Chapter 742: The Bewitching

Cao Guoyao’s heart was pumping after hearing such words. He was a true alchemist who didn’t care about cultivation, thus he had to establish superiority using the dao of alchemy.

On this path, his current opponent was the White Hair Alchemy God. Although there were four prodigies in this world, Yuan Caihe was adept in plant and medicine cultivation and didn’t care for competition. As for the Alchemy Kingdom’s Mu Qiao, he could only make physique pastes and kept a low profile on top of that. Therefore, Cao Guoyao believed that his only real opponent was the white hair alchemist.

His pill refinement was unmatched while the white hair alchemist had unbeatable skill in longevity medicines. Moreover, the alchemist had enjoyed the support of many ancestors. Although Cao Guoyao might have a proud mouth, he was still very envious of such treatment.

Cao Guoyao pondered for a bit before looking at the venerable and asked: “Are your words true?” Without a doubt, he was tempted. It was true that if he could obtain a supreme longevity medicine manual, then with his talents and current accomplishments, he would definitely be able to create longevity medicines no lesser than those of the white hair alchemist.

Once he was versed in both pills and medicines, the white hair alchemist would have no spotlight before him. Just thinking about the alchemist’s expression after being suppressed by him left Cao Guoyao secretly ecstatic.

“Would I lie to Brother Cao?” The venerable became serious and said: “Brother Cao should know what I do very well. My skill in intelligence gathering is top notch in the Stone Medicine World and is completely trustworthy, Brother Cao can rest assured about this.”

Cao Guoyao was tempted, but he still had some hesitation. He looked at the venerable and asked: “If Brother Cloud Soaring is speaking the truth, then there is something I don’t understand. Why is Brother Qingcheng not tempted for an Alchemy Emperor’s supreme art when it’s right in front of him?”

The venerable quickly responded: “It would be a lie to say that our Young Noble is not tempted. However, Brother Cao, you should know that our Young Noble is focused on cultivation and knows very little about the dao of alchemy. Moreover, the Stony Edge Kingdom does not prioritize the alchemy dao.”

“However, Brother Cao is different.” The venerable put on a serious demeanor and said: “For a genius like Brother Cao, after obtaining this art for at most five years or as little as one or two years, you will definitely be able to create some superb longevity medicines!”

“Oh, right.” The venerable happily rubbed his palms together and laughingly said: “Of course, when we try to obtain this supreme manual, we will lend Brother Cao a hand from the shadows. Our Young Noble also has a condition. We hope that you will be able to refine great batches of fate pills and longevity medicines for our Young Noble from time to time in the future. The materials will come from us, and of course, we will not cheat you out of a generous commission.”

Cao Guoyao sneered and drily said: “Haha, so after so much talking, Ye Qingcheng is still trying to get me to refine pills for him!”

The venerable coughed with an awkward look and said: “Brother Cao, as the proverb says, every man for himself or be punished by the heavens. Plus, this is something that benefits both of us, so Brother Cao, tell me, why not?”

Cao Guoyao sneered and said: “You must have hit a wall at the white hair brat’s place. The brat didn’t want to give Ye Qingcheng any face, so now, you want to find someone else to refine longevity medicines. I know very well that a bunch of geezers by Ye Qingcheng’s side need them.”

“Brother Cao is very perceptive, truly amazing.” The Cloud Soaring Venerable quickly smiled and said: “However, to put it in another way, does Brother Cao not want to trample over the white hair alchemist? Do you not want to become a true Alchemy Emperor? If you can make up for your shortcomings regarding longevity medicines, then what can the white hair alchemist do to compete with you?”

Cao Guoyao fell into silence and didn’t say anything.

The venerable hurriedly added: “There is another thing, I wonder if I should say it or not?”

“Go for it.” Cao Guoyao said: “You and I are not considered strangers, so there is no need to be reserved.”

“One must be swift in action.” The venerable said: “Although I sent this news to Brother Cao, news available to me is also available to others. If others make the first move, then your cooked duck will fly away. In my opinion, it is best to make a move at the Alchemy Kingdom.”

“Right here?” Cao Guoyao raised his tone: “Brother Cloud Soaring, are you trying to bait me? Who doesn’t know that it is very risky to make a move in the Alchemy Kingdom?”

“It is only risky for other people.” The venerable confidently replied: “It is not a problem for Brother Cao. I can promise you that nothing will happen and no one will ask about it.”

“Your words are quite questionable.” Cao Guoyao said: “Everyone knows just how terrifying the Alchemy Kingdom is. One stomp from them would cause the entire world to tremble!”

The venerable responded with a smile: “First, Brother Cao, there is no need for you to personally take action. Your mastery of insects is already at the peak. Capturing Li Qiye alive is as easy as flipping your palm, right?”

“Secondly.” He paused and revealed a mysterious grin to say: “With the Alchemy Kingdom as your backing, what are you afraid of?”

