Chapter 569: Di Zuo’s Death

Four palaces to form a domain, eight to form a kingdom, and twelve to form the heavens — this phrase had been passed down for a very long time, but no one had ever seen the spectacle of twelve palaces forming the heavens.

But at this time, many were able to witness this miracle.

Right now, Li Qiye was an immortal ruler that was worshiped by the other deities. In the sky, he was the supreme existence and nothing else mattered. Even immortals must prostrate and declare themselves his loyal subjects!

This scene was too shocking; it was as if he was already above the Heaven’s Will despite having yet to shoulder it! At this minute, he was at the apex of all existences.

All merit laws and secret arts became meaningless and feeble. The heavens created from the twelve palaces was already the strongest merit law; twelve palaces were more than enough to represent everything.

What merit law or art could be more heaven-defying than having one’s own heavens? All the laws and dao were beneath the heavens.

Li Qiye, with his own heavens, was beyond anyone’s imagination. This was unable to be described with mere words.

“He finally succeeded in opening the twelfth palace.” Lan Yunzhu murmured. She knew that sooner or later, he would be able to do so, but she didn’t expect this day to come so quickly.

“The heavens of twelve palaces!” Daoist Bao Gui’s mouth became dry after seeing the sky above Li Qiye’s head. At this minute, he and the ancestors of the great powers were completely pale from astonishment. No one would be able to stop Li Qiye’s rise; neither Di Zuo nor Tian Lunhui would be able to do so.

“Time to end this!” Li Qiye said with a smile. There were no techniques or laws since Li Qiye’s sky was plenty enough. Once it spread its influence, nothing could deter its path.

“No!” Di Zuo exclaimed with a shocked expression, but he was powerless.

“Boom!” He was blown away as blood spurted everywhere, causing his expression to pale. The Aphotic dao had been completely suppressed by Li Qiye’s sky without any effort. Everything became insignificant; what was stronger and higher than the heavens?

The suppression of the sky caused everyone to take a deep breath as they felt their spines being frozen. Anyone would break out in a cold sweat while watching this scene.

They all felt that Di Zuo’s Aphotic dao was extremely terrifying. Anyone would die for sure when met with such a dao.

However, it became so feeble and weak and was completely suppressed before Li Qiye’s sky.

Di Zuo was stunned. He knew his dao the best, which was why he was being driven mad. He didn’t want to lose in such a manner!

“I command you to open!” Di Zuo crazily shouted as he decided to risk it all.

“Clakkkk—” At this time, the heavy sound of a gate opening appeared as Di Zuo’s Longevity Blood dyed the golden gate behind him red.

A golden light filled the world once the doors were opened. A shadow stepped out from the door. This was an invincible shadow that looked down on all existences as they trembled before it. This shadow was so powerful that it caused all spectators to palpitate as if an Immortal Emperor had arrived.

Upon arrival, it used an invincible momentum to strike Li Qiye. The stars became dark with this imperial attack.

“Even the you of the future is useless, not to mention the fact that you won’t have a future!” Li Qiye roared in response. He was completely nonchalant against the oppressive shadow. At this second, he was the unstoppable embodiment of invincibility. His will was the will of the heavens. The weight of his hand was the unbearable burden of the firmament.

“Boom!” The invincible shadow shattered beneath Li Qiye’s gigantic hand. Against the absolute will and crushing force of the sky, even Di Zuo’s battle intent from the future was of no use.

“Pop!” Li Qiye’s hand struck Di Zuo body, bloodying it and blowing it away. All of his bones shattered, and he no longer had the strength to fight back.

Li Qiye quickly grabbed him before he hit the ground. Di Zuo’s face was deathly pale while he himself was without any will to resist. Li Qiye had him by the neck and slowly asked: “Now, do you have any last words?”

Di Zuo’s mind returned from its momentary absence as he closed his eyes and said: “Make your move, I have nothing to say.” At this point, he remained undaunted and still had a graceful bearing.

