Chapter 62: Godly Might(2)

Under these circumstances, right and wrong along with black and white were no longer important.  Even if Li Qi Ye was able to speak with lotus flowers in his words, he still wouldn’t be able to make things clear.  Even if he had one hundred mouths, he still wouldn’t be able to clear the accusation of master cheating ancestor killing, as well as the murder attempt of his senior.

The terrible thing was that Protector Hu was the first disciple of Elder Cao!  The three sectional leaders were also from the camp of Elder Cao!

Luo Feng Hua’s group immediately knew that this was a terrible trap when thinking back to a few days ago where Li Qi Ye taught a lesson to Leng Shi Zhi.  They broke out in cold sweat from worrying about Li Qi Ye.  This time, even if Li Qi Ye jumped into the Yellow river, it still wouldn’t be enough to cleanse the matter!

(TN1: Jumping into the Yellow river – a phrase originating from the belief that people who were indicted wrongfully would commit suicide using this river to prove their innocence)

In the blink of an eye the law enforcement group had surrounded Li Qi Ye, with the leader being Leng Shi Zhi.

“Disrespectful, master cheating ancestor killing, sect betrayal. Kill without mercy!”

(TN2: I actually like master cheating ancestor killing more than the longer line in the last chapter, even though it looks weird in English)

Leng Shi Zhi stared intensely at Li Qi Ye, his eyes quivered with frightening killing intent!

Li Qi Ye smirked; he hadn’t made a move yet, but Li Shuang Yan coldly scowled and took a step forward.  Once she was in front, her blood energy pierced the heavens as if a Heavenly King had woken up.

Her body exuded a cold pressure that froze ten thousand miles in a flash.

Once Li Shuang Yan walked forward, Leng Shi Zhi couldn’t help but to tremble and inadvertently took two steps back.  Though he was the genius of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect when compared to Li Shuang Yan, the difference was too drastic.

It wasn’t just Leng Shi Zhi, even the three sectional leaders and Protector Hu were shaking as well.  In the end this was the descendant and princess of Old Ox country.  This wasn’t someone with an undeserved reputation.  She was a proud daughter of the heavens, even considering all of Grand Middle Territory, her reputation would still definitely be just as renowned.

“Princess Li, this is an internal matter of our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.  We are dealing with a traitor, please reconsider and do not interfere with our sect’s affair.”

Protector Hu’s courage rose and he gravely said, licking his lips and thinking about the backings behind him.

Li Shuang Yan’s elegant yet cold countenance suddenly flashed a sharp brilliance. She naturally didn’t care about opposing Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

Right then Li Qi Ye a smile, narrowed his eyes, and then said:

“It seems there is someone that wants me to step forward; I will step out to say a few words.  My two hands aren’t stained with blood, so others actually think that I am a nice person.  Shuang Ya, step back.”

(TN3: nice person here originally is – virtuous male trusting female – an idiom meaning a person that is too nice and trusting)

Li Shuang Yan glanced at Li Qi Ye, then repositioned behind his back without saying a word.

Seeing Li Shuang Yan listening to all of Li Qi Ye’s orders, Leng Shi Zhi’s jealousy could pierce the heaven.  Maddened with jealousy, in his heart, Li Shuang Yan was a goddess, a heavenly immortal in his mind.  Although towards a useless bag of straws she was so obedient, she had never looked at him.

Li Qi Ye stepped forward, brightly smiled at Leng Shi Zhi, and said:

“No matter what kind of plots and devious plans you all are scheming, or the backings behind all of you, since it has deteriorated to the situation today, if I don’t kill a certain few, people will truly think that I am a pushover.”

“Sect betrayal, master cheating ancestor killing; one deserving to be killed by all!  Go, kill this traitor!”

Leng Shi Zhi coldly commanded, signaling the law enforcement disciples that were surrounding Li Qi Ye.

“Traitor, back down and accept your fate!”

The surrounding disciples simultaneously yelled, and in the blink of an eye they summoned their Life Treasures and cut straight at Li Qi Ye.

Each law enforcement disciple’s moves were fierce; their first move was to use their Life Treasures to slay Li QiYe.  This was essentially not wanting Li Qi Ye to survive, but to kill him on the spot.


