Chapter 448: Crushed With One Hand

Since it required nine divine rings to reach grand accomplishment Little Sovereign, Mo Lidao having two divine rings at such a young age was already quite amazing.

The Sky-devil Tribe was a branch of the Heavenly Devil Race; they had burly physiques like giants. With two rings around his body and a tri-colored halo above his head, Mo Lidao’s blood energy spewed forth like a flood. He was like a fierce rhino capable of crushing a mountain and pulling this earth with his aggressive atmosphere!

“Mo Lidao is indeed ferocious!” Many people exclaimed after seeing his powerful momentum. Mo Lidao’s current prestige was not due to assassinations like Ye Sha.

He arrogantly looked at Li Qiye and sneered: “You could have left earlier. Now, it is too late.”

“Oh? So you want me to stay?” Li Qiye smiled back at him.

“If you apologize to Brother Ye Sha, then I shall spare your life. If not… Today will be your funeral! In the Nether Border, humans are mere insects!” Mo Lidao coldly proclaimed.

Li Qiye laughed and said: “You’re a Heavenly Devil yet you keep on licking the asses of ghosts all day. If the indigenous Heavenly Devils were to hear these words, they would cower in shame.”

Mo Lidao became livid. He let out a loud roar as a huge tablet appeared from his Fate Palace. It soared up high into the sky and then turned into a giant mountain. This was Mo Lidao’s fate weapon, the Sky-devil Tablet.

“Bang!” The sacred mountain formed by the tablet appeared to be inhabited by a god as multiple divine rings floated around it.

“The Sky-devil Divine Mountain!” A person emotionally uttered after seeing Mo Lidao’s fate weapon: “This is Mo Lidao’s fate weapon, it contains the heavenly dao! Some people say that this mountain can crush a Grand Sovereign!”

“Junior, die!” Mo Lidao snarled. The tablet in the form of a mountain loomed over all of Midtown like a gigantic palm. It came crashing down with the might of a thousand mountains towards Li Qiye.

Explosions resounded nonstop as the sky broke apart from such a domineering fate weapon. Midtown would have been torn asunder if there wasn’t a power protecting it.

“So powerful!” Many felt this way when they saw this attack from Mo Lidao. They quickly retreated to avoid being accidental victims.

“Whoosh!” When the tablet was on the verge of slamming into Li Qiye’s head, a blob of smoke appeared; Ye Sha suddenly turned up right behind Li Qiye. With a cold glint, a knife pierced straight towards Li Qiye’s back.

Qiurong Wanxue was scared out of her wits and cried out: “Watch out!”

This stab was too fast; she couldn’t help Li Qiye even if she wanted to.

“This kid is dead for sure!” Everyone assumed that Li Qiye’s fate was sealed when they saw the joint attack from Mo Lidao and Ye Sha.

At this moment, Ye Sha was ecstatic to see his knife connect along with the incoming mountain.

Everyone thought Li Qiye was going to die and the pale Qiurong Wanxue almost fainted.

However, time seemed to freeze as everyone became dumbfounded at the unraveling scene. They no longer dared to believe their own eyes.

Li Qiye, with one hand still holding Qiurong Wanxue, used his other to effortlessly block the Sky-devil Tablet. The extremely heavy tablet was leisurely stopped by Li Qiye. The knife stabbed his back, but he didn’t even bat an eye.

“Your knife is too soft, is it made out of tofu?” Li Qiye turned around and smilingly asked Ye Sha.

The initially ecstatic Ye Sha was now completely frightened due to Li Qiye. At this time, he recognized that the knife did not pierce through Li Qiye’s flesh, it only slightly pricked his skin.

Li Qiye’s Hell Suppressing Godly Physique was noted for its toughness. Although it was not comparable to the Indestructible Diamond Physique, once trained to his current level, stopping Ye Sha’s knife would not be difficult at all.

The aghast Ye Sha turned around to run, but Li Qiye grabbed the tablet from Mo Lidao’s hands and violently swung it towards the door, the direction where Ye Sha was escaping to.

“Boom!” Ye Sha was swatted by the tablet like a fly. His blood stained the ground as he was beaten into the earth.

“Return!” Mo Lidao chanted a mantra to recall the Sky-devil Tablet.

“Buzzz!” The tablet vibrated in Li Qiye’s hand, but the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique suddenly activated. The force of his hand was enough to suppress the tablet!

