Chapter 533: Mysterious Lamp

“I can’t die just yet.” Li Qiye laughed and said: “Even the villainous old heavens wouldn’t be able to kill me!”

Lan Yunzhu helped him sit down while saying: “You are too weak so you need to rest. Otherwise, it will have a negative consequence.”

Li Qiye put away the lamp and assumed a meditative pose. He then swallowed another drop of star water to recover. The medicinal effect started to make Li Qiye’s body emit a shining light.

This light became brighter and brighter until it reached a blinding level as Li Qiye became one with it.

Lan Yunzhu carefully watched over him without the slightest bit of inattention.

Some time later, the light on his body dispersed. He opened a pair of eyes as bright as starlight. At this time, his usual spirit had returned.

Seeing him standing up, Lan Yunzhu quickly came to help and asked with concern: “How are you feeling now?”

Li Qiye took in a long breath and looked at Lan Yunzhu before he smilingly answered: “Very good, even the heavens couldn’t take my life!”

Lan Yunzhu didn’t know what to say. Just earlier, his entire body had countless cracks; it seemed as if the slightest touch could have shattered his entire being. But now, he was so high-spirited that it made him seem like an unkillable cockroach.

“Maniac!” Even the phoenix ginseng was speechless after using its divine intent to see Li Qiye’s spirited attitude. It also felt that Li Qiye’s actions were too crazy and domineering.

At this time, Li Qiye couldn’t help but to take out the lamp from the wooden pavilion for a closer look. After rubbing it a bit, he then murmured: “What a big win this trip was. Haha, even a grave secret among secrets couldn’t compare to this thing.”

To outsiders, a secret among secrets was a True Immortal Medicine like the Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng — this would be more than enough to drive them crazy.

However, Li Qiye didn’t think so. He understood and viewed the secrets of the Prime Ominous Grave’s five realms with a different perspective. He knew that there was something else inside these realms. They were not simply treasures, in his opinion.

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t see what was so amazing about this lamp, so she asked: “What is this thing? Was it worth risking your life for it?”

This lamp looked so ordinary… Was it actually worth Li Qiye’s risky venture and using everything that he had?

“Yes, it’s absolutely worth it.” Li Qiye happily replied: “Hahaha, this thing is beyond your imagination.”

The phoenix ginseng went back to its nest and looked at the lamp in Li Qiye’s hand with its divine intent. It sat up and exclaimed: “Good stuff, good stuff!” If it could show expressions, then it would be drooling at this moment.

Lan Yunzhu had to take another look at the ginseng. This thing was a True Immortal Medicine, yet it was praising and sighing at this lamp nonstop. One could even say that it was lusting after it, so this lamp had to be absolutely wonderful.

Li Qiye glanced at the phoenix ginseng and lazily raised the lamp before asking with a smirk: “So, it looks like you have always wanted this lamp?”

The ginseng looked at it once more. Of course it wanted this lamp, but unfortunately, no matter how powerful it was, it was not able to enter the wooden pavilion. It was not Li Qiye.

Li Qiye moved the lamp back and forth and smiled with squinted eyes: “If you come with me as my follower, then I’ll let you bask in the glory of this lamp as well.”

The ginseng angrily scowled after hearing this. It went back to its wooden nest, lying down and pretending to sleep.

Li Qiye only shrugged after being rejected: “What a shame.” He then added with a smile: “May we meet again later.”

The phoenix ginseng replied with its cold divine intent: “May we never meet again!”

The phoenix was especially annoyed with Li Qiye. It was robbed of its five oldest ginseng roots. Although they were not its life roots, they were still important. This was a huge loss and the ginseng would have killed Li Qiye if it wasn’t afraid of his treasures.

It now felt that it was best to never see Li Qiye again since seeing him only reminded it of the five old ginseng roots, causing its heart to bleed.

Li Qiye shrugged again before leaving the wooden nest with Lan Yunzhu. They exited the grave secret among secrets and went back to the lost garden of the immortals.

At this time, the Soldier Tree, the ten transformations Silkworm Dragon Soulgrass, the Reincarnation Heavenly Soulvine, and a bunch of other immortal level medicines had come back to retake the medicine field.

“Why haven’t you left yet?” The Soldier Tree asked after seeing Li Qiye again. They didn’t welcome Li Qiye. Until now, only a group of immortal medicines owned this medicine field, so it was understandable why they were all upset when Li Qiye came for a share as well.

