Chapter 745: Young Noble Pei Yu

Many people in the city clearly saw this man flying through the sky. They recognized his identity and exclaimed: “Young Noble Pei Yu!” 1

Young Noble Pei Yu was a thunderous name, especially in the Alchemy Realm. Others also called him the Immortal Bird or unkillable young noble. No matter the title, everyone knew one thing — he couldn’t be killed!

Young Noble Pei Yu was the main descendant of the Crystallized Sea Sect, an imperial lineage created by Immortal Emperor Jing Yu. The current sect was still very powerful. 2

Immortal Emperor Jing Yu was not considered the most brilliant emperor among his peers, but he created an incredible Heaven’s Will Secret Law. Some even said that this secret law was the most difficult Heaven’s Will Secret Law to cultivate in this world.

The name of this law was the “Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique”, otherwise known as the most powerful defensive merit law in this world.

Once one activated this physique, they could ignore all attacks! It didn’t matter if it was a merit law or weapon, not excepting poisonous creatures and true flames either…

In short, the activation of this physique rendered the user impervious to all harm. Thus, this merit law was also deemed an invincible secret law!

However, in addition to its prohibitive difficulty, this secret law also had a time limit. Nevertheless, it was still considered by some as the most powerful defense available to man!

For many million years since the creation of the Crystallized Sea Sect, those who could cultivate this physique only numbered one or two each generation. Moreover, even these geniuses could only maintain this state for around an hour at best. 3

Legend states that outside of Immortal Emperor Jing Yu, the second strongest person in the history of the sect maintained his physique for nine days and nine nights against that generation’s Immortal Emperor.

While utilizing this physique, he was able to withstand the suppression of an Immortal Emperor for nine days and nine nights before eventually losing.

No one in later generations knew whether this was true or not, but the invincibility of this secret law became known by all.

In this generation, Young Noble Pei Yu was not comparable to Celestial Being Ye Qingcheng in regards to talents, fame, or even strength. He was also lacking compared to Imperial Edge Mei Aonan as well as the mysterious and quiet Ming Yexue. Perhaps even regarding offense, he would be weaker than the Jian Clan’s golden daughter, Jian Wushuang.

However, no one in this world could defeat him. Even a Virtuous Paragon had taken action before, but they still couldn’t beat him! Young Noble Pei Yu’s secret law could even withstand the attack of an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure!

One could ask anyone in this world and obtain the same answer. Outside of the Indestructible Diamond Physique — one of the twelve immortal physiques, no other physical body could withstand the attack of an imperial life treasure; only this secret law allowed his body to withstand such an attack!

Rumor has it that the young noble’s physique was no weaker than that most powerful existence of the Crystallized Sea Sect in the past. Some even said that he could last for six days and six nights!

Although no one could confirm whether this was true or not, Ye Qingcheng once commented: “If Young Noble Pei Yu activates his Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique, then even I won’t be able to break it.”

Ye Qingcheng was known as the most talented person in this world, an individual capable of looking down on the younger generation. Therefore, if he said such words, one could imagine just how unfathomable Young Noble Pei Yu’s physique was.

Due to this, the young noble was also known as the Immortal Bird. Although he may not necessarily be able to beat you, you definitely won’t be able to kill him!

Despite the fact that the young noble couldn’t compete with Ye Qingcheng and Mei Aonan for the Heaven’s Will of this generation and thus having no chance of becoming the emperor, the Crystallized Sea Sect still placed high hopes in him becoming an existence that could fight against one.

In the past, their most powerful existence could maintain this physique for nine days and nine nights, but now, the young noble — at such a young age — was already able to last for six days and six nights, so he had unlimited potential.

In the legends, when the emperor himself performed this secret law, he could maintain it for at least one hundred years! In the eyes of their elders, even if Young Noble Pei Yu could not reach this level, there was still a chance for him to maintain it for ten years.

Ten years of imperviousness — just how terrifying was this? Even if one didn’t attack at all, they would still be invincible!

“The younger generation will surpass us in time. He is already a grand completion Life King and defeated his life reduction. To be able to do so at such an age…” Someone from the older generation movingly mused after seeing how far the young noble had progressed.

At this point, the young noble’s strong blood energy was being emitted without holding anything back. His blood energy was not only majestic but extremely powerful as if each drop of blood was longevity blood.

Although many experts had blood energy as vast as a sea, it would just appear to be a vast ocean and not an actual sea of blood.

The young noble’s blood energy was a real sea of blood. Each strand of blood energy was immense and heavy.

To have such blood energy was the result of combining two different aspects. One was young age. For cultivators, youth was the greatest asset because being young meant that their life could be considered endless for a very long time, and so they would be full of blood energy.

