Chapter 845: Ancestral Tomb

After the Celestial Array Young King’s declaration, many cultivators and sects quickly ran around the ruins in order to try to find the entrance before others. They wished to enter the beastworld before the agreement came into effect.

At the same time, a big shot made his entrance into the ruins. A golden light swept through the sky. It was extremely domineering and caused explosions throughout the entire area. A huge figure in the shape of a huge Golden Crow appeared above the ruins, blotting out the sun.

Multiple suns rose from its wings and started to float as if they were about to burn the ruins to a crisp.

“The Golden Crow Prince is also here.” Many people took deep breaths after seeing this golden crow flying in the sky.

Everyone in the Beast Realm was aware of his power. He was not only the descendant of the ravine but also the new master of the Golden Crow Tribe.

Just the Golden Crow Tribe alone was frightening enough, not to mention the ravine that had two emperors. Their tribe considered themselves to be the descendants of the Sun God with a divine bloodline. This blood allowed their members to have several innate advantages unavailable to the other demon tribes.

First, they had supreme speed. Second, they had powerful bodies; one rumor stated that their bodies could measure up to saint physiques. Third, their sharp claws could tear anything into pieces.

They had been praised as one of the most powerful demon tribes of the Stone Medicine World.

The Golden Crow Prince entered the ruins and circled the area as if he was looking for someone.

In just a few short days, the abandoned ruins turned lively. Many lineages established camps to become the first to enter the beastworld.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye had walked all around the area as he imprinted his Death Chapter’s laws into the ground.

The ruins were ten million miles wide, so Li Qiye along with Jian Wushuang and Long Jingxian seemed to be on a vacation as they traversed the plains. In fact, each of his steps was meant to imprint death laws that would come to form an inescapable net.

Eventually, he finished his preparations and entered a narrow valley leading to an abandoned shrine. This shrine was tattered and old with collapsed walls. However, the main pillars of this shrine remained standing strong.

Li Qiye walked around these pillars and moved them. When they were repositioned to a certain angle, one could hear a clacking sound.

The wall at the front of the temple cracked. A stone stairway emerged, leading all the way down into the ground, into darkness as if it was the entrance to hell.

“Interesting.” Long Jingxian saw these steps and her playful self was ready to rush down. However, Li Qiye dragged her back.

Li Qiye gently shook his head and said: “Be careful, this is not a place to mess around.”

He pulled her back further and ordered: “Follow behind me, no funny business.” With that, he walked down the stone steps.

The two attentively followed right behind him down the steps. They walked down this path for an unknown amount of time before finally reaching the end.

At the end was a vast space with many towering stone pillars as if they were shouldering the weight of the earth.

These pillars were different from the ones above. The ones here were carved into different shapes. One had a hawk’s head on a human body while another had a snake’s body with a human head. It was more accurate to call these pillars statues.

Once the group arrived, these pillars lit up and figures emerged from each of the pillars that corresponded to the carvings’ characteristics.

Each figure was like a demon god stepping out from the stones. All of them were also full of death energy!

“Human, you shouldn’t have come to this place.” A deep voice rang out from beneath them and reverberated in the area.

“Interesting, I’m eager for a fight.” Long Jingxian immediately wiped her hands and prepared to fight against the imposing figures.

Li Qiye immediately pulled her back and glanced over the figures approaching them. He didn’t even bat an eye as he declared: “Scram or I’ll excavate this entire place!”

“Human, do you know where this is? This is the death god’s domain!” The deep voice lingered in this space.

“Don’t try to consider yourselves gods.” Li Qiye dismissively said: “All of you are only undispersed sentiments! Today, I am here to borrow a corpse. Block my path and I shall destroy this place!”

Having said that, he opened his mind, causing his sea of memories to light up. The universal laws from within intertwined to instantly form an ancient order.

This order imprinted itself in the space below with a buzzing noise. With this, it seemed to have left a mark unerasable for all eternity.