“Impossible!” Mo Lidao’s heart sank from fear. The Sky-devil Tablet was his fate weapon so others could not steal it unless they were several realms higher than him.

Li Qiye casually glanced at Mo Lidao and said: “You are insufficient to compete with me regarding weight.”

The Sky-devil Tablet was a very heavy True Treasure; it had the weight of a divine mountain. However, it was far from enough compared to Li Qiye’s godly physique. Once fallen into Li Qiye’s hands, even this True Treasure had to suffer complete suppression.

“Eat this!” Li Qiye smilingly uttered. Li Qiye fiercely slammed the Sky-devil Tablet forward. The tablet flew with the force of the godly physique, causing the grand dao to scream. Countless universal laws in Midtown flew up to protect the town because it was in grave danger should this strike successfully connect with the town.

Mo Lidao felt that this devastating power from the tablet could annihilate the earth itself. Even the strongest attack from himself with the tablet was not comparable to Li Qiye’s current attack.

This blow from Li Qiye seemingly carried the weight of countless divine mountains, something that was capable of crushing even gods and devils! Mo Lidao’s soul nearly flew away from fear.

But nevertheless, he roared and immediately took out all of his strongest weapons, regardless of whether they were Life Treasures, True Treasures, or foreign dao treasures. Everything came out and formed an arc to protect his body.

“Bang!” This was a deafening blast that shook even the stars in the nine heavens. This attack could have plucked the stars in the sky! The tablet destroyed all of Mo Lidao’s treasures. The combined weight of the tablet and the godly physique was of an unimaginable magnitude. This weight crushed and collapsed all things. Mo Lidao’s treasures could not withstand this single blow.

However, Mo Lidao himself was only blown away; he vomited blood with a pale expression. The multitude of treasures protecting him saved him from becoming a bloody mist.

His legs shivered from fear while his heart thumpingly told him to escape. Mo Lidao knew that he had provoked a grim reaper. He didn’t dare to waste time thinking and immediately tried to run as far away as possible.

But right at this moment, a Kun Peng soared and the Dark Space Transformation came out. Li Qiye traversed the spatial distance with just one step and immediately appeared before Mo Lidao, blocking his path.

Li Qiye then leisurely smiled: “Trying to escape now? Too late. Just earlier, you were quite awe-inspiring, no?”

“Dao Friend, listen to me…” Mo Lidao’s face was as white as paper as he urgently shouted.

Li Qiye was too lazy to listen to his drivel. He slammed the tablet down. This time, he didn’t use the godly physique but the Kun Peng’s Six Variants instead. Under its catalytic push, the tablet had an extremely swift speed and turned into a light that rushed downward.

Mo Lidao tried to escape. He didn’t mind burning off his Longevity Blood to increase his speed, but how could it match the Kun Peng’s Six Variants?

“Pop!” When the tablet slammed down, Mo Lidao was worse off than a fly. It slammed onto his body and crushed him into nothingness. This strike didn’t even leave a fragment of a bone behind.

All became pale with horror after seeing this scene, including the Divine Spark Prince and Golden Child. The prince’s cultivation was not stronger than Ye Sha’s or Mo Lidao’s. The fate of those two was enough to show how violent Li Qiye was.

Golden Child, on the other hand, was much stronger than Mo Lidao and Ye Sha. However, those two were killed by Li Qiye like flies. Even with all of his strength, Golden Child wouldn’t necessarily be able to dispatch Mo Lidao as easily.

Other people gasped and felt a cold chill running down their spines. This guy was too brutish and aggressive! To kill Mo Lidao in such a manner…

“Who is he? Could he be from the Thousand Carp River or the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom?” Someone murmured. Such a young yet fierce person couldn’t possibly be unknown.

A young man from the southern Distant Cloud shook his head in response: “I have never heard of such a character in the Distant Cloud. He’s not from the Simple Mountain either. The strongest person in the Thousand Carp River is probably Fairy Zhu.”

“Such a person is considered ferocious? If he is a ferocious person, then am I not a prehistoric beast?” Li Qiye nonchalantly threw the Sky-devil Tablet to the ground and smirked.

These words were quite aggressive, but no one dared to call Li Qiye out. He easily killed Mo Lidao, a famous monster in the Distant Cloud. It was just like Li Qiye said, if Mo Lidao was a fierce monster, then he was a prehistoric beast!