Chapter 573: Heavenly Cemetery

Legends state that these corpses and mummies were all heaven-defying experts when they were alive. Later on, they failed during their attack on these graves and died miserably here. They were then affected by the aura of death and became guardian puppets.

Although it was extremely dangerous to cultivators, the Earth Realm was a great place for training. As long as one had sufficient strength, then not only would they be able to train here, they could also obtain some fortune.

With strength and confidence as well as the ability to defeat the fierce monsters protecting these graves, people could enter the cemetery. If they were lucky, they could walk in a straight path without meeting any dangers and obtain something amazing inside.

But sometimes, it would be extremely perilous within the cemetery. Terrifying ghost-like creatures could have been buried inside as well. More than eighty percent of those who entered these graves would die, but if they managed to come back alive, they would be greatly rewarded for it.

Because of this, countless cultivators, especially the geniuses, were happy to give the menacing Earth Realm a shot. What could be more tempting than a great training ground full of treasures? Confident geniuses would surely pick this place to train.

After seeing Lan Yunzhu’s dumbfounded expression, Li Qiye smiled and said while looking at the graves: “Come, you won’t be able to solve the mysteries here. No one knows who was buried here or when.”

“What about Uncle?” Lan Yunzhu gave him a look and asked: “Don’t tell me Uncle doesn’t know a thing or two about this? You have read so many books and know so many things in this world, so could there really be a secret that you, someone who knows everything and can’t not do anything, don’t know about?”

Li Qiye only responded by chuckling and flicking her forehead before saying: “Girl, don’t dream about egging me on. If I said I don’t know, then I don’t know.”

Lan Yunzhu only angrily glared at him with a charming and playful demeanor, showing a beauty capable of taking others’ breaths away.

Li Qiye led Lan Yunzhu deeper inside. They didn’t come here for the fortunes inside the graves, so they only passed by a few while heading straight for the Heavenly Cemetery.

After walking past some fortunes, she asked: “Doesn’t Uncle want to take a look at some of these ominous graves? Legend states that there are some very unbelievable mummies inside. Some even said that a few of them are of the Immortal Emperor level. Do you not want to broaden your horizons?”

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “This time, we didn’t come here for treasures. We wasted too much time in the other realms so we can’t go to another grave.”

“It is just ‘you’, not ‘us’.” Lan Yunzhu looked at him with one eye and continued: “If you are not here for the graves, then why are you going to the path of death? If you know that it is suicidal, then why must you still tread it?” Lan Yunzhu didn’t want him to go there since it was a terrible place of certain doom.

For millions of years, even Godkings had died inside since they didn’t trust the tales.

Lan Yunzhu believed that Li Qiye could come out alive by creating a miracle, but this matter was still too risky. Something unexpected might happen.

Li Qiye looked at her and understood her thoughts, so he smiled and said: “Don’t stop me, I can’t afford not to go there. I need a challenge in order to break through.”

“Challenge? Break through?” Lan Yunzhu asked: “Do you not have enough challenges yet? Defeating Di Zuo and achieving twelve palaces are not enough? Having twelve palaces is the most brilliant achievement since time immemorial. Like you said, only Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng had obtained twelve palaces, so your accomplishment is on the same level as the emperor.”

“You are right, but that is not enough since this is not my limit just yet. I need to take one step further beyond the boundary and defeat all those before me, even the unknown!”

Such domineering words did not sound arrogant from Li Qiye. Instead, they were rather natural.

Lan Yunzhu only sighed. Other people would be satisfied with twelve palaces and defeating a number one genius like Di Zuo; what could be greater achievements than these? However, she knew that if Li Qiye was satisfied, then he would no longer be Li Qiye, no longer the person who created miracles.

She felt that Immortal Emperor was the final apex for other people, but to Li Qiye, perhaps Immortal Emperor was just the beginning. This was Li Qiye, a unique being across time.

However, she didn’t give up and said: “Even if you want to break through, you shouldn’t be suicidal to the point of going on the certain-death path.”

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “No, I must go to the path of death in order to break through. It is one of my two goals before entering the grave.”

“Is there no other choice?” Lan Yunzhu curiously asked: “What is so special about the path of death?”

“… You are right.” Li Qiye nodded and said: “There is one ‘thing’ inside the path of death, and I need that to train. Only that ‘thing’ will be able to help me.”

She continued with more questions: “What is it? Is it like a different realm? Something like a secret among secrets like the wooden nest or the lost alchemy garden? Or is it like that one black star in the celestial sea inside the Water Realm?”

Li Qiye answered by shaking his head: “All wrong. I’ll let you know that the secret among secrets inside the Earth Realm is not located at the path of death, but rather the path of life. If you want the method for everlasting life, then go to the path of life. If you are extremely lucky, then maybe you will meet the legendary secret realm.”

Lan Yunzhu softly sighed. She knew that Li Qiye had made up his mind and wouldn’t listen. Nevertheless, she still didn’t want him to go.

Li Qiye gently tousled her hair and said: “Okay, little girl. Don’t worry about me, I am confident in leaving alive. Who am I?! I am Li Qiye! Even the path of death won’t be able to take my life!”

She glared at him as she retorted: “Hmph! I certainly hope so. If you die here, I won’t bother to pick up your corpse so that it can rot in the wild!”

What could she do when Li Qiye had made his choice? Li Qiye, on the other hand, only smiled while looking at her expression without saying anything back.

The Heavenly Cemetery was also called the central plain of the Earth Realm. The entrance was a basin of sorts; from a higher vantage overlook, one would see the Heavenly Cemetery as a huge mausoleum shrouded in fog.

The basin was decorated with stone pebbles that led to a monument that towered all the way to the sky. It was very similar to the Prime Ominous Grave’s tablet, an object without any runes.

If one used the key to exchange for a fortune in front of this monument, then maybe one could obtain an unparalleled treasure.

To the sides of the cemetery were two bottomless abysses, and above them were two small paths. One was the path of death and the other the path of life. These two paths led the way into the cemetery.

For millions of years now, countless experts had entered both paths. Very few left the path of life alive while the only rumors about the path of death was that once one enters, there would be no leaving.

The most recent person to come out of the path of life successfully was Di Zuo. Not long before, he entered it for self-training. Alas, due to the death of the Phoenix Maiden, he gave up infiltrating further into the cemetery.

Another person who left the path of life alive was the famous Immortal Emperor Di Yu. At a young age, he once entered the path of life, and people believed that he made it very far through all the trials. But of course, there were also speculations saying that he didn’t make it all the way to the end.

These speculations were not important, the crucial part was that he had obtained an immense fortune in the path of life that was possibly the method for everlasting life.

Because of this, geniuses and ancestors that were near their death all came to the path of life to try their luck. In summary, whether it was for training or for the method of everlasting life, those who dared to come to the path of life were all amazing characters.

Needless to say, those who managed to return alive were even more incredible.

At this moment, Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu were standing on a high peak outside of the basin while gazing at the distant Heavenly Cemetery. Seeing the two tiny paths on top of the abysses took away Lan Yunzhu’s breath. Calling this place the most dangerous location in the world was not enough to describe its treacherousness!

However, the Heavenly Cemetery had one noticeable difference in contrast to before; above the huge tablet at the entrance was a floating island that covered the entire cemetery.