Chapter 863: The Proud Mei Aonan

The unsheathed sword unleashed a ray that covered the entire continent. It could decapitate gods and annihilate the stars without a trace. Countless people lost their minds under this one peerless sword that could be considered invincible.

Eight lion heads fell after this sword fell. Although they were only images and not real lion heads, the lion emperor still took several thumping steps backward.

Her shield was unstoppable and her sword was unmatched. Everyone was shocked after seeing this since her power far exceeded their imaginations.

Everyone knew that her fame was about to overcome Ye Qingcheng’s own, but who would have thought that her strength had reached the level of killing Virtuous Paragons? They felt a chill after seeing just her first attack.

Without an imperial weapon, any Heavenly King that provoked her would only be courting death!

“A bunch of nobodies dares to compete against me?” Mei Aonan looked at the eighteen Young Celestials and the lion emperor in disdain before sneering at Ye Qingcheng: “Ye Qingcheng, it seems like you are nothing special either. You think these nobodies can be your generals and sweep through the world for you? You’re going to attempt to seize the Heaven’s Will with them by your side? You are simply a frog at the bottom of a well. You think the geniuses in the rest of the nine worlds are all trash?”

Her tyrannical and contemptuous words made other speechless. However, no one dared to deny her as she was qualified to make such a statement.

“Daoist Mei, enough talk.” Ye Qingcheng flew forward at this time in a gallant manner as if he was about to transcend this world. The sky matched his rhythm while the celestials circled him.

Meanwhile, the eighteen Young Celestials were both angry and ashamed. Although they went back to their armies, they couldn’t help but glare hatefully at Mei Aonan while gritting their teeth. They swore to never let this humiliation go unpunished!

Ye Qingcheng floated to the same level as Mei Aonan and slowly spoke: “The Young Celestials are my close friends. To be able to fight with them is my pride and glory; to be able to know them is my fortune. You humiliating them is the same as humiliating me…”

The angry youths were shaken after hearing this. It was their glory to be backed by Ye Qingcheng like this!

“Your blabbering is an annoyance…” Mei Aonan interrupted him with a disdainful glance which made the eighteen youths even angrier. She didn’t only humiliate them but also their pride, Ye Qingcheng.

She coldly glanced at him and spoke: “Ye Qingcheng, a stone like you is considered your kingdom’s defining treasure, someone that has experienced countless cultivation hours and heard the preachings from generations of wise sages. But in the end, you are still only at the lowest tier. Ah, your title of being number one only came about from pathetic tricks to win people over…

“In order to reach the grand dao, one can only fight and defeat the nine worlds, to never speak the word defeat. This is how one competes for the Heaven’s Will! Ye Qingcheng, I am not looking down on you, but you simply aren’t qualified to compete against me! You’re only a villain who bewitches others; if such a person can become an Immortal Emperor, then Immortal Emperors are worthless!” These caustic and domineering words silenced the crowd. This was too much swagger.

One of the Young Celestials was not happy about Mei Aonan’s insult on their relationship with Ye Qingcheng and retorted: “Pah, you want to try and ruin our ties with Brother Ye?!”

Mei Aonan ignored this youth. In her eyes, these eighteen were not on the same level as her.

Ye Qingcheng remained calm as he shook his head: “Daoist Mei, these words are too much. To be able to have friends all over the world, real friends who do not mind dying for your sake… It doesn’t matter if it’s becoming Immortal Emperor or any other noteworthy accomplishment, I can only say that I have no regrets due to all the friends and brothers I have made so far.” Ye Qingcheng was cool-headed against the extreme Mei Aonan. His attitude and temperament as well as character left many people feeling deep admiration for him.

The eighteen celestials were touched by these words. No matter the occasion, Ye Qingcheng always had their back. They would be more than willing to jump into a raging inferno for a brother like him!

“Enough talk, come and fight.” Mei Aonan proudly stood there with a divine sword in one hand and a shield in the other. She was in high spirits while her aura soared into the sky.

She gave off the impression that she was an emperor protecting a heavenly kingdom. Her sword could massacre an army of millions while her shield could withstand the onslaught of countless cavalries.