The second was about surpassing the life reduction. Only by defeating this tribulation would one become a real master.

There were two kinds of life reduction. One was before the Heavenly King realm. The most direct type of life reduction at this level was death. It might not even carry a tribulation because you would be too weak for it to even be summoned, you would simply just die.

The other was at the Heavenly King realm. No matter how young the cultivator might be, if they wanted to break the chains of this realm, they had to face their life reduction. Without surpassing it, they would certainly die.

The young noble, at his age, had already surpassed his life reduction. This was like a rebirth for cultivators, allowing their lifespan and blood energy to be even more vibrant, like the rising sun at dawn.

To be able to become a Life King and defeat the life reduction at such an age… Even if Young Noble Pei Yu was lesser than Ye Qingcheng or Mei Aonan, this was still enough to make him proud.

Someone immediately noticed that the young noble was going towards Li Qiye’s abode and said: “That place, isn’t that the human brat Li Qiye’s place?”

“Young Noble Pei Yu wants to take care of Li Qiye since several big characters from the Crystallized Sea Sect, such as the Alchemy Saint, all died at Allpine Mountain. The most likely scenario is that the young noble is placing the blame on Li Qiye.” Someone speculated.

Many big shots from the sea sect were killed at Allpine Mountain. However, many outsiders thought that Li Qiye alone couldn’t kill so many important people from the sea sect and the ravine. The only explanation was that the Allpine Treefather secretly lent him a hand.

“Not necessarily, maybe the young noble is here to find Fairy Yuan.” An important character from the Alchemy Realm guessed.

The young noble liking Fairy Yuan was no secret in this domain. Not long ago, he had confessed to her in front of many people. However, she didn’t share the same sentiment. Later on, he chased after her all the way to the Serene Garden. She didn’t want to see him, so he caused quite a commotion at the garden.

The fiasco eventually caused a Serene Garden Ancestor to come out. Afterward, an important character from the Crystallized Sea Sect came to apologize and temporarily calm this storm.

The young noble stepped onto Li Qiye’s mountain with his blood energy still radiating outward. As a Life King who had surpassed his life reduction, his mighty blood energy could shake the entire mountain.

It was tough for Li Qiye’s group to not notice when the young noble’s aura was so aggressive.

“Young Noble Pei Yu…” The madam who was also a Heavenly King changed her expression after seeing the young noble descending from the sky. She was wary of him not because he was already a Life King, but because he had the Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique!

As for Li Qiye, he was still as leisurely as ever and only gave the young noble a glance without a care.

“Sister Yuan, it has been a while.” The young noble’s gaze fell upon Yuan Caihe and couldn’t shift away. In his eyes, there was only Yuan Caihe, others did not matter.

They were not from the same sect. However, both of them were cultivators, so he considered himself as the big brother so that he could be even closer to Yuan Caihe.

“Brother Pei Yu, long time no see.” Yuan Caihe only gently nodded and revealed a distant look. She was a quiet person by nature and didn’t compete with others. Nevertheless, when Young Noble Pei Yu made a big scene at the Serene Garden that almost caused the two sects to fight, it would only be natural for Yuan Caihe to not be fond of him at all.

“Sister Yuan, the wind has been strange lately; it’s dangerous and unpredictable.” Young Noble Pei Yu looked at her and said: “I am very worried about your safety. How about you come with me to Alchemy City? I can ensure your safety during this period of unrest.”

“Brother Pei Yu needlessly worries.” Yuan Caihe shook her head and lightly responded: “I am very safe with Brother Li!” 4

After hearing this, Pei Yu’s eyes immediately turned cold like an eagle that instantly targeted Li Qiye. His fierce eyes were ruthless, making it seem like he was stalking his prey.

“So you are Li Qiye.” Pei Yu coldly said with murderous intent flashing in his eyes.

At this point, many people came to watch the fun from far away. Even though they were very far from Pei Yu, they could still sense his bloodlust.

In fact, he made no attempt of hiding his blatant murderous intent.


  1. Pei Yu = Jade Wearer. 
  2. Jing Yu = Starjade. Starjade Immortal Emperor 
  3. The raw for this was 3 to 5 quarters of an hour — around 45 to 75 minutes, so I changed it to around an hour. Just something that sounds weird if translated literally. 
  4. Yuan Caihe’s “brothers” here are different. The one used for Li Qiye symbolizes their close relationship and is more casual/friendly while the “brother” for Pei Yu is because they are both cultivators, like dao brother in a formal manner. People who also read World of Cultivation should know ge, shes uses ge for Li Qiye.