Lan Yunzhu stared at all of these immortal medicines and wished that she could capture them all. They were real immortal medicines; any of them would be enough to drive the world crazy if they went outside.

But of course, taking them out was impossible. Not to mention that they themselves were extremely powerful, there was also the sanction of the garden. The only way was for them to be willing to go with her.

“I came to say goodbye to you guys, and I hope that we may meet again in the future.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“May that day never come. It is more likely that no one will ever be able to enter here for millions of years.”

“Something is strange.” The Ancestor Ginseng that was rooted in the medicine field spoke: “This brat is strange, there is a ginseng smell on his body, a special one…”

“A special ginseng smell? In what way?” The Reincarnation Heavenly Soulvine asked.

“Wait!” The Ancestor Ginseng sniffed once more and startlingly exclaimed: “This brat got a huge fortune…! On his body… is the smell of a True Immortal Medicine, the smell of the Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng in the grave secret!”

“What? Are you serious? Is it really the smell of the Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng?” The Silkworm Dragon Soulgrass uttered in shock. Even a grass nearing the form of a True Dragon couldn’t help but stare at Li Qiye intensely.

“You really saw the Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng? Did it give you something nice?” The Soldier Tree looked at Li Qiye and asked.

“It’s nothing much. I only went in that place and conveniently plucked several old ginseng roots. It was just a little harvest.” Li Qiye replied with a smirk. He played it down with a nonchalant attitude as if it was no big deal.

“Brat! How could the phoenix ginseng give you its old roots?” The Ancestor Ginseng was scared out of its mind.

“Brat, don’t brag. Outside of the phoenix ginseng, no one else can enter that place!” The Soldier Tree spoke with severity.

Li Qiye then took out the lamp and gently stroked it before speaking: “What do you guys think about this thing?” He put on an innocent and harmless appearance.

Lan Yunzhu shivered while looking at Li Qiye’s expression. Her intuition told her that he was about to do something.

All the immortal medicines lost their senses after seeing the lamp in Li Qiye’s hand. Even the Soldier Tree who was always the calmest became aghast. After a long time, the shocked Soldier Tree stuttered: “How… How… is this possible? This can’t… be…! How… can you have that thing? It is an item from the legends!”

Li Qiye calmly responded: “It’s nothing, everything I desire is always within my grasp.”

The group of immortal medicines became dumbfounded. Others might not know, but they were very aware that the thing in Li Qiye’s possession was an existence from the legends.

After a while, they regained their senses. The Ancestor Ginseng uprooted and jumped in front of Li Qiye. It lifted its head to look at him and said: “Take me out of this place, okay? I’ll go with you.”

Lan Yunzhu was astonished at the Ancestor Ginseng’s sudden proposal. An immortal medicine wanted Li Qiye to bring it with him — this was too unbelievable. She wanted to tell Li Qiye to agree right away. This was an Ancestor Ginseng root, an immortal medicine in the eyes of Alchemy Emperors, something that would drive others crazy!

Back at the Wood Realm, a Heavenly Sovereign from the Zhen Clan used an emperor’s weapon just to chase a 3,000,000 year old King Medicine root around. The Ancestor Ginseng before them was countless times more valuable than that other root!

Li Qiye leisurely responded: “What do I get for taking you outside? Use you to make chicken soup? Hmm… Using ginseng to make chicken soup is indeed a bit nutritious…”

“Hey! I am an Ancestor Ginseng!” The ginseng jumped up and angrily shouted.

Li Qiye nodded seriously and said: “I know you are an Ancestor Ginseng, but can you compare to this?” Li Qiye waved his five ginseng roots and said: “If I can’t cook you, then what is in it for me? Taking an Ancestor Ginseng around everywhere… If others find out, then I’ll lose my life.”

The Ancestor Ginseng looked at the five old ginseng roots in Li Qiye’s hand and became dejected like a deflated ball as it lost all of its confidence. Although it was also called an immortal medicine, that was only to other alchemists. These five old roots were from a real True Immortal Medicine.

Thus, the Ancestor Ginseng quickly said: “All I need is to be near the lamp. If you take me along, every few days, I will give you a ginseng drop. This is my medicinal essence and its effect is no less than a drop of Myriad Star Water!” Its glistening eyes aimed to incite some pity from Li Qiye.