point, he coughed and continued on: “However, this situation has conflicting claims from both sides, so it is very difficult to decide. How about this, I am willing to be the mediator. If Young Noble Li didn’t steal anything from the Black Cloud Tribe, then please take out something as assurance.”

“What do you mean take something out for assurance!?” A Snow-shadow disciple couldn’t help but interject. The situation was not favorable for Li Qiye with the sudden involvement of the Yin Moon Tribe.

The Yin Moon Prince smiled and said: “Since this is Necropolis, we should use something from Necropolis as assurance. Young Noble Li caught some Yang Nightfish and that turtle earlier, so we can use them as the items. If you are innocent, then the items will be returned to Young Noble Li. Of course, if you escape due to guilt, then they will be used as compensation for the Black Cloud Tribe while Miss Qiurong won’t have to shoulder the responsibility.”

He then smilingly asked Qiurong Wanxue: “Do you agree, Miss Qiurong?”

As a tribe chief, Qiurong Wanxue immediately understood that the whole notion of theft was only a trap set up by the prince and the young lord. After walking around a large circle, their ultimate goal was still Li Qiye’s turtle. There were only Yang Nightfish in Nightsea so this turtle had to be something amazing, inciting the Yin Moon Prince’s greed.

Qiurong Wanxue shook her head and said in a serious manner: “Yin Moon Prince, we can’t just take Young Noble Li’s precious possessions based on the Black Cloud Young Lord’s words alone. If you really want to be the mediator, then our Snow-shadow Tribe is ready to bear the consequences. Young Noble Li is our guest so the Black Cloud Tribe can come to our tribe to find him when they have iron-clad proof.”

“Miss Qiurong, you should not be doing this.” The Yin Moon Prince shook his head and said: “I trust you, but this doesn’t mean that I trust the human. If he doesn’t want to take out something as assurance, then he has to follow me.”

Peng Zhuang’s young group of six were outraged as they glared at the prince. The prince clearly wanted to frame Li Qiye.

Qiurong Wanxue then moved in front of Li Qiye with a firm attitude: “Yin Moon Prince, our tribe will take responsibility for our guest’s safety. We will not allow anyone to take him away!”

The Yin Moon Prince’s expression became more aggressive as he said: “Miss Qiurong, I like you and want to help, but this matter is not trivial. If you keep on wanting to protect a human thief, then even if my heart was willing, the elders of my tribe would question me. If your tribe keeps on opposing the entire ghost race, then there will be no place for it in the Sacred Nether World. At that point, it would be even more difficult to settle this matter, and you would have to pay an even greater price!”

“Are you threatening me?” Qiurong Wanxue angrily exclaimed. Although the Snow-shadow Tribe was weak, this didn’t mean that they didn’t have their own dignity.

Li Qiye looked at Qiurong Wanxue who was protecting him like a mother hen protecting her baby and smiled. He then tapped her shoulder and leisurely said: “Chief Qiurong, leave this small matter to me.”

“But…” Qiurong Wanxue worriedly said.

Li Qiye waved his hand to stop her, then he stepped forward and lazily stared at the Yin Moon Prince’s group. He began to slowly speak: “I give you two options, scram or I’ll personally kill you! Be smart and run away because if you truly anger me, I’ll massacre your entire tribe!”

Peng Zhuang’s group was astounded. Li Qiye was too arrogant and overbearing. Meanwhile, Qiurong Wanxue was also taken aback and started to worry. Li Qiye had completely dropped all formalities in front of the enemy.

To Qiurong Wanxue, the Black Cloud Tribe was nothing, but the Yin Moon Tribe was not easy to mess with. The prince didn’t only represent himself, behind him was a powerful tribe — the force of a country.

The Yin Moon Prince snapped after being provoked by a human junior: “Fool! You chose to ignore the path towards heaven and picked the unwelcoming gate of hell…” With that, his blood energy soared along with the aura of an expert.

But before he could finish his words, his neck was already gripped by Li Qiye and was propped up high.

Li Qiye’s speed was too fast and no one saw his actions clearly. They only noticed the prince being suspended by Li Qiye’s hand.

“Stop!” The Yin Moon disciples shouted in horror after seeing their prince in trouble. All the disciples took out their weapons and attacked Li Qiye.

Li Qiye didn’t bother to look at the vanguard and simply stretched out his palm. A sky-covering palm instantly caught all of the attacking disciples.

“Zzzhh!” The disciples who had their weapons ready didn’t even know what had happened before they and their treasures were rendered into a puddle of blood by Li Qiye.

This sudden development shocked everyone. The Yin Moon Prince was suspended by the neck and was deathly pale as he pissed in his pants.

“If you… you… oppose the ghost race, the Sacred Nether World will… not tolerate you…” The Yin Moon Prince’s heart was pumping with fear as he stuttered.

Li Qiye stared at him blandly and leisurely smiled: “Oppose the ghost race? A little tribe like your Yin Moon Tribe is not qualified to be my enemy. Moreover, so what if I oppose the ghost race? Not to mention mere ghosts, even if they were gods and immortals, I would still kill them without mercy if they blocked my path!”

“You—” The Yin Moon Prince was scared out of his wits, but the words couldn’t come out in time. “Poof!” Li Qiye’s five fingers came together and crushed him, leaving behind a bloody pool.

“Oh mother… We… need to run, now!” The Black Cloud Young Lord and the dozen Black Cloud disciples were scared out of their minds. They immediately ran the moment they understood the situation.

“Since you are already here, don’t leave.” Li Qiye lazily spoke with that same smile. He then flicked his finger, and the escaping group couldn’t make it further than two steps before they were turned into a bloody mist.

“Opposing me is not a wise decision.” After taking care of his opponents, Li Qiye patted his palms and smiled. To him, this was only a trivial matter.

Qiurong Wanxue and the group of youths were horrified. So many were instantly annihilated by Li Qiye in just the blink of an eye. The young lord and the prince did not have the power to resist Li Qiye’s might. They were mere ants, no, they weren’t even ants before him.

Even after a deep breath, Qiurong Wanxue still struggled to calm her shivering heart.

The Black Cloud Young Lord was one thing, but the prince was a real Royal Noble. He was a bit weaker than her, but not by a lot.

Such a powerful Royal Noble was not even an ant and was without the ability to resist before Li Qiye, who crushed him by hand.

How could Qiurong Wanxue not become shocked? They were with Li Qiye for more than a month. Although his Yang Nightfish catching ability was very magical and she indeed felt that he was very mysterious, this was limited to Nightsea. From multiple angles, he looked nothing like an invincible expert.

Li Qiye’s appearance was very ordinary and he seemed even younger than Peng Zhuang’s group. However, despite not looking like an expert, today, he easily crushed a Royal Noble, so one could easily imagine how formidable his cultivation was.