Chapter 639: Still A Legend

The Alchemist Demon Monarch smiled wryly and said: “This might sound a bit absurd, however, there is a legend about an Alchemy Emperor that goes like this: the emperor was able to control both the Fire Source and Fire Spark. Another tale told of him controlling the fire of a Heavenly Tribulation, but yes, this is strictly fictional. It might be possible to control a Fire Spark due to the matchless flame control of Alchemy Emperors. However, controlling a Fire Source is a different story. It is one thing if the Fire Source is above ground, but if it is below, then even an emperor would have a hard time controlling it…

“Controlling the flame of a Heavenly Tribulation is even more outrageous. However, people speculated that this would be possible for an Immortal Emperor who was initially an Alchemy Emperor. For example, Immortal Emperor Yao Zu of the Alchemy Kingdom might have been able to control the Heavenly Tribulation’s flame, but other Alchemy Emperors won’t be able to. Of course, all of this is just gossip among alchemists and no one is certain of anything.” 1

“What about the other possibility?” Ancient Pine hastily asked. He was the first to find Li Qiye, so he was more anxious than anyone else.

The alchemist monarch went silent for a bit before speaking: “This other possibility is even more difficult to believe. There is a legend in the world of alchemists: there is a Heavenly Cauldron in this world, one that is even better than the cauldrons of Alchemy Emperors. It is said that this cauldron can devour all the flames in this world as well as any Immortal Medicine. It has an extremely powerful Fire Source, the purest in this world, on top of the best and most unparalleled medicinal trove. In the legends, this cauldron could fly to the sky or maneuver beneath the earth; not only could it control flames, it also devoured countless fire veins. A Fire Source is only a simple meal to it.”

There was a Demon Monarch who didn’t know much about the dao of alchemy, but he understood the untouchable prestige of Alchemy Emperors and how no one had better cauldrons than them: “A Heavenly Cauldron even more perfect than those of Alchemy Emperors? Can such a cauldron exist?”

The alchemist monarch forced a smile and said: “I can’t answer that question since I don’t know either. Legend states that this Heavenly Cauldron had become a god, so it should be called a Divine Heavenly Cauldron. But of course, this is only part of the legend since no one has seen it before, not even Alchemy Emperors.”

“Both are too hard to imagine.” One Demon Monarch shook his head and said: “The contemporary Alchemy Emperor has yet to appear. Although the Nine Worlds do not actively communicate with each other, in my opinion, this generation’s Alchemy Emperor will appear in the Stone Medicine World. There is no hope for the previous generation since their blood energy has withered, resulting in them being unable to pass the final gate. The juniors are still young, so they are far from achieving Alchemy Emperor, but it is even more impossible for the Divine Cauldron to exist.”

Madam Zi Yan pondered for a bit before asking the alchemist: “Does Demon Monarch think that it is possible for Young Noble Li to control the Fire Source remotely?”

The alchemist thought for a moment and then shook his head while smiling to say: “Your Majesty, I am not sure. To tell you the truth, if Ancient Pine Demon Monarch’s descriptions are accurate, then I can firmly say that I have never seen such an alchemist before.”

“Brother Sun, don’t worry. This old man can say with the utmost confidence that every word is true; I guarantee it with my life.”

The alchemist quickly responded: “Brother Ancient Pine is too serious, I never had any doubts regarding your claim. However, this matter is beyond one’s imagination, just like the two possibilities I stated previously. Refining pills like frying beans on top of it being a six transformations fate pill… The truth is that I have never heard or seen such a thing before.”

A different monarch asked: “If Brother Ancient Pine’s words are correct, then what do you think about Young Noble Li’s alchemy skill?”

The alchemist became serious and replied: “I have seen Brother Ancient Pine’s fate pill.” With an austere expression, he continued on: “To be frank, there are only a few people in the present times that are capable of refining such a fate pill. From my personal understanding, ancient alchemists from the Alchemy Kingdom are capable of performing such a feat. I heard that there are one or two of them, the prime treasures of the kingdom; they have sealed themselves for nearly ten thousand years now and are in deep slumber.”

Madam Zi Yan asked: “If this is true, then how do you think Young Noble Li compares to the four alchemy prodigies?”

“This subordinate has never seen Young Noble Li refine pills, but his dao of the pill… “ The alchemist paused for a second before continuing: “Compared to Young Noble Li, the four alchemy prodigies are very ordinary. Among the four of them, the alchemist from the Alchemy Kingdom is versed in physique pastes, and the descendant of the Bailian Clan can also be considered to be unbeatable regarding Longevity Medicines.” 2

“The First Prince of the State of Cao specializes in fate pills among the four, and people think that, among the young alchemists, no one could create them better than him. As for the descendant of the Calm Garden, I heard that this person is knowledgeable with plant cultivation.