“Hmph!” The deep voice scowled after seeing this ancient order. However, the figures slowly retreated back to their pillars after the imprint was planted.

Jian Wushuang was startled after seeing this. Although these figures had died and were only sentiments, they were absolutely powerful, much more so than Virtuous Paragons.

However, even these powerful sentiments retreated like a receding tide in the face of Li Qiye’s ancient order. This was quite surprising.

“Wow!” Long Jingxian was excited and her eyes lit up as she exclaimed: “Smelly Qiye, this move of yours is too domineering and cool, teach me will you?”

Li Qiye only smiled in response. This wasn’t something that could be taught on a whim. In the past, he stayed behind in this place after the destruction of the Divine Beast Realm because it didn’t have too many ties with the beast realm. He left behind a seal that belonged to him, thus he had absolute control of this area. It was a simple task if he wished to destroy the whole place.

The group went through many pillars before reaching a different place below the shrine. A series of huge graves suddenly sprung up from the ground. These graves had no tombstones and were gigantic as if they buried giants.

“What are these?” Jian Wushuang was startled to see these gigantic graves.

Long Jingxian looked at each one and cheerfully exclaimed: “Haha, this is a nice place with incredible items inside. Although their divinity is now gone, they are still good things!”

As someone with an Immortal Fate, she had a great advantage in this regard compared to Jian Wushuang. Just a glance was enough for her to gain a clue or two from these graves.

“This is the ancestral tomb of the Divine Beast Realm.” Li Qiye smilingly said.

Jian Wushuang jumped from shock and blurted: “Are you saying that the three Immortal Emperors of the beast realm are buried here?”

“Please, Jian Wushuang, you still call yourself an imperial descendant? Do you really think Immortal Emperors would die in this place?” Long Jingxian berated her.

Jian Wushuang glared at her for a bit before coldly blurting: “What do you know?Shouldering the Heaven’s Will doesn’t mean that Immortal Emperors have everlasting life!”

“This has nothing to do with Immortal Emperors. In fact, they have no relationship with the Divine Beast Realm.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Do you two know the true origin of the Divine Beast Realm?”

Long Jingxian immediately answered: “I know a little about this. Legend states that the Divine Beast Realm called themselves the descendants of divine beasts. They were the tyrants of the ancient age and once reigned over the nine worlds. Unfortunately, after a great disaster, only one branch remained.”

“Only a fool like you would believe this nonsense.” Jian Wushuang snorted and stated: “If the Divine Beast Realm consisted of true divine beasts… Hmph, other lineages like the Alchemy Kingdom would be nothing before them. The beast realm would have already swept through the nine worlds. Just look back at when the phoenix corpse appeared in the kingdom. That was a real divine beast; just its corpse alone could kill God-Monarchs like dogs. If those of the beast realm were true divine beasts, then just how powerful would they have been?!”

“Bah, I like vague legends like this the most, what are you gonna do about it?” Long Jingxian immediately retorted.

Li Qiye put a stop to this: “Okay, you two, knock it off. Strictly speaking, the Divine Beast Realm has nothing to do with divine beasts. However, one has to admit that as a demon race, they do have certain divinities from the divine beasts.”

“What do you mean?” Long Jingxian asked curiously.

Li Qiye explained: “The ancestors of the Divine Beast Realm were very lucky. By chance, they came across a heavenly realm in the sky. Inside, they were able to obtain great items, and more importantly, a great amount of corpses from divine beasts.”

“Corpses from divine beasts?” Jian Wushuang was shocked despite coming from an imperial lineage. The corpses of these beasts were incredible; they were the greatest of materials no matter the era.

“The majority were crippled bones. These bones had lost their divinity and had no use, but they were still very lucky. Time couldn’t erode all of these divine corpses. A few of them maintained some divinity. However, the most crucial and precious part is that some of these corpses still had a bit of true blood left!” Li Qiye spoke.