The smiling eyes of Li Qi Ye suddenly became cold.  In the blink of an eye he flew upward like a giant Peng, and propped himself up; the heavens allowing for this Peng to fly.  His body was in the air, and he used unpredictable steps in order to escape the Life Treasures coming from the law enforcement disciples.

A loud “Bang” sounded, and just as Li Qi Ye had escaped the Life Treasures’ fire and thunder rays, his whole body was ferociously struck down.  This power was no longer in the realm of speed; in the middle of the fire and thunder rays Li Qi Ye was akin to a massive Kun. One swing of its tail was enough to splash an entire ocean across ten thousand miles!

(TN4: Peng = a giant eagle-like bird, Kun = a giant fish/whale, Kun Peng would be a transformation of both.  In Cn novels, this beast is usually top two in speed and top ten in power)

The appearance of the Kun with its heavenly aura, caused a deafening noise to ring in the skies.  The law enforcement disciples essentially couldn’t block the huge waves of the Kun.  Under the assault of the powerful pressure, these disciples spewed out fresh blood and all were knocked away by giant waves.

“Kun Peng Minor Sixth Form, the last profound truth of the six moves…”

Li Qi Ye had finished his move, and the eyes of the three sectional leaders and protector couldn’t help but squint their eyes.  Although Kun Peng Minor Sixth Form was an incomplete Emperor merit law, to understand the last profound truth, even the most gifted disciple would still require decades in order to understand!

Li Qi Ye jumped towards the middle, with the heavenly Peng and gigantic Kun in a state of constant transformation; this matter was too frightening.

Li Qi Ye with one move had knocked away the law enforcement disciples,and then he landed on the ground, staring smilingly at Leng Shi Zhi, and said:

“Do you want to come alone, or do you want to come with the sectional leaders and protector?”

“Don’t be so arrogant, even if you understand the last profound truth it is still only an insignificant technique.”

Leng Shi Zhi’s eyes became cold, and yelled:

“Today I will enlighten you on these things, you will find out what is truly a grand technique!”

Finished speaking, he opened his mouth wide to let out a Thirty Six Celestial Deities Sword.  It immediately became a murderous forest-like sword formation trapping Li Qi Ye in the middle.

“Thirty Six Celestial Deities Sword formation…”

Seeing this sword formation, the Luo Feng Hua crowd that had heard of this technique expressions couldn’t help but darken.

Thirty Six Celestial Deities Sword formation was a technique created by an elder with the ranking of an Ancient Saint.  It was not just a merit law of Ancient Saint ranking, but it was also an extremely powerful Ancient Saint formation.

(TN5: Glossary only has ten ranks so far from the narrative, Ancient Saint would be rank 13.  Immortal Emperor would be 17)

The Cleansing Jade Peak disciples didn’t think that Leng Shi Zhi, who was only a third generation disciple, would have the qualification to cultivate this merit law!

Li Shuang Yan’s eyes also showed signs of concentration. He was staring intensely at Leng Shi Zhi’s sword formation.  She could be called an expert regarding this realm, and after an analysis, she knew that Leng Shi Zhi had not understood one tenth of this sword formation. The power was still considerable, however. Regardless, this was still an Ancient Saint sword formation.

Li Qi Ye suddenly was trapped in the sword formation.  He smiled, and in the blink of an eye, he was as swift as a flying dragon and quick like a tiger’s steps. With this speed, he successfully escaped the sharp winds of the more than thirty swords with the two Invisible Dual Blades in his hands which were flying out and creating “Whoosh, Whoosh” sounds, while also colliding and slashing the thirty six Celestial Deities Swords.

The sectional leaders and protector couldn’t believe their eyes. These Invisible Dual Blades which were crafted from ordinary steel and colliding with a Life Treasure weren’t being damaged in the slightest.  This was an unthinkable matter.

“Celestial Deities Imprisonment!”

Seeing this scene, Leng Shi Zhi became angry and let out a deafening roar.  He then activated a lethal technique in the sword formation.

“Clank, clank, clank”

In a flash, the boundless sea of swords poured down in torrents accompanied by screams.  At this moment when the sword struck down diagonally, it was unstoppable.  Once anything came in contact with the sword’s tip, it would immediately be pierced into millions of holes.  This sword’s tip which had an unstoppable momentum pierced straight towards Li Qi Ye.

