Chapter 673: Dragon Princess

The Dragon Princess was, of course, not from the Dragon Tribe but just a draconic dynasty. She was the princess of a Serpent Monarch’s dynasty under the control of the Radiant-Sea Sect.

Not only was she a princess, she also had great talents. She joined the Radiant-Sea Sect and was the junior sister of their main descendant, the famous Young Noble Pei Yu. 1

As the princess of a serpent tribe’s dynasty and the junior sister of an imperial descendant, her status was quite prestigious, so ordinary great powers didn’t dare to provoke her. Because of this, it was no wonder why she had such an arrogant and unreasonable style.

“The Radiant-Sea Sect is here as well.” Many experts here shuddered after seeing the group of people around her. In fact, everyone here was unwilling to see an imperial lineage arrive because the moment one appeared, most of the sects here had no choice but to run. They essentially didn’t dare to compete against one for Immortal Sulfur.

“Shit, the Radiant-Sea Sect.” Old Demon Tie Yi’s expression changed after seeing this. He wanted to crawl underground due to fear, but he was gripped by the collar by Li Qiye who pulled him up.

“Young Noble, this is the Dragon Princess from the Radiant-Sea Sect, everyone is afraid of her here in the Alchemy Realm!” The old demon told Li Qiye with a dejected look.

Yuan Caihe chuckled at this poor old demon’s appearance and told Li Qiye: “Brother Li, stop picking on him. It isn’t his fault that he can’t do anything against an imperial lineage.”

At this time, the Dragon Princess standing atop the big ship looked in their direction. The moment she saw Yuan Caihe, her countenance turned cold, and she started to walk over.

Li Qiye let go of the old demon after seeing the Dragon Princess approaching. It was as if the old demon had been pardoned; he heaved a sigh of relief and quickly burrowed into the ground like a cowardly mouse as he escaped far away.

It was clear that the princess was approaching with unfriendly intentions, so Li Qiye asked Yuan Caihe standing next to him: “Do you know her?”

Yuan Caihe slightly nodded in response: “I’ve met her once when Young Noble Pei Yu from the Radiant-Sea Sect came to my Serene Garden for medicine.”

After hearing her answer and looking at the Dragon Princess’s expression, Li Qiye understood what the matter was. It seemed that this Young Noble Pei Yu liked Yuan Caihe, but this Dragon Princess clearly liked her senior brother.

“Oh, isn’t this Yuan Caihe from the Serene Garden?” The Dragon Princess was now very close and gave a charming smile towards them. However, the coldness in her smile made it apparent that she had unfriendly intentions.

Many people were watching this scene play out, and none of them dared to utter a sound. Everyone knew how arrogant the Dragon Princess was; she was willful to the point of being quite unreasonable. Moreover, she came from the imperial family of a great power and was also a genius disciple of the Radiant-Sea Sect. No one dared to mess with her once she gained these as her backings.

Yuan Caihe glanced at her and spoke indifferently: “Dragon Princess, is something the matter?”

“Nothing, I only came to say hello.” The Dragon Princess cheerfully smiled, then her eyes fell upon Li Qiye. Her brows slightly rose as she immediately created a plan. She slightly chuckled and said: “Is this your new lover? Yuan Caihe, your standards are really too low for you to care for a nobody like this. Of course, a bland girl like you who has neither looks nor figure could only get together with a village boy like this.”

This was obviously a bout of jealousy, and any cultivator here who knew a thing or two immediately recognized it. No one would want to be involved in this sort of thing.

“Dragon Princess, do mind your words.” Yuan Caihe’s expression sank as she replied coldly. Although she was not one to compete with others, that didn’t mean she didn’t have a temper.

“Is that so?” The Dragon Princess didn’t care for Yuan Caihe’s warning. She gently shook her wavy waist and positioned herself in front of Li Qiye as she smirked: “Village boy, you need to keep an eye out. When Yuan Caihe sees a new man, maybe she’ll immediately dump you. Keep a leash on your crude girl so that she doesn’t go look for men everywhere…”

“This is none of your business.” Li Qiye raised his brows and slowly said: “A woman of your level shouldn’t stand before me, you’re truly dirtying my eyes.”

Li Qiye’s words astounded many people. There were around ten thousand cultivators present. The majority were from great powers while some even belonged to the previous generation. Even they didn’t want to provoke this Dragon Princess, but now, this seemingly ordinary young man immediately offended her.

The Dragon Princess’s expression dimmed after hearing this. She was a princess as well as one of the most promising disciples of the Radiant-Sea Sect, so how could she stand being denounced by this nobody?

