Chapter 511: Mysteries of the Destiny Stones

In fact, these so-called “real ghosts” had never been seen before. Cultivators didn’t believe in ghosts, just like how they did not believe in true immortals.

“Well…” Li Qiye squinted his eyes then chuckled: “That is hard to say, but if you want to find out, then go to a grave in the Earth Realm. If you have the chance to crawl inside, maybe you will actually meet a real ghost.”

“Ah, forget it.” The daoist jumped and felt a chill crawl down his spine as if he was being stared at by a ghost.

Li Qiye chuckled then looked towards the far horizon. Every time he came to this place, he would always want to go to a certain location. He knew that there was something even he could never obtain, but he could still give it another shot.

While Li Qiye stared at the far horizon, the daoist took out another turtle shell and shook it.

“What are you trying to calculate?” Li Qiye looked at this daoist that was stricken with his occupational habit and asked: “Are you trying to calculate the Prime Grave?”

“Hmm…” The daoist wryly smiled and responded: “I don’t dare to calculate the Prime Grave because the heavenly lightning will strike me dead. Hehe, but even if I can’t do so, I can still calculate my own luck. Not about the future and not about the heaven’s will, only my own fortune to see which Great Realm is right for me.”

Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu didn’t know what to say. The daoist was indeed a natural seer; he wanted to divine every single thing — this habit ought to be fixed.

“There is no need to calculate.” Li Qiye shook his head and continued: “Go to the Fire Realm if you want a suitable realm; that place is right for the Heart-ghost Tribe. Follow your heart and you will surely benefit greatly.”

After hearing this, the daoist stopped shaking his turtle shell and quickly asked: “Really?”

“Go and see for yourself. Of course, you can also calculate to see, but I trust that I am not wrong.” Li Qiye answered with a smile.

“This little one definitely believes in Sir and will follow your suggestion.” The daoist quickly put away his shell and asked: “How does one reach the Fire Realm?”

Li Qiye pointed towards a direction and said: “Go straight ahead from here and you will find a dao platform. Go through the portal and it will teleport you to the Fire Realm.”

“Thank you, Sir, for your guidance!” The daoist bowed and quickly showed his gratitude: “This little one will not bother you any longer. I shall go ahead to find the Fire Realm.”

“Go, your harvest will not be small.” Li Qiye smiled in response.

The daoist bid farewell to the other two and went towards the direction Li Qiye pointed to. The daoist was already satisfied from entering the Secret Realm with Li Qiye so now he wanted to see if he could find his own fortune by himself.

Lan Yunzhu and Li Qiye watched as the daoist departed.

Afterward, Lan Yunzhu asked: “Where do we go now? Will we meet up with Master’s group?”

Li Qiye smirked and looked at Lan Yunzhu to say: “Would you like a destiny true stone?”

“Destiny true stone?” Lan Yunzhu shook her head and replied: “I already have my own true fate treasure. It was created from quite an exceptional destiny true stone.”

The stone mentioned by Lan Yunzhu was quite amazing. In the end, the river sect was an emperor’s lineage and she was the descendant, so the stone she owned would naturally not be mediocre.

Li Qiye added with a smile: “But this place has even better destiny true stones, ones that are more suitable for you. Of course, this is only if you are meant to have one.”

Lan Yunzhu smiled and gave him a look: “Uncle, don’t try to trick me. My true fate treasure was created from an eight heavenly accumulations destiny true stone, it’s only a bit worse than one with nine heavenly accumulations. Even the true fate treasure of the throne of bones’ descendant is just barely better than mine; his Imperial Spear has nine accumulations.”

Among these destiny stones, having nine accumulations would be the upper limit so destiny stones with nine accumulations were the best. It was no wonder why Lan Yunzhu said that her own stone wasn’t bad; this was already being very humble. Eight accumulation destiny stones were worthy of being called priceless treasures while nine accumulation stones were items that could only be obtained with great luck.

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Girl, more often than not, the strength of a true fate treasure is not due to the amount of heavenly accumulations. Moreover, the quality of these stones is not dependent on the amount either. Since time immemorial, not all true fate weapons of Immortal Emperors were crafted from nine accumulation destiny stones. In addition, most invincible existences did not search for only nine accumulation destiny stones because refining them did not always yield the strongest true fate weapon.”

