Chapter 791: Tie Yi’s Great Mission

Regardless of the conclusion to the conflict, this was good news to many people. They no longer had to be afraid and tremble in fear.

Another piece of good news came, especially for the young alchemists participating in the conference. Li Qiye would not be participating!

This news instantly caused a furor. Rounds of applause spontaneously echoed within the city. Some were so excited that they couldn’t even sleep at night.

“Haha, hooray!” A young alchemist cheered in excitement: “You know, I suddenly feel that a fierce person like Li Qiye can be very cute at times. At least a badass like him will not be competing with us this time, so cute.” 1

How could the young alchemists not rejoice? Prior to this, there was no chance for them to shine. Although Yuan Caihe and Mu Qiao weren’t going to participate, the white hair alchemist and Cao Guoyao prevented others from thinking about first and second place.

As for third place, many people believed that the other disciples from the Bailian Clan or the State of Cao would seize this spot on the podium. However, with the passing of this storm, Cao Guoyao and the white hair alchemist were dead, and the disciples of their two respective sects had left as well. Now, Li Qiye who had the best chance of winning first place withdrew from the conference as well. As a result, the top three places of the conference immediately changed. The chance for potential upsets caused the other participants to drown in happiness.

The reason for Li Qiye’s withdrawal was very simple. The Alchemy Kingdom had given him the item that Madam Zi Yan needed. As for Li Qiye himself, he was too lazy to compete against the other alchemists. Since there was no need for any items, Li Qiye withdrew from the conference right away.

He stayed behind in the ancestral ground as its most prestigious guest; the madam’s group accompanied him there as well.

The happiest of them all was Tie Yi because Li Qiye’s Heaven Restoration Salve had successfully cured his old wound. The wound that had tortured him for such a long time was finally gone, so how could he not become excited?

Tie Yi was recovering in the ancestral ground. For the kingdom, whether he was Black Fox or not was no longer important. Of course, with Li Qiye’s command, Tie Yi also handed a few things over and became very obedient. He didn’t dare to do any sneaky business.

After the successful recovery, Li Qiye called for Tie Yi. Tie Yi prostrated down on the ground and gratefully said: “Young Noble has given me a new life. If you ever need my service, just let me know anytime.”

“Rise, I didn’t save you because you are a Virtuous Paragon.” Li Qiye glanced at him and lightly said: “I saved you because of the Celestial Peak Divine School!”

“Young Noble knows my origin?” Tie Yi was startled after hearing this. His origin had always been a secret unknown to the world, but Li Qiye had casually revealed it just now.

“Perhaps the world does not recognize your footwork, but it cannot elude my eyes.” Li Qiye calmly said: “This movement technique was created by the Godking Progenitor of the divine school! This is no secret to me.”

Tie Yi bowed once more and spoke candidly: “Correct, Young Noble. My lineage indeed came from one part of the divine school’s great techniques. My maternal ancestor was a descendant from the school. However, for us, the school is a thing of the past. My maternal side is now merely ordinary mortals.” Tie Yi paused for a bit at this point before continuing: “When I was young, I aspired to learn more about the divine school and its past. I traveled to many places as a result. It wasn’t until quite a while later that I was able to obtain part of the divine school’s legacy out of sheer luck. From then on, I began my path of cultivation.”

“So you stole the treasures from the big sects in order to revive the divine school.” Li Qiye flatly said.

Tie Yi couldn’t help but cough and awkwardly respond: “My thoughts back then were very simple. I wanted to revive the school, but I didn’t have any treasures or weapons. However, my movement technique was supreme, so I came up with this idea. However, my experience was shallow and I was lacking in cleverness. After stealing a few different treasures, I realized that reviving the school was impossible.”

“Even if I rebuilt it, the day my identity inevitably gets exposed would be the day a disaster strikes the new divine school. Later on, I was wounded by the ancestors of the Alchemy Kingdom. This injury continued to haunt me, so I lost the ability to revive the school, thus having no choice but to give up on this goal.” After revealing this, he slowly revealed a bashful expression.

“It is all in the past, just let it go. Even if you rebuild the school, it will not be the same as before.” Li Qiye gently shook his head.