Di Zuo was indeed Di Zuo; death was nothing to him.

“Wait!” The Myriad Bones Throne’s ancestor shouted in horror from the Ancestral Mountain.

“So? Do we old geezers have to get involved as well?” A feeble voice immediately responded from the river sect’s divine coffin.

“Azure God-Monarch, that is not my intention.” The Myriad Bones Ancestor forced a laugh and said in a serious manner: “Fellow Daoist Li, let go of our disciple and we can talk about any conditions. We will definitely satisfy your demands.”

This ancestor wanted to save Di Zuo since it was not easy to train a descendant. Di Zuo had the highest potential in the throne of bones, so even if he didn’t become an Immortal Emperor, his achievements would still be quite grand. His talents and dao aptitude were the most precious treasure of the throne. Because of this, no matter what happened next, the ancestor hoped to save him.

“That is a bit interesting.” Li Qiye slowly said as he looked at Di Zuo.

But at this time, Di Zuo opened his eyes and shook his head to say: “No, Ancestor, let me go. I have let you ancestors and the Myriad Bones Throne down. I apologize for my defeat today.”

An old man stepped out from the Ancestral Mountain and replied with a majestic aura: “No, child. Winning and losing are part of life; what is so devastating about losing one battle? Who has ever truly been undefeated since the start of time? Not even Immortal Emperors would claim such a thing. Your achievement today has already been amazing and no less than any achievements of young emperors. It is fine to lose once!”

“No, Ancestor. My heart is dead.” Di Zuo bitterly smiled and continued: “This is not just about losing once, I have truly become powerless. What is the point of temporarily living in this world without becoming an Immortal Emperor?! Ancestor, I am unfilial and have done wrong to the throne as well as the seniors who took care of me. It is better to let me die with dignity than to live on in shame. Ancestor, please bury me with the Phoenix Maiden on the mountain, that is enough for me!”

The ancestor’s expression greatly changed. He understood that his disciple wanted to die and that it was not just because of one lost battle. It was because Di Zuo couldn’t surpass Li Qiye. A genius like him couldn’t handle this reality; it was a pain worse than failure!

Whether he wanted to die to meet the Phoenix Maiden again or because he would never be able to surpass Li Qiye, it was better to die now than to live in agony. His ultimate choice was not due to shame from losing a single battle to Li Qiye.

The ancestor only sighed and slowly closed his eyes. He knew his disciple the best and no longer tried to convince him. In the end, this ancestor quietly went back into the Ancestral Mountain.

At this moment, everyone remained silent. Although Di Zuo had been defeated, he had lost in a brilliant manner and was worthy of pride. No one felt that this was shameful. In fact, they thought that it was amazing that he managed to persevere for so long. No one else could do the same.

A sense of respect for Di Zuo rose at this moment. Whether he was an enemy or friend, he was a supreme genius and a worthy rival.

Di Zuo closed his eyes again and spoke with gravity: “Do it. I have nothing else to say about my own lack of abilities.”

Li Qiye looked at him and let him go before nonchalantly saying: “If your heart is dead, then I’ll let you have a dignified death. End it yourself.”

Di Zuo then stood up straight and opened his eyes. He took a deep breath to take one last look at the world before closing them again. Without any hesitation or unwillingness, Di Zuo’s body shook as blood dripped down from the corners of his mouth before directly falling down.

The world was silent; a heaven’s proud son had committed suicide. This ending caused others to lament.

“Is it time to end it?” Li Qiye stood next to the pond while looking at everyone else in his leisurely manner.

This time, however, no one responded, not even the ghost race. No young ghost could compete with Li Qiye anymore after Di Zuo had lost, not even Tian Lunhui. Only the ancestors had a chance, even ghost kings of the Heavenly King level most likely couldn’t take on Li Qiye.

Finally, with a loud boom, the Myriad Bones Throne took Di Zuo’s corpse away. In the blink of an eye, the Ancestral Mountain disappeared from everyone’s eyes.