Lan Yunzhu gave him a coy look and said: “Uncle, I know. My master already taught me this basic common sense when I started cultivating. There is only the most suitable destiny stone and not the strongest destiny stone. The quantity of the heavenly accumulations in these stones is only something the world uses for ordering, it’s not to distinguish their strengths…”

“I don’t need Uncle to explain this to me.” Lan Yunzhu gave him a stern look and continued on: “For example, Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan. His Immortal Emperor True Treasure was only crafted from a single heavenly accumulation destiny stone, but it was still unbeatable in the nine heavens and ten earths. Hence the previous phrase: there is only the most suitable destiny stone, and not the strongest destiny stone.”

In fact, the stories of Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan circulated for generations. His weapon that was made from a single accumulation destiny stone became a miracle even amongst the weapons of Immortal Emperors.

“You are correct, finding the most suitable stone is the most crucial aspect for cultivators.” Li Qiye smiled and continued: “But keep in mind that there are also other details to these destinty stones. This is why these stones were classified by a grand system all this time. For example, if we have two stones where both of them only have one heavenly accumulation, if one of them contains inflammation fire while the other contains the dao of a Vermillion Bird, which one do you think is stronger? Both of them belong to the fire element.”

“Of course I know this. If the cultivator trains with a heavenly fire fate law, then the stone with the inflammation fire will be stronger, but if they train with a fiery bird fate law, then it would be the stone with the Vermillion Bird.” Lan Yunzhu snickered and said: “Uncle, don’t test me, this is only common knowledge.”

Li Qiye smiled and continued his questioning: “Very good, now let’s have two destiny stones with two heavenly accumulations. One of them has the inflammation fire and mysterious ice while the other has the dao of a Vermillion Bird and Fiery Vulture. Which one do you think is stronger?”

“Hmm…” Lan Yunzhu contemplated before answering: “If we were using the same fate laws described earlier, then the second destiny stone is stronger. The first destiny stone is affected by the conflict between fire and ice, so even the cultivator cultivating the heavenly fire fate law would be weakened by this. The second one has both the dao of the Vermillion Bird and Fiery Vulture — these are both fiery birds, so it will make the fiery bird fate law even stronger.”

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Worthy of being the Thousand Carp River’s descendant, you’re not too stupid.”

Lan Yunzhu responded by stomping on Li Qiye’s foot and glaring at him: “Uncle, what are you trying to say? If you keep on teasing me, you better watch out!” Lan Yunzhu gritted her teeth while taking on a fierce pose.

Li Qiye was still smiling as he continued on: “Then I’ll test you again. We’ll use the same two cultivators again, one with the heavenly fire fate law while the other with the fiery bird fate law. Then we’ll give them the choice of two new destiny stones…

“These two have three heavenly accumulations. One of them has inflammation fire, mysterious ice, and pure Yang. The other has the dao of a Vermillion Bird, the dao of a Fiery Vulture, and Samadhi Flames. Which do you think is the suitable stone for them?”

“Hmm…” Lan Yunzhu pondered for a moment before answering: “In theory, both cultivators are fire cultivators. Although the Samadhi Flame is not of the fiery bird’s branch, it clearly augments the other two dao. The first destiny stone might have the pure Yang flame which is also of the fiery branch, but the mysterious ice dao conflicts with the pure Yang flame and inflammation fire. Even if the pure Yang flame and the inflammation fire support each other, causing them to become several times stronger, the conflict with the mysterious ice will result in their power getting weakened. Thus, logically speaking, the second destiny stone is stronger.”

Lan Yunzhu was the descendant of the river sect so she had vast knowledge in this regard, thus her answer was very reasonable.

“You’d be wrong.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “When one cultivates a good heavenly fire fate law and refines the stone into one’s own true fate treasure, then the three heavenly accumulations in this stone will change. The pure Yang dao will become an incubator to refine the mysterious ice dao. Then, the mysterious ice and inflammation fire dao will combine together with Yin and Yang, giving birth to a new supreme Yin Yang dao! With this True Treasure, this fiery flame cultivator’s initial heavenly fire fate law would become the most tyrannical fate law in this world!”

“Really?” Lan Yunzhu skeptically asked.

“Of course, it is true. This theory is called the heavenly accumulation fusion. When a destiny stone is refined into a new true fate treasure, if you can combine several accumulations together to form an entirely new accumulation, its power would be even stronger and more formidable…

“Indubitably, this fusion has a very stringent requirement. It is very rare to see a destiny stone with fusible accumulations. This type of destiny stone is much rarer than a nine heavenly accumulations destiny stone.”