Chapter 777: The Bet Begins

Five days quickly flew by. Finally, under many eager eyes, the confrontation between Li Qiye and the White Hair Alchemy God had come.

Atop the appointed peak, many cultivators could already be found present, especially the alchemists. These alchemists would never miss a top level duel like this lest they regret it for their entire lives!

The area outside the peak was even more packed, with multiple layers of cultivators. Many experts came flying from the distant horizon. Even the ancestors who didn’t want to show their faces had no choice but to be here.

If there were things that could tempt these old geezers, longevity medicines were definitely among them. These people absolutely desired this type of medicine!

The first to appear was Yuan Caihe. She had prepared two batches of emperor ingredients for the duel. They had been meticulously selected and would be able to fully reflect the capabilities of the participants.

The white hair alchemist came just in time before the crowd. His robes were fluttering in the air, giving him a gallant appearance. His dazzling dark hair would be an object of focus no matter when or where he went. It was difficult for others to not notice him.

However, his punctual arrival was admirable. In the last five days, he could have escaped, but he chose not to and arrived on time! People had to admit that he was indeed an arrogant and proud person with great dignity. In this regard, Cao Guoyao couldn’t compare since he wanted to escape right away after losing!

Li Qiye eventually came. He sat on his carriage as it slowly arrived. Next to him was the madam and Tie Yi as his driver.

Today, Tie Yi remained inconspicuous and was still a driver, but no one dared to view him with disdain. Some were even in awe! As an existence capable of fighting against the Xian Alchemy Ancestor, one could easily imagine his strength.

After reaching the peak, all eyes fell upon Li Qiye and the alchemist. The entire scene suddenly fell silent as the spectators held their breaths in anticipation for the duel.

At this time, another carriage slowly made its way forward. The moment it reached the top, a supreme beauty came out. It was Ming Yexue of the Alchemy Kingdom.

“Fairy Ming is also here.” The atmosphere changed after the crowd saw her. She immediately attracted their gazes, and many young men swooned head over heels for her.

A young man said while intoxicated: “We can finally see her divine looks again. No matter the outcome of this duel, this is already worth it.”

Ming Yexue had always kept a low profile and rarely showed her face. Few could see her true appearance, but she recently appeared twice, so how could the younger generation not become excited?

“Today, I am honored to be the referee for this duel after receiving the request. If the parties are ready, then we can begin.” The enchanting Ming Yexue spoke with a very pleasant voice.

Of course, she wasn’t invited by Li Qiye. The request was from the white hair alchemist out of fear that Li Qiye would renege on the bet. Since Li Qiye was so powerful, he wouldn’t be able to do anything if that happened, so he asked for Ming Yexue to be the referee.

She was the Alchemy Kingdom’s main descendant. The kingdom was famous for its dao of alchemy, plus she was quite influential. Nothing would be better than to have her here as the witness.

Of course, Li Qiye didn’t mind at all. If the alchemist absolutely required Ming Yexue here, Li Qiye wouldn’t deny his request.

The white hair alchemist took a deep breath. He was in high spirits at this time, giving off a keen aura as if he was the master of all things. He was actually very confident with regards to longevity medicines; everything was within his grasp.

The alchemist was at his peak condition. While exuding his readiness, he challenged Li Qiye: “I am ready, what about you, Li Qiye?”

“Me?” The carefree Li Qiye lazily said: “I am ready anytime. If you are ready, then we can start.”

Seeing as how there were no objections from both sides, Ming Yexue announced: “Then this duel shall begin.”

Yuan Caihe opened the two prepared batches of alchemy ingredients and displayed them in front of the crowd. These ingredients were all three million years of age or older. After they were laid out, the enclosing area was engulfed in a medicinal aroma!

Many people were amazed after seeing the two batches. A countless number of the crowd wouldn’t be able to gather just one full batch, let alone two whole batches.

“The Serene Garden is so incredible, truly worthy of its reputation as the lineage most versed in plant cultivation.” One of the spectators praised in astonishment.

Under Ming Yexue’s lead, a few famous alchemists from the previous generation checked the two batches of ingredients. After their inspection, they found that there were no problems regarding the spirit essences from the plants.