The pressure of this sword, not even mentioning Li Qi Ye’s flesh body, but even someone with a Golden Body wouldn’t be able to resist it.

(TN6: Golden Body here to my knowledge, has nothing to do with the Physiques in this book.  It is a description in Chinese literature/Daoism of an impervious body, so it is more of an expression)

At this moment, Li Qi Ye’s body moved at an inconceivable speed.  The sword edge that was going to behead him was dodged by his suddenly jumping into the air as if his body was a Kun Peng and jumped out of the thirty six Celestial Deities Sword formation!

“Heavenly transformation! Kun Peng’s Six Variants…”

In just a flash Li Qi Ye had jumped out from the formation.  Protector Hu knew his stuff, and said with a horrified expression!

In the fire and thunder lights, Li Qi Ye had already jumped in front of Leng Shi Zhi.  The Invisible Dual Blade’s cold reflection shimmered, and his left and right hands struck together straight for the head of Leng Shi Zhi!

Leng Shi Zhi was undoubtedly a genius of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.  His expression darkened, and the sound of “Whoosh, whoosh” filled the air.  In the face of life and death, his body was covered with a godly armor.


The godly armor which Leng Shi Zhi wore had a great origin, but against the Invisible Dual Blades, it was still penetrated.  The neck of Leng Shi Zhi became cold, strand by strand of blood dripped downward.  Just a little bit deeper, his skull would have been separated from his neck!

If he wasn’t wearing the godly armor, with just this one blade, he would have definitely met his end.  This time, Leng Shi Zhi was extremely frightened.


Seeing the deteriorating situation, the three sectional leaders yelled in a deafening manner, and moved at the same time.  They took out their Life Treasure and directly cut straight towards Li Qi Ye.

These three sectional leaders weren’t just lazily sitting around.  They were all at the Warrior Canopy and Purified Rebirth ranks.  


In a flash, Li Qi Ye’s hostility soared with a crimson killing intent.  He let out a loud roar, and his Life Wheel appeared, blood energy seeming like the sea.  With an all destroying momentum, his blood energy burst forth.  This type of domineering and overbearing power even made Li Shuang Yan’s expression chang.

In the blink of an eye, Li Qi Ye lifted his legs and then stomped heavily to jump outside.  The most simple technique, the most simple transformation was also the most oppressive move!  One kick flew out, and the world was encompassed. The heavens and earth were suppressed, and Gods and Demons were screaming!  Just this single heavy kick had weight of millions of Jun behind it!

(TN7: Jun is a measurement in China, is equal to 30 catties, and 1 catty is equal to 1.33 pound)  

“Bang… Bang…Bang…” Under this one kick, the three Life Treasures shattered. Life Treasures were just pieces of paper under this one kick of Li Qi Ye.

This was Li Shuang Yan’s second time seeing such a kick.  Her expression greatly changed, and at this moment she was certain that Li Qi Ye was practicing a peerless Immortal Physique!

The three sectional leaders were frightened until their faces were deathly pale.  They immediately shifted their positions, and were able to escape this horrible kick from Li Qi Ye.

The Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique of Li Qi Ye had the freedom to send and return whenever it wants, and even though the three sectional leaders could escape this kick, they still couldn’t escape the Kun Peng’s Six Variants of Li Qi Ye.  While he was pulling back his feet, Li Qi Ye like a Kun Peng flew to the sky, and in a flash appeared before the three sectional leaders.

(TN: the first sentence might be a bit confusing because it was an idiom, but basically Li Qi Ye’s kick is literally a normal kick, there is no energy or preparation involved is the meaning of that first sentence)

“Heavenly transformation…”

This extreme speed caused the three sectional leaders to be frighteningly amazed.  They suddenly recognized the technique, but it was too late.

Li Qi Ye’s kick was like the immortal poison of a scorpion’s stinger.  Under the Kun Peng’s Six Variants, this kick was terribly fast.  Under the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique, this kick was akin to ten thousand thunders simultaneously roaring together. The three sectional leaders fundamentally couldn’t dodge this kick; it was simply too swift.