“I had the fortune to have met the First Prince of Cao and saw him refine pills once. At that time, the stage was sealed so I couldn’t see his method, but the general process proved that he was indeed at the pinnacle of geniuses among young alchemists. Even those of the previous generation would be ashamed to stand before him.

“However, to tell him to refine pills like frying beans would be impossible. Perhaps he would be able to do it when he becomes an Alchemy Emperor, but honestly, even Alchemy Emperors might not be able to accomplish such a task, unless they were refining low-level pills of one or two transformations.”

A monarch stood up and said: “Are you trying to say that Young Noble Li is an Alchemy Emperor?”

“I’m not sure. If Young Noble Li can refine pills this easily, then even if he isn’t one, he is only a step away. In the future, no one else could become the Alchemy Emperor.” The alchemist smiled wryly and said: “If someone asked me the question of who can refine pills like stir-frying veggies, I might not be sure about all the Alchemy Emperors, but one person is certainly capable of this.”

“Who?” Ancient Pine quickly asked.

The alchemist took a deep breath and answered in a respectful and solemn manner: “The Alchemy God, the existence that established the laws of alchemy.”

Anyone would display an extremely respectful attitude when mentioning the Alchemy God, especially at the Stone Medicine World where alchemists thrived the most. The Alchemy God had an unreachable prestige in this place, even higher than Immortal Emperors.

Nothing but respect could be found from alchemists regarding this topic since the Alchemy God had an incomparable status in their hearts. Without the Alchemy God, there would be no complete dao system for alchemy like the one today. Many Alchemy Emperors appeared since the beginning of time, but outside of the Alchemy God, even the most heaven-defying emperors didn’t dare to call themselves an Alchemy God. This was out of respect for the alchemy progenitor.

In the end, Madam Zi Yan told Ancient Pine: “Elder Pine, tomorrow, I will personally go to your mansion to greet Young Noble Li.”

She didn’t bring up the matter of the Lie Clan anymore. To her and the country, the fate of the Lie Clan was not important. It was only another family in the capital, not one of her subjects.

In the meantime, in Ancient Pine’s mansion, Bai Weng received the news about the Lie Clan. He shuddered when he heard that their Fire Source exploded and Lie Jie died a terrible death.

He heard what Li Qiye had said to Lie Jie before, and now, it actually happened, so how could he not be astonished?

Although he hadn’t seen Li Qiye take action, he was sure that Li Qiye was the culprit even if he didn’t leave the mansion. However, he didn’t know how this was possible.

He recognized that Li Qiye was not as harmless as he seemed. Li Qiye was not only a genius at pill refinement and a generous prodigal son that could scare people to death, he was also the ruthless type. He would decisively make a decision without showing any mercy as he unleashed his thunderous wrath upon his enemies. The Lie Clan was a living example.

The Lie Clan’s sudden accident caused a huge stir in the capital. Overnight, some people were happy, some were sad, and others lost sleep throughout the night.

However, none of this had anything to do with Li Qiye since he had a great night’s sleep.

In the morning, when Li Qiye woke up, Ancient Pine and Bai Weng had already been waiting outside.

Ancient Pine stepped forward after seeing Li Qiye and respectfully spoke: “Did Young Noble have a good night’s rest?”

Li Qiye glanced over at Ancient Pine and smiled: “Demon Monarch can be frank with me, there is no need to beat around the bush.”

Ancient Pine awkwardly smiled and rubbed his palms together to say: “Her Highness is here to see Young Noble and is in the main hall right now. Will you meet her?”

Under normal circumstances, outsiders would find this matter hard to believe. The Giant Bamboo Country was still a big country in the Alchemy Realm, and Madam Zi Yan was its Royal Lord. As a Demon King with a Heavenly King cultivation, she would be regarded as a top character no matter where she went.

However, today, Royal Lord Zi Yan personally came early to visit with a sincere and humble attitude — this was quite surprising.

It made sense if she was visiting an ancestor of a great power, but today, she was only seeing a young man, a youth without any fame.

The entire country would be shocked if this were to come out. Just what kind of character was worthy of their Royal Lord’s grand treatment?

“If your Royal Lord is here, then I’ll see her.” Li Qiye reacted very blandly and smiled.

Bai Weng, who was standing to the side, didn’t dare to comment. He knew that anyone else would have felt a sense of honor and pride, but Li Qiye reacted calmly as if this was how it should be. This was indicative of his heaven-defying peerlessness.


  1. Immortal Emperor Yao Zu = Alchemy Ancestor Immortal Emperor. 
  2. Bailian = Hundred Refinements. But hundred is used here as “amazing”.