Eventually, Li Qiye and the alchemist each picked one batch. The alchemist became very confident after taking his ingredients. He was ready to fight as he gazed at Li Qiye and said: “Let us begin our cauldrons then.”

“No, you should start first.” Li Qiye gently shook his head and said: “I know you are very confident, but if I open my cauldron first, I’m afraid you won’t even have the courage to begin your refinement. Since this is the case, I might as well let you start first to completely focus on refining this longevity batch. It wouldn’t be too late for my turn then, and others can’t say I didn’t give you a chance.”

“You…” The alchemist turned red after hearing this. The alchemy dao that he was so confident in was viewed with disdain by Li Qiye, resulting in his anger. Even the most powerful alchemist in the Alchemy Kingdom or even in the entire world wouldn’t dare to treat him so contemptuously!

The spectators all felt that Li Qiye was being too confident. Although many of them admitted that Li Qiye had incredible methods and was capable of fighting the Alchemy Kingdom alone, no one should look down on the white hair alchemist when it comes to longevity medicines. But now, it seemed that Li Qiye did not put him in his sight at all!

The alchemist took a deep breath and calmed the anger in his heart before solemnly saying: “Very well, since you’re letting me start first, I’ll open the cauldron then! I will show you a convincing loss!”

The alchemist was still a prodigy in the end. He subdued his anger in a short period of time and once again entered his purest peak condition.

“A bit interesting. This is a real alchemist, pure and full of self-confidence.” Li Qiye looked at the alchemist and was not miserly with his praise: “I actually do like you. You are much stronger than that Cao Guoyao.”

Li Qiye’s words were not lies. Regarding one’s mentality during refinement, the alchemist was much stronger than Cao Guoyao. He was even more headstrong and pure when it came to alchemy while Cao Guoyao spent a lot of his thoughts on schemes and plans.

The alchemist formally took out his heavenly cauldron. With a buzz, universal laws fell down like waterfalls the moment they came out, covering everything in the surroundings. The cauldron, amidst these laws, was like a divine mountain — majestic and towering. It emitted an immense aura as if a king was standing there. Just this cauldron alone was enough for others to feel a sense of respect.

“The heavenly cauldron of the Hundred-Refinement Alchemy Emperor…” Even those who had seen it before marveled at its sight once more.

The alchemist’s cauldron belonged to the old Hundred-Refinement Alchemy Emperor. This cauldron alone was enough to cause all the alchemists in this world to salivate. 1

Legend states that the emperor was a Hundred-Refinement Alchemy Vine enlightened in the dao. While he was alive, he was extremely proficient at longevity medicine refinement, and he left behind a cauldron that was a supreme treasure for this. Over the years, countless people coveted this cauldron.

However, although this cauldron was unfathomable, not just anyone could inherit it. Even the descendants of the Bailian Clan were not necessarily able to use it. The descendants from every generation all wanted to inherit this cauldron, but they couldn’t gain its recognition.

In the clan’s history, there were very few descendants who successfully gained its recognition, and the white hair alchemist was recognized by this cauldron at a very young age.

When it came to his incredible and peerless skill in creating longevity medicines, this cauldron played no small part in it.

“Start.” After receiving Ming Yexue’s signal, the alchemist immediately opened his cauldron and added the ingredients. He moved very quickly with great mastery. From the addition of the ingredients to fire control to the refinement process… everything was done in one fell swoop without any help from an assistant.

Although the cauldron was hidden so no one could spy on the refining process or the fire control technique, each of his actions available for view amazed the spectators.

This was especially true for knowledgeable alchemists. They were reveling in his smooth finesse. Despite not being able to steal the pill formula or fire control technique from the alchemist, his normal actions from adding the medicines and mixing the liquids to fire manipulation allowed for them to learn many things.

Before the large crowd, the alchemist remained calm. Each of his actions and changes in his control was full of confidence. It was as if he was not refining pills but rather just taking a leisurely stroll.

His style left many alchemists in admiration. They felt that he was not just performing alchemy but rather creating a flawless piece of art!



  1. Hundred-Refinement = Bailian. Alchemy Emperor Bailian.