Chapter 76 : Soldiers Approaching the City Walls (2)

“Gu Tie Shou is in trouble! Even if Lie Zhan Hou couldn’t activate ten parts of this formation, he would still be enough to slay him.”

Seeing this scene, everyone shook their heads in pity.

The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was struck with horror seeing Gue Tie Shou trapped in the formation. The four elders lost their color; the situation was very disadvantageous for the sect.

However, everyone underestimated the strength of Gu Tie Shou. This battle lasted for three days and three nights. Even though he was trapped, he used the power of the Kun Peng’s Six Variants and maneuvered freely. Even though he couldn’t kill a way out of the Yang Shou Mountains and Rivers Diagram, if Lie Zhan Hou wanted to kill Gu Tie Shou inside the formation; this was also not an easy task.

At this moment, Gu Tie Shou and Lie Zhan Hou were persevering inside the formation, and they both were not able to suppress the other.

“Gu Tie Shou was indeed secretive! I thought he was just a Named Hero before; however, it was unthinkable that he is an experienced Royal Noble!”

The entire Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s hearts were hanging high in a cage up above. At the moment, only Gu Tie Shou in the sect had the power to personally uphold one direction. The other four elders were only Named Heroes, and they were unable to help. Even if the four were to fight together, they would still be unable to compete against Lie Zhan Hou.

All of the disciples knew a calamity had befallen on the sect including Li Qi Ye, who was punished inside the Ghost Pavilion. While the pressure of a Royal Noble flooded the entire Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, Li Qi Ye simply only glanced into the far distance once.

Outside of the sect, the grand battle had been going on for five days and five nights, and the stalemate continued with Gu Tie Shou being unable to escape and Lie Zhan Hou unable to kill him. Gu Tie Shou could not surrender, and Lie Zhan Hou definitely could not withdraw his troops, so both of them could only continue this act.

On the seemingly tranquil fifth night, the Ghost Pavilion became even more ghastly. Li Qi Ye was meditating with his eyes closed in the main hall; it was as if the battle outside of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had nothing to do with him.

The quiet Ghost Pavilion did appear to be haunted during this silent night. An unknown amount of time had passed, and then suddenly, a gust of wind blew Li Qi Ye’s eyes open; in front of him stood a person.

Li Qi Ye examined the person standing in front of him, and he smilingly asked:

“Elder Cao, the night is already so late; why did you come here?”

At this moment, standing in front of Li Qi Ye was Elder Cao, who was recovering from his wounds inside the sect!

Cao Xiong stared at Li Qi Ye with a chilling gaze, but his countenance was cheerful; he happily said:

“My good talented nephew, I was asked by the other elders to come teach you the Daylight Sky Merit Law.”

“Daylight Sky Merit Law?”

Hearing this, Li Qi Ye couldn’t help but smile, and he said:

“Elder Cao, I heard that the Daylight Sky Merit Law was a minor Heaven’s Will Secret Law of our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Even though it is only a minor law, its importance is even higher than Virtuous Paragon merit laws. All of the elders must agree before passing down this technique.”

“My coming here to give you the Daylight Sky Merit Law was unanimously decided by the elders.”

Cao Xiong busily continued:

“Currently, a calamity has struck our sect, and First Brother is trapped inside a formation. The elders need a miracle, and we need a Heaven’s Will Secret Law to come to the rescue. Hopefully, good nephew could dream and see the Patriarch, so he could grant you the Heaven’s Will Secret Law.”

Hearing Cao Xiong’s words, Li Qi Ye hesitated for a moment, and then he replied:

“Elder Cao, I’m afraid this won’t work. Even with the dream instruction, it would still need several months, ah!”

Cao Xiong hurriedly said:

“Try it once for now to see if you can see the Patriarch or not in your dream. If not, we’ll think of something else.”

Li Qi Ye also hastily said:

“Ok, I will try for a little bit. Did Elder Cao bring along the Daylight Sky Merit Law?”

Cao Xiong took out a manual, and he said:

“This matter was too urgent; the original Daylight Sky copy wasn’t brought along. I brought you a hand written copy of it.”

Li Qi Ye accepted the manual, and he was going to open it; however, he then hesitated again, put down the manual, looked at Cao Xiong, and he said:

“Elder Cao, even though I am only a third generation disciple, regarding this grave matter, I still know that a Heaven’s Will Secret Law has the utmost importance in the foundation of our sect. I want to meet the other elders once. It is not that I suspect Elder Cao, but because this matter is so important, I need to see them to really know that it was a unanimous agreement.”

“My good nephew, this is our existential crisis in front of our eyes! The other elders are outside to hold back the powerful enemies, and they can’t come back at this moment; they could only entrust it to me.”

Cao Xiong hastily said with a worried expression. Afterwards, he rolled his eyes, then he said:

“If good nephew really wants to meet the other elders, so be it. I will just lead you to them.”

“This could not be better.”

Having heard this, Li Qi Ye nodded his head, but he then shook his head, saying:

“Elder Cao, I’m afraid this will not do since I am still serving my punishment at the moment. I have to stay at the Ghost Pavilion for another half a year; I cannot leave.”

“It is a life or death moment for us, and the elders had decided to abolish your punishment, good nephew. We don’t have much time, hurry and follow me.”

Cao Xiong impatiently said.