Tie Yi softly sighed as well: “Young Noble is right. I understood this rationale later on. I was just young back then and wanted to rekindle my ancestor’s glory, that’s all.”

Li Qiye looked over Tie Yi for a long time before putting on a solemn expression: “Tie Yi, tell me, are you worthy of my trust?”

Tie Yi immediately prostrated on the ground and spoke with deference: “Young Noble just needs to give the command. No matter what it may be, I shall carry it out!”

“Very well.” Li Qiye nodded: “First, I need to see the divine school’s techniques in your possession, then I shall pass you the complete legacy of the school!”

Tie Yi was stunned after hearing this. All the techniques of the school had been lost for a very long time, and he only had a few of them! But now, his Young Noble was saying that he could pass down the entire legacy to him!

Of course, Tie Yi wouldn’t be able to know the secrets in this matter, and Li Qiye wouldn’t tell him either.

“Second, I need you to do something for me. It is no easy task.” Li Qiye’s expression was both dignified and serious at this moment!

This was Tie Yi’s first time seeing an expression this serious from Li Qiye. He took a deep breath and became austere as well: “I will not let you down!”

“This matter requires patience since it is a long-term safeguard. I trust that you can do it.” Li Qiye slightly nodded and slowly took out an item that he placed on the table: “When the time comes, release this item into the world and let it be passed down! You don’t need to worry about the trouble it will cause. Wait for its selection, that will be when your guarding duty begins. Remember, your protection must be in secret!” He told Tie Yi more details afterward.

After receiving the instructions, Tie Yi carefully put away this item and solemnly promised: “Rest assured, Young Noble, I’ll keep watch over this item even till the very last second of my life!”

Li Qiye said slowly: “With your lifespan, you can still live on for a long time. However, I do not know how long this mission will last, so I won’t mistreat you, I will let you live for a very long time.”

With that, he took out more treasures. Immortal Writ, Longevity Fruit, leaves from the Immortal Injury Peony… Many rare and precious treasures showed themselves on the table.

Tie Yi was shocked to see these items. They were all unrivaled items that would incite boundless greed from the world.

“Young Noble, you have given me rebirth, a kindness no less than my own parents. These immortal items are priceless treasures. This lowly one does not dare to take them.” Tie Yi solemnly said.

Li Qiye slightly waved his sleeve: “This is the reward for your watch. Me saving your life is an entirely different matter! Carefully store these items since you will naturally need them later.”

“When the time comes, send the message out for me.” Li Qiye said: “At that time, no one will know where you are or who you are or if you even exist. You are neither Tie Yi nor Black Fox, you are an existence that does not exist, understand?”

Tie Yi took a deep breath and heavily said: “I will remember all your words and will not disappoint your trust.”

Li Qiye nodded again: “Go and get ready. I will let you know when it is time to leave.”

Tie Yi bowed once more to Li Qiye before disappearing without a trace. It was just as Li Qiye had said, in the future, he shall become an existence that does not exist!

Time passed by quickly. Eventually, Tie Yi left under Li Qiye’s command while shouldering a heavy responsibility. He immediately disappeared among the vast sea of people, and from then on, the world no longer saw his shadow.

There was no longer Tie Yi or the illustrious Black Fox. Both had truly disappeared in a sense. This silent existence amidst the crowd would now carry Li Qiye’s entrustment and act as the protector! Just like Tie Yi had said, he would carry out this mission even till his very last breath and very last second of his being.

No one knew what he was watching over. They didn’t even know that an unnamed existence was protecting one of the biggest mysteries in the endless river of time. He was guarding a secret regarding an ancient age, a secret that even the high heavens was after! No one knew how long this watch would last or how it would eventually end.


  1. Hooray here is the equivalent of “long live” in “long live the king”. It didn’t make much sense to keep the original raw, but Chinese people use it in this manner. Another phrase I thought about was god bless, but this feels strange in a world with immortals and multiple gods. 
  2. Hooray here is the equivalent of “long live” in “long live the king”. It didn’t make much sense to keep the original raw, but Chinese people use it in this manner. Another phrase I thought about was god bless, but this feels strange in a world with immortals and multiple gods.