Mei Aonan was the embodiment of domineering and arrogance. This was a wondrous woman aiming to reach the Heaven’s Will. No one would care about her supreme beauty when she stood in the sky. The only thing they could see was a domineering emperor!

“Very well, let me experience your supreme arts then.” Ye Qingcheng widened his eyes, causing the sky to light up. The blinding brilliance of his gaze caused the world to pale.

The chants of saints and sages came about once more along with many strange images emerging from behind him. There were preaching Godkings and immortals with countless living beings in prostration…

Each image carried an immemorial power as if they were their own separate worlds. The auras from these existences suppressed the entire area.

People began to tremble after seeing all of these different images. Ye Qingcheng seemed to be the center of the world. Since the start of time, saints and sages had always surrounded him while other living beings offered their pious worship.

Just how terrifying was this power and protection that caused others to shiver in fear?

“The defining stone of the Stony Edge Kingdom experienced numerous empowerments from Virtuous Paragons and even the preaching of God-Monarchs as well as the worship of their citizens!” Even an ancestor from a great power was startled by Ye Qingcheng’s invincible images.

Ye Qingcheng didn’t need to make a move. These images alone could kill many enemies, even paragons, while he freely stood there.

Even those who had fought him before still quivered in front of these images. They ensured his position of invincibility in the current generation.

As the divine stone, Ye Qingcheng was preached to by the strongest paragons from his kingdom, including supreme God-Monarchs. Moreover, generations of citizens worshiped and offered him their power, thus he was strengthened by the blood energy of an entire kingdom.

Eventually, the high heavens felt this and he — in his divine stone form — finally gained life. And thus, an ultimate genius was born. Each image behind him represented a great paragon who had empowered him. Some might even be Godkings.

This was why the younger generation and even veterans from the previous generation couldn’t defeat him. These images alone could crush all opponents.

“The blessing of the wise sages, right?” Mei Aonan only snorted in the face of his invincible aura without a care: “You’re only relying on the power of those from the previous generations. You aren’t much more than this.”

With that, she began to walk forward while opening a fate palace with each step.

“Eleven fate palaces!” Someone shouted in horror as her palaces soared to the top of her head.

Her palaces in the sky resembled a heavenly kingdom that could look down on the rest of the world! Meanwhile, she was its emperor with full control of her citizens!

“Nine deserves utmost veneration, ten embodies extreme perfection, eleven creates a miracle across the eons, and twelve decides the Immortal Emperor’s throne!” Even someone from the previous generation emotionally murmured after seeing her fate palaces: “Since time immemorial, very few were able to achieve eleven palaces!”

This was indeed very rare. There were only records of a very few cultivators who had achieved this.

“It is hard to not be arrogant while having eleven palaces!” Those who didn’t like Mei Aonan were completely defeated at this point. Eleven palaces could outshine all other geniuses. Even Ye Qingcheng might not have eleven palaces.

Ye Qingcheng praised: “Incredible, but I have already expected this.” At this point, he turned serious. There was no doubt that she was definitely a great rival.

“Come.” Mei Aonan soared to the sky and unleashed a fierce attack.

With the turn of Ye Qingcheng’s palm, one image behind him emitted a bright light accompanied by a God-Monarch that reached out towards Mei Aonan to imprison her. However, she paid it no mind. Her shield pushed forward.

“Boom!” Under the power of the eleven palaces, the shield lit up and actually managed to repel the hand of this God-Monarch. This was as tyrannical as possible!

“Daoist Mei, let us refrain from hurting the innocent. Come to space and fight me!” Ye Qingcheng turned around and instantly made his way beyond the sky’s dome into space with his peerless movement technique.

Ye Qingcheng maintained his charisma even in times of war, causing others to be quite moved. Without a doubt, he truly had the charm to swooning others.

“Space then, do your worst.” Mei Aonan proudly stepped away from the Imperial Edge and headed into space to fight Ye Qingcheng.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them exchanged blows in mid air before completely disappearing into space!