Li Qi Ye hesitated for a moment, and then shook his head again, saying:

“Elder, this still will not do. Protector Mo is responsible for watching me. If I want to leave this place, we have to inform him first. How about this, Elder Cao quickly go bring Protector Mo here, and we will leave together.”

“Stop your long windedness!”

At this moment, Cao Xiong lost his patience, and he said:

“I let you go, so you go with me!”

Li Qi Ye said while staring at Cao Xiong:

“Elder Cao, what is the meaning of this? I am only following the normal protocol. As an elder of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, you should know the exact procedures!”

“Less nonsensical rubbish! Follow me right now!”

Cao Xiong’s gaze became fierce, releasing and absorbing violent intents, and he gravely said:

“Are you walking by yourself, or will I have to take you?!”

At this point, Li Qi Ye suddenly appeared to understand. He took a step back while hugging his zither; he shockingly said.

“Elder Cao, you didn’t come here because of the other elders’ request.”

“Haha, heh, you can’t be considered stupid yet!”

Seeing Li Qi Ye’s suspicion, Cao Xiong decided to stop his pretension. He gravely said:

“If you want to live then follow me right now; otherwise, this seat will personally take action, and I will make your face pretty!”

It seemed Li Qi Ye at this time had finally calmed down. He glanced at Cao Xiong, and he said:

“So it seems Elder Cao wants to seize the Heaven’s Will Secret Law then? However, even if the Patriarch Dao instructs me in my dreams, I still wouldn’t give it to you.”

“Haha, this you don’t need to worry about. Wait until this seat brings you to an isolated location and imprison you. At that moment, this seat won’t be afraid of your defiance!”

Cao Xiong said with a devious laugh.

Li Qi Ye shook his head, and he said:

“If I go missing, I’m afraid Protector Mo will quickly find out.”

Cao Xiong shadily laughed, then said:

“So what if he finds out? Hehe, at this moment, a disaster has befallen the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect; it is a mess, and there are no precautions at the Ghost Pavilion. Who is to say that you didn’t take this chaotic opportunity to escape. Hehe, if there were a page or two of a copy of the Daylight Sky Merit Law, then I’m afraid everyone will suspect you to be a spy who snuck into the sect just for the Daylight Sky Merit Law and the Heaven’s Will Secret Law. Heh, at that moment, Protector Mo and the others will be your accomplices!”

Li Qi Ye shook his head.

“Elder Cao, you are too confident in your calculations. You aren’t afraid that the other elders will see through it?”

“Hukhuk, the other elders will see through it? Huk, maybe after this disaster, there might be a new sect master for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Huk, if Gu Tie Shou was trapped to death in the formation, the sect would need a capable elder to lead it against the powerful opponents. Also, the current sect master is weak and useless. A calamity has arrived, yet she cowardly hid outside; thus, the entire Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, I’m afraid it will need to make a wise decision.”

Cao Xiong thought about his calculations, and he couldn’t help but to deviously laugh.

Li Qi Ye smiled and said:

“So, Elder Cao would be the new sect master then. Elder Cao will be the new sect master; why the need for this hastiness to size the Heaven’s Will Secret Law?”

Cao Xiong’s eyes became severe, and he began to be impatient.

“Less talking!”

Li Qi Ye stared at Cao Xiong, couldn’t help but laugh, and then he said:

“I understand, so you bargained with others. Was it Dong Sheng Long, or Lie Zhan Hou? It seems like the person who you conspired with will not release the hawk without seeing the rabbit; if you don’t give them the Heaven’s Will Secret Law, they will not withdraw the troops; or they won’t drag you to the sect master’s seat?”

“Rubbish, come with me!”

Cao Xiong became incomparably restless, let out a deafening roar, and then he reached out for Li Qi Ye with his hand.

“Cao Xiong, I didn’t think the sect traitor would turn out to be you!”

At this moment, a loud roar came forward. From the outside, five people rushed in. This included the four elders along with Protector Mo!

Elder Sun’s group suddenly came in causing Cao Xiong’s expression to greatly sour, and he took a step back. In a flash, he captured Li Qi Ye, and he retreated to a corner.

At this time, Elder Sun, Elder Qian, Elder Zhou, and Elder Wu quickly surrounded Cao Xiong.

Elder Qian yelled:

“Cao Xiong, you betrayed the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and sold off the sect’s Emperor law! How will you face the ancestors?”

Cao Xiong’s face was sometimes red and sometimes white. He was in disbelief, and he frightenedly said:

“You, why all are all of you here? Why are you not outside the sect?”

“Elder Cao, I have been watching all of your moves! You and Lie Zhan Hou’s act was too real; even the elders were fooled, but you didn’t fool me.”

Protector Mo gravely said.

Cao Xiong’s expression became extremely ugly. He was using this opportunity to capture Li Qi Ye without anyone knowing, so he didn’t think that Protector Mo was trailing him.

“Cao Xiong, it is not too late to surrender!”

Elder Wu shouted.

“If successful, I would be a king; if failed, then I am a villain. I have nothing else to say. Know better and make way for me, otherwise, I will crush your treasured disciple. Without him, you all will never find the Heaven’s Will Secret Law!”

Cao Xiong thunderously exclaimed.

Seeing Cao Xiong’s five fingers gripping Li Qi Ye’s head, the expressions of Elder Sun’s group greatly soured, and they glanced at each other.

“So he is the key to the Heaven’s Will Secret Law!”

At this moment, a calm voice filled the hall.