Chapter 761: Ming Yexue’s Plan

The grandma eventually sighed, not knowing what else to say. The matter was settled the moment the Xian Forefather decided to make a move. This was not something that she could control.

Ming Yexue asked: “What do the ancestors think?”

The grandma wryly smiled and said: “Young Miss, the ancestors didn’t reveal anything. In fact, I’m afraid that they think this is only a small deal, so there is no need for them to show their stance. Li Qiye is only a junior, so there wasn’t a need for them to worry.”

“Young Noble Li is indeed a junior.” Ming Yexue said: “However, age does not represent everything. Moreover, he is extraordinary. Anyone who takes him lightly will definitely lose out in the end.”

“Young Miss, not everyone thinks like you.” Grandma Bai said: “Our kingdom is entrenched in our imperial foundation. Not to mention people like us, but even the ancestors think that no one can shake our kingdom! Why should the ancestors become involved in such a trivial matter? Things will be settled swiftly since the Xian Forefather is taking action, so why should the other ancestors bother with this sort of thing?”

Ming Yexue deepened her tone and asked: “What if the Xian Forefather dies?”

Grandma Bai’s expression changed as she responded: “Young Miss, that is impossible. It would be unbelievable for Li Qiye to actually be that powerful. And even if he has such capabilities, killing our ancestor inside Alchemy City… Even the Allpine Forefather has to think twice before doing this!”

“Grandma, you are mistaken. There is nothing Young Noble Li can’t do. Do you really think that he puts our kingdom in his eyes?” Ming Yexue gravely spoke: “These are harsh words, but essentially, he has never taken our kingdom seriously!”

Grandma Bai’s heart sank as she thought about all the things Li Qiye had done before; everything he did was on a whim! It seemed that he really never considered their kingdom in his plans.

Grandma Bai pondered for a bit before speaking: “Li Qiye should know that if he truly has the skill to kill the Xian Forefather, our kingdom’s ancestors will not just sit and watch.”

She felt a bit helpless at this moment. Any rational person would know that provoking their kingdom wouldn’t end well, but she was not certain about someone like Li Qiye.

“He will not care.” Ming Yexue slightly shook her head: “Think about it, what kind of person is the Huangfu Sacred Ancestor? A sly fox like him would have already destroyed Li Qiye if he was able to. How could he leave the supreme manual to us? Why did he come to our kingdom? It was simply to drag us in as well!”

Ming Yexue’s eyes became serious as she spoke: “Li Qiye killing the Xian Forefather is exactly what the Sacred Ancestor wants. When that time comes, our kingdom will truly be dragged under the water. Not only would the Huangfu Clan rejoice, Ye Qingcheng and the Heavenhoof Ravine would profit as well. Existences like them want nothing more than unceasing war in our Alchemy Realm!”

The grandma went quiet. This was the decision of the ancestors. As juniors, they couldn’t influence them, let alone turn the tides.

Ming Yexue asked: “What about Ancestor Wushuang?”

Grandma Bai said: “Ancestor Wushuang agreed to see Young Miss, but Young Miss should also understand that it is not easy for him to meet a junior. His Venerable needs at least several days before opening his doors.”

“No, it has to be tomorrow at the latest.” Ming Yexue spoke austerely: “It will be too late after tomorrow. Grandma, no matter what, I have to meet Ancestor Wushuang tomorrow. You and His Majesty along with the elders must accomplish this.”

“Young Miss…” The grandma hesitated for a moment before responding: “Even His Majesty is not in a position to comment regarding the Alchemy Ancestor’s matters. If you forcefully intervene before officially taking the reigns, it would be defying the current sovereignty. I’m afraid the ancestors will reprimand you.”

“That’s not important.” Ming Yexue was resolute as she said with a deep voice: “It doesn’t matter if the elders agree or not, I must see Ancestor Wushuang tomorrow. Otherwise, I’ll personally go to the Star Cliff!”

“Young Miss, please don’t scare people.” The grandma jumped after hearing this and quickly tried to persuade her: “If you barge into the Star Cliff, then it would cause a huge commotion. The ancestors will only be even more angry.”

“So what if the ancestors become angry?” Ming Yexue spoke calmly: “It is much better than bringing about a calamity! If I don’t see Ancestor Wushuang tomorrow, I will personally go to the Star Cliff to see my master!”

Grandma Bai said: “Young Miss, are you not taking this too seriously? A calamity? With just Li Qiye? I’m afraid that is impossible. Even if the Allpine Forefather himself arrives, this outcome would be unlikely.”