“Naive fool, you think you found a real backing just because you can climb on that whore Yuan Caihe…” Her eyes became fierce with an imposing murderous intent.

“Pop!” Before she could finish her words, Li Qiye’s hand came and slapped her, causing her entire body to fly away for more than ten meters before she got back on her feet.

The Dragon Princess was indeed amazing and had a great cultivation. Even Li Qiye’s simple slap couldn’t harm her. However, the burning palm mark on her face was very eye-catching.

If Li Qiye’s unabashed words from earlier left people dumbfounded, then him slapping her completely froze them all.

This all happened too quickly. No one thought that before the princess could finish her words, Li Qiye would already strike. In this instant, many couldn’t react in time and felt dazed.

They stared in disbelief at Li Qiye, and their first thought was that Li Qiye was crazy.

It was indeed crazy since they had never seen such a domineering person before. The princess was from a great power, and more importantly, she was highly valued by the elders of the Radiant-Sea Sect. Some of them even wanted to marry her to Young Noble Pei Yu!

Even if her status was less than an imperial descendant’s, it was still quite considerable. Who else would dare to humiliate her like this in front of others unless they were tired of living?

This was not just a slap to the Dragon Princess’s face, it also struck the Radiant-Sea Sect. Moreover, the imperial family would not let her suffer such injustice.

“Little animal, I’m going to tear you into pieces today!” The princess shrieked as her fangs came forward, intending to kill Li Qiye.

“Boom!” But before she could close the distance, a gust of wind rushed forward and immediately swept her away. She had to take several staggering steps before being able to regain her balance.

“Who!” Her wrath was now fully incited. Someone had actually sneak attacked her right after being slapped by Li Qiye, blowing her away. How could she restrain this extreme fury any longer?

However, the moment she saw the person standing there, her expression suddenly changed.

At this time, a woman could be seen standing in the sky like an arrogant phoenix, catching the attention of everyone. A woman like this would be at the center of attention no matter where she went.

This woman was noble from birth, so there was no need for her to put on an act. She was a phoenix that had flown out of its golden nest and exuded an indescribable nobility.

Not only was she noble, she was also extremely arrogant and had an aggressive temperament. She held all in disdain while others didn’t dare to look straight at her. Her nobility might be innate, but her contemptuous attitude was intentional.

“The golden daughter of the Jian Clan!” Many were astonished to see the woman as noble as a phoenix ahead.

The golden daughter of the Jian Clan, Jian Wushuang. Her name reverberated loudly across the entire Alchemy Realm not just because of her noble upbringing or how she was an extraordinary genius, but because her fame was inseparable from her incomparable arrogance. She was arrogant to the point of being quite harsh and tyrannical no matter how she acted, and she held no consideration for others.

Everyone knew that Jian Wushuang’s famed arrogance was not reserved for the weak. In fact, she acted that way towards everyone, no matter if they were supreme geniuses or the lord of an entire domain. It could even be said that when she was in a bad mood, she would not give anyone face.

“Princess Jian, you… What are you trying to do?” They were both arrogant, but before Jian Wushuang, the Dragon Princess’s bullying momentum was suddenly cut in half.

She didn’t have matchless confidence like Jian Wushuang, who was always brimming with fearlessness no matter who she met. At this time, the Dragon Princess was both angry and nervous. However, she didn’t dare to air her anger before Jian Wushuang.

If one were to call Jian Wushuang a noble-born phoenix, then the Dragon Princess was only a poseur bird; the two were completely incomparable.

Jian Wushuang looked at the Dragon Princess with one eye and harshly declared: “His dog life is mine. Do not interfere with my business!”

At this time, Jian Wushuang had a haughty attitude that showed she held no consideration for anyone. Many people in the crowd, however, didn’t dare to act up since none of them wanted to mess with Jian Wushuang.

In fact, the entire Alchemy Realm knew that the Jian Clan had always been very doting towards Jian Wushuang. They only had one little daughter like this, so of course, she was the apple of their eyes, the brightest star in their sky. 2

Who would dare to provoke Jian Wushuang who was the focus of all the Jian Clan’s adoration?


  1. Pei Yu = Jade Ornament/Locket. 
  2. These are very common phrases, but it is quite hard to translate to the literal meaning so I used English proverbs. It is saying that they love her so much that they are afraid they will hurt her in their embrace and that she might melt if they keep her in their mouth. It is quite a funny visual if you think about it. Afraid of hurting a baby so much so you can’t bear to hug/carry her. The second one is like an animal holding its baby in its mouth for protection, but it is still afraid of hurting her.