After hearing this, Cao Guoyao’s expression became serious. He looked at the venerable and finally realized something: “I understand now. Brother Cloud Soaring spoke for half a day, so it turns out that you are running errands for the Alchemy Kingdom.” 1

“Running errands is such an unpleasant way to put it.” The venerable was not angry and said: “This is called mutual benefit. I’m not afraid to tell Brother Cao the truth either. The kingdom does not need anything outside of the pill refinement art. Everything else will belong to you!”

“The kingdom is trying to use me as its dagger.” Cao Guoyao was not a fool. He smiled coldly and said: “Their Alchemy Kingdom chose not to show its face and decided to let me take action so that all the bad reputation will fall on me.”

“As the old saying goes, one can only find fortune within danger.” The venerable replied: “How can there be rewards without effort, right? Besides, the Alchemy Kingdom is a behemoth, so their reputation and honor will be ruined if others know that they are robbing someone else’s alchemy manual. Brother Cao, don’t you think making a move here with the kingdom’s backing is the best possible course of action? Even if others wanted to join in, they wouldn’t be able to do anything.”

Cao Guoyao couldn’t help but contemplate this matter. If the kingdom was indeed his backing, then everything would flow smoothly. No matter how capable Li Qiye might be, he still wouldn’t be able to escape their palm.

Cao Guoyao eventually asked with a serious tone: “How can I trust that the kingdom is willing to make every effort to support me?” Without a doubt, he was into the idea. This matter would simply be in the bag if the kingdom were to be involved. It would be strange if he was not tempted.

The venerable said with a smile: “Brother Cao is too cautious. Of course, this is not difficult to prove. You should know the kingdom’s World-Pillar Monarch.”

“I do, he could be said to be exceptional among the younger generation of the kingdom.” Cao Guoyao nodded.

The venerable continued: “You should also be aware of the monarch’s Xian Ancestor, right?”

“Yes, I have heard of the Xian Clan’s Alchemy Ancestor.” Cao Guoyao nodded slightly and said: “He is one of the older ancestors of the kingdom and is currently buried in its ancestral ground.”

The venerable said with a smile: “Your news is outdated. The Alchemy Ancestor has come into being. As long as you say a word, the ancestor will lend you a helping hand at any time!”

Cao Guoyao was moved after hearing this. An ancestor of the kingdom was not a joke. Although all powerful lineages would have one or two ancestors buried in their main grounds, an ancestor from a sect with three emperors was very frightening!

With the help of such a character, there was no need to worry about failure. Who in this world could withstand the might of the kingdom’s ancestor?

Eventually, Cao Guoyao said with a deep voice: “Let me consider this for one or two more days.”

“Very well.” The venerable was fine with it. However, before leaving, he left behind some implicative words: “Brother Cao, the opportunity will not wait for people. You need to make a decision quickly since even if you don’t want to do it, there are still plenty who are willing.”

Cao Guoyao didn’t answer and had someone see the venerable out.

After leaving, the venerable went back to his place. The White Cloud Master who had been following the venerable the entire time asked: “Venerable, will Cao Guoyao take action?”

“Don’t worry, with such a big bait, how could he not bite?” The venerable was completely confident as he spoke: “We’ll visit the Xian Mansion after a while to see the Sacred Ancestor of the Huangfu Clan.”

“Venerable still hasn’t obtained the Xian Clan’s Alchemy Ancestor’s consent?” The White Cloud Master uttered in shock after hearing this.

He thought that the venerable working together with Cao Guoyao was the Alchemy Ancestor’s idea.

“Don’t worry, the Xian Alchemy Ancestor will definitely agree.” The confident venerable said: “The Alchemy Kingdom might not be able to wade through these muddy waters. If one wants to take action here, both the Xian Clan Ancestor and the Huangfu Clan will need someone to take the blame. Cao Guoyao is the most appropriate person.”

“Venerable’s calculations are peerless; your wisdom is as vast as a sea.” The White Cloud Master praised in amazement.

The venerable gently shook his head and said: “Young Noble came up with this idea before the trip. I only filled in the details and implemented it.”

The master was astonished by this. Such a well thought out scheme could only be concocted by a supreme genius like Ye Qingcheng.

“The State of Cao, the Huangfu Clan, the Alchemy Kingdom, the Bailian Clan, and even the Radiant-Sea Sect will all be swept into this storm. At that time, even Allpine Mountain and the Giant Bamboo Country will not be able to avoid this! When the majority of the kingdom’s ancestors fight against the Allpine Treefather and the Giant Bamboo Divine Protector, the Stone Medicine World will have a change of dynasty!” The venerable’s eyes became fierce after revealing his plan and said: “At that time, when all the Godkings die in battle, the remaining eternal existences and supreme God-Monarchs will be generals under our Young Noble’s banner, who could stop us then?”

After hearing such a grand plan, the White Cloud Master felt a chill and was glad that he chose to join Ye Qingcheng’s side!


  1. Raw has arranging marriage for the kingdom as well, but this expression isn’t used at all in English and will just be weird.