Chapter 445: Mysterious Little Coffin

Golden Child’s group also took out all their items from Necropolis, but they didn’t have as many as the Divine Spark Prince. This was because the Divine Spark Prince brought many Divine Spark disciples and had been here for a very long time to catch a lot of fish to trade with.

Li Qiye’s expression changed after seeing Imp take out the little wooden coffin and said: “How did this thing fall into your hands?” Li Qiye glared at the coffin and was certain of its authenticity.

“Fate.” Imp looked at Li Qiye and hurriedly said with a smile: “Do you want it? Do you want to trade? For the thing in your bottle.”

Li Qiye gently shook his head and said: “You should know that I won’t exchange the item in my bottle, but I must have this wooden coffin.”

“Hmph! How many treasures from Necropolis can you possibly have?” The prince grunted and coldly said: “Do you have enough to trade for Senior’s little coffin?”

It was no surprise that the prince was livid. Amongst the group, he had the most treasures from Necropolis while Imp wanted exactly this. In this crowd, he had the highest chance of getting the wooden coffin, but now, Li Qiye wanted to interfere once again.

His last trade was already ruined by Li Qiye, and now the fella was joining in once again. The prince almost went insane from anger; he wanted to kill this foolish thing right away.

Li Qiye ignored the prince and told Imp: “Although I cannot trade that item with you, I have something else that you would surely want.”

Li Qiye then gave another treasure box to Imp. Imp opened the box and a bright golden brilliance appeared. He was astonished and quickly closed the box before he calmed himself down.

“This is indeed one of the things that I want.” Imp then handed the little wooden coffin to Li Qiye and said: “This belongs to you as well.”

No one knew what was inside Li Qiye’s box that could move Imp to this extent. Of course Imp would be tempted! That box contained the World Tree’s young leaf, the very last one.

Something like this was basically extinct in this world. Only Li Qiye, alone, had one. Imp really wanted it so naturally he was happy to make this trade.

“May we meet again if fate allows.” Imp took Li Qiye’s box and left instantly.

Li Qiye watched Imp’s departure while gently touching this ancient coffin and sighed. This item finally came into being, who would have guessed?

On the other hand, Qiurong Wanxue was wondering about the item inside the coffin that warranted such solemness from her Young Noble.

Despite their short stay together, she knew that not many things could move him. Li Qiye could casually give her the Immortal Moon Margin, but this ordinary wooden coffin made him extremely serious. Just what was inside?

After Imp left, the party was officially over so everyone went on their separate ways, including the group of Golden Child.

When Ye Sha was leaving, he gave a devious smile towards Li Qiye and Qiurong Wanxue. He would not make a move at this location.

“Boy, watch yourself!” The Divine Spark Prince glared at Li Qiye and snorted.

There was another person who gave Li Qiye special attention before leaving — Mo Lidao. He stood pretty far away from Li Qiye while watching him with a frightening stare. He then smirked and left as well.

Qiurong Wanxue could feel this special atmosphere; although no one had taken action, she could feel the underlying current moving against them: “I’m afraid someone will act against us for the treasures. We should leave Midtown during the night. Maybe we will be able to lose them.”

“Leave?” Li Qiye smiled and replied in a laid-back manner: “Why do we need to leave? If some people wish to die, it is a good thing.”

Qiurong Wanxue could only smile. If her Young Noble said so, then she was not in the position to advise him further. She remained even more vigilant since she was not a match for Ye Sha or the Divine Spark Prince’s group.

Not only did Li Qiye not leave, he also stayed at an inn in Midtown. Of course, the inns at Necropolis were operated by sentiments.

It took a little courage to stay in such an inn, but the benefits included being able to find out some information from these ghosts. New arrivers who wanted to find places or the situations of the fierce grounds would find it very appropriate to ask these ghosts.

“Why are we staying here?” Qiurong Wanxue asked. Not many outsiders would stay at these inns. The majority of them carried mobile mansions or pavilions so they could camp just about anywhere.

“We will stay here for a few days.” Li Qiye answered with a smile. “Since we are at Midtown, I have to look for someone, no, a ghost. I wonder if he is in Midtown or not.” 1

Qiurong Wanxue didn’t question it. At this moment, she followed all of Li Qiye’s arrangements.

She then noticed Li Qiye playing around with the wooden coffin, so she curiously asked: “What does the wooden coffin contain?”

Ever since they started staying at the inn, Li Qiye kept on playing with the coffin as if he couldn’t get bored of it. However, the strange part was that he didn’t open it to take a look.

“Well, you won’t be able to understand what’s inside. Moreover, this wooden coffin is natural.” Li Qiye smilingly replied.

“Natural? What does that mean?” Qiurong Wanxue inquired further.

“Natural refers to the fact that this is its original shape.” Li Qiye explained: “The first eight coffins were all containers from Imp. For example, the Heavenly Jade Cicada requires Blue Heart Jade for its cocoon to hatch, so Imp carved this Blue Heart Jade into a coffin to store the cocoon till the day it hatches.”

Qiurong Wanxue immediately understood: “So Young Noble’s little coffin was always in this shape.”

Li Qiye nodded lightly and said: “No one can put the thing inside into something else; at least, Imp couldn’t. The thing inside has been there for a very long time and had once drifted throughout the vast three thousand worlds.”

“Is it a treasure?” Qiurong Wanxue looked at the coffin. If her Young Noble didn’t place such importance on it, she wouldn’t have been able to see its preciousness.

“Treasure?” Li Qiye replied: “I’m afraid there are no other treasures in this world that are comparable to it. It is not a treasure, but it is better than all the other treasures. If Imp wasn’t in such a rush, then he would have been very reluctant to trade.”

“You know Imp?” Qiurong Wanxue asked. She felt that even if he didn’t, he was privy to Imp’s identity.

Li Qiye smiled mysteriously without answering. He then went on: “Although you can’t see the thing inside for now, I can let you take a look at the bronze coffin.” Having said that, he took out the bronze coffin.

This bronze coffin was very heavy. He pushed the lid off. Inside were five bronze doors that were placed on top of each other.

The five doors were of the same size and when they lined up with each other, they would make a huge gate.

Each of the doors had different patterns engraved on them, and many runic outlines were around them.

Qiurong Wanxue didn’t understand these patterns and runes, but as she was staring at it, she became sent into a daze. She felt that an ancient portal was opening and was sucking in her soul.

Right when she felt her soul leave her body, Li Qiye covered her eyes and muttered in her ear: “Don’t look for too long!”

Li Qiye’s voice was like thunder and it immediately woke up Qiurong Wanxue. She shivered as her soul returned to her body. With her strength sapped from her body, she limply collapsed into the arms of Li Qiye.

It took her some time to calm down before asking while still being somewhat in shock: “Just… what kind of Life Treasure is this?”

Li Qiye replied with a smile: “To be more exact, it is not a Life Treasure. You can think of it as a foreign dao treasure.”

She recalled the feeling of her soul leaving her body in aghast. She then couldn’t help but ask: “How is the power of this treasure? Is it comparable to an emperor’s Life Treasure or emperor’s True Treasure?”

“Hmm…” Li Qiye smiled then shook his head gently in response: “It is difficult to gauge. It depends on the situation. If used correctly, then it is quite invincible. The Heaven Sealing Pentagate had once sealed an entire realm. Of course, it is not easy to exert its ultimate power; not just anyone can perform such a feat.”