Ming Yexue replied: “Grandma, these words feel unbelievable to me as well. I have a very strange feeling when I’m together with Young Noble Li. If something were to happen, I would be willing to stand by his side. However, I am still the kingdom’s disciple and its descendant, so I can’t just watch something happen to the kingdom. Although I don’t know what schemes the Young Noble is concocting, I know that he is ready.”

“Ready for what?” Grandma Bai couldn’t help but shudder as she asked for clarification.

“Ready to destroy our Alchemy Kingdom!” Ming Yexue had an austere look as she said: “Any rational person would know that the moment they bare their fangs at the Xian Forefather would be when they provoke the Alchemy Kingdom. However, Young Noble Li still declared his intention of destroying the Xian Clan. This means that he is ready to wage war on our kingdom! But the question is, are we prepared for a war for our survival?”

“That… there is no chance, destroying our Alchemy Kingdom?” The grandma was very skeptical and hesitantly said: “I’m afraid that even with the Allpine Forefather backing him, it would be impossible!”

This was not the grandma being arrogant, it was the truth. Who in this world could topple their regime? Not even the personal arrival of the Allpine Treefather could do so.

“Grandma, I do not wish pointlessly argue with you regarding this issue.” Ming Yexue responded: “Just answer my one question, is our Alchemy Kingdom prepared for a crisis involving our continued existence?”

The grandma began to wonder. She knew that their kingdom naturally was without such preparations. The ancestors simply didn’t care for a little problem like Li Qiye.

“Because of this, I will have to make the trip tomorrow if I can’t see Ancestor Wushuang! Let His Majesty and the elders know of my determination!”

“Since Young Miss is so adamant, I will go arrange for it immediately.” The grandma responded in a sober tone and quickly took her leave.

She didn’t believe that Li Qiye could actually destroy their kingdom. This was too exaggerated and absolutely impossible, but she also believed in her Young Miss’ intelligence. She had never seen anyone wiser than her Young Miss. She was definitely the future Immortal Emperor!

After a quiet night, dawn finally came forth. Countless people lost hours of sleep, and their gazes were fixated on the Xian’s residence.

When the sun shone on the stony pathway towards the Xian Clan, the shadow of a carriage appeared along with dull clacking noises that echoed around the mountain.

The eyes of many spectators lit up after seeing the appearance of this carriage. One of them couldn’t help but raise their voice: “Li Qiye is here…”

Instead of calling the Xian’s residence a palace, it was more apt to call it a treasure ground. It was built in a valley surrounded by peaks. Instead of a clan, it was closer to a sect or lineage.

At this place, rolling hills and vine-decorated valleys were everywhere. Old pine trees took root along with many green bamboo shoots. Pavilions and old temples appeared within this area, giving the royal residence a very archaic look.

In fact, although the Xian Clan was known as a royal family, they had formed their own branch and lineage.

The Imperial Draco-Bull slowly pulled the carriage forward with Tie Yi as the driver. Li Qiye was resting his eyes inside with Yuan Caihe and the madam beside him.

Li Qiye was half lying down with a fur coat on his body as if he was asleep. With beauties by his side, he seemed to be on an outing rather than marching to battle.

The spectators were at a loss for words after seeing this scene of Li Qiye going to battle. They didn’t know whether to admire him for having such great luck or to be in awe of his confidence.

Eventually, the carriage stopped right outside of the Xian Clan’s gate. The madam next to him softly said: “Young Noble, we are here.”

Li Qiye opened his eyes and brushed away the fur coat. Under the gentle support of the madam, he got down from the carriage.

Him requiring support to get down from the carriage once again dumbfounded the spectators. His appearance seemed more like a feeble playboy rather than a soldier going to war.

“It’s about time.” Li Qiye smiled and raised his eyebrow before commanding Tie Yi: “Go inform them.”

Tie Yi had always been a coward, but he somehow mustered courage out of thin air. He arched his chest and went to the gate and shouted: “Xian Clan, listen well, our Young Noble is here to take Cao Guoyao’s head. Hurry up and hand it over.”

Normally, whenever trouble came, Tie Yi would instantly flee without a trace, but things were different this time. He found courage and confidence from nowhere and was able to shout in an incredibly arrogant manner.

Of course, Tie Yi knew very well that this was his opportunity to show his loyalty. If he didn’t do so now, he wouldn’t even have the chance to do so in the future.