Chapter 922: Sky Dome

There was another legend about this realm. In the ancient era before the myriad races came about, this place gave birth to something. Right when it was born, the creature opened its mouth and devoured the heaven and earth. It siphoned the blood of the billions of existences here as well as all the worldly energy in the surrounding area.

A long period later, this creature finally reached the end of its lifespan. It came back to the place that gave birth to it and met its end.

After it died, all the blood energy and essences were returned to this land. Many years later, this land became verdant once more, a land of plenty.

This creature was called the Blood Forefather later on, the progenitor of the Blood Race!

Some from the Blood Race scattered across the nine worlds accepted this theory while clan members denied it. The origin of the clan remains a mystery.

Although the legends of this creature and the Southern Barren Earth couldn’t be proven, one thing was certain — this Blood Forefather truly existed, and the first branch of the Blood Race had been thriving till this very day.

At the most southern region of this realm was a huge desert. Sand was flying everywhere among the dunes. If one could cross this desert, then they would be able to reach a certain location.

This location was called the primal ground of the Blood Forefather, the holy mecca in the minds of many from the Blood Race.

The Blood Forefather’s primal ground was where their progenitor was born. Legends went on further to state that back in the ancient era, one blood drop from an immortal fell down to this place. It turned into the creature that ended up giving birth to the entire Blood Race.

This legend was considered the most orthodox belief of their origin and was accepted by many.

Of course, there were also other legends besides this common one. Two of them were spread quite far.

One of them stated that during a dark era, the Blood Race’s ancestors were a group of evil creatures hiding in the darkness, monsters that relied on siphoning blood to survive.

It wasn’t until later that a master among these evil creatures got together with a woman. Their offspring eventually came to be the new Blood Race. This new Blood Race went to war with their ancestors and replaced them completely.

The other legend claims that their progenitor was a devil. This devil later on mated with a female corpse, and then came their race.

The majority of the Blood Race accepted the first legend. They considered themselves to be pure and righteous and naturally, they would deny the second and third legends. At the very least, the Blood Race members located at the Barren Earth believed that these two legends were fabricated by the other races to discredit their clan!

Thus, the Mortal Emperor World mainly accepted the first legend. This made the Blood Forefather very prestigious and influential among the Blood Clan members in this world.

This primal ground was controlled by a group that claimed to be the first branch of the Blood Race, the forefather’s direct descendants.

For a very long period of time, this primal ground was able to command all the Blood Race’s members across the nine worlds. Today, though its prestige was not as great as it was in the past, it was still very influential in the Barren Earth. Many blood tribes and even the imperial lineages situated here all acknowledged the prestigious position of the primal ground!

“Boom!” Li Qiye fell to the ground. The Death Seal lit up and seemed to be reversing time. Everything recovered, including Li Qiye’s true fate that was imprinted with the curse.

He opened his eyes and flexed his blood energy. There was a horrible feeling as if an invisible force was locking down his dao foundation, not allowing him to activate any laws.

“This is too devious. It is one thing to let me die, but it even added this. This is just torturing me on purpose.” Li Qiye felt that his dao foundation was sealed and couldn’t help but smile wryly.

He knew that the blurry shadow was angry at him, so it did this to his dao foundation. When he came back to life, he wouldn’t be able to channel his merit laws; he would become a man who couldn’t even do a good job of tying down chickens. 1

This curse was simply too powerful. Even Immortal Emperors would die if their true fate was subjected to its effect. The reality was that the law only sealed Li Qiye’s dao foundation and didn’t destroy it — this was already showing mercy. It didn’t want to ruin him, it only wanted to make it a bit difficult for him.

Li Qiye stretched his body and heard the sounds of bones breaking beneath him. He turned around to look and noticed that below him was a mountain of bones. Countless skeletons were piled on top of each other in this place. It was too messy to determine how many people had died here.

However, this was not the worst part. A frightening death aura was spread throughout the atmosphere, an endless amount of death energy that could corrode all things. Any living creatures that came here would die to this corrosion.

This might be fatal to others, but for Li Qiye who cultivated the Death Chapter, this was only a meal or even a great medicinal supplement.

Li Qiye finally had a good look at his surroundings. This was a huge stone cavern with bones everywhere.

Those who were more cowardly would be soiling themselves if they were lost in this place.

Li Qiye relaxed on top of the bones and looked around before murmuring: “Not bad.” He was still as nonchalant as ever despite being on top of countless skeletons.

His eyes fell upon the roof of the cave. Strangely enough, it wasn’t made out of rock. An endless amount of red lights moved at the dome as if this was not a roof but rather a sky. There were also clouds of a red shade floating around!

These red clouds continued to change as if they were trying to form something. These transformations were definitely creepy and gave off the sense that there was something secretive going on.

“This is…” Li Qiye’s eyes turned serious after he saw the transforming light in the sky, especially the bloody clouds. He tilted his head to take a better look around.

“Sky Dome…” Li Qiye finally felt a familiar sensation. He confirmed his location after seeing the transforming clouds in the Sky Dome.

“What fortune shall this grant me?” Li Qiye usually didn’t care for all the creations in this world. He was, however, a bit excited after recognizing this place.

“Crash!” After a while, a fate loop flew out from the bloody clouds and pulled out a long universal law. This law was dazzling and extremely profound. No one could look straight at its radiance.

“Rumble!” Li Qiye’s master palace opened. In the blink of an eye, it took in this universal law. Meanwhile, the fate loop flew to the Death Seal before disappearing. The Death Seal that resembled a lotus flower exploded once before re-entering his body.

“This is…” Li Qiye checked the law inside his palace closely before murmuring: “Did I get really lucky this time? If this is real, then this fate is too incredible.”

One fate accumulated from three deaths. Li Qiye had died three times, so the Death Seal took him to this place. Moreover, the fate loop even brought him an item like this. All of this was for a good reason. This was to give him an extreme fortune, a grand creation.

“Did I really get this?” Li Qiye meticulously looked inside his palace again. He wasn’t completely certain right now.

After a while, Li Qiye revealed a faint smile: “Just have to go out and give it a try to know if it is real or not.”

With that, he looked around and smiled: “Sky Dome, eh. The Blood Race has always wanted this secret. If this is real, then this really is a case of being unable to find the destination after wearing out iron soles, then inadvertently finding it without any effort!”

Very few people would recognize the name “Sky Dome”. Even in the Blood Race, especially the younger generation, they wouldn’t know what it is.

However, the Sky Dome had a special significance for the origin of the Blood Race and their primal ground.

Li Qiye had come to this place before in a distant era, and not just once since he wanted to obtain the legendary item in the Sky Dome.

However, as the Dark Crow, even though he was able to scheme from one era to another, he couldn’t obtain this legendary item. This was because there were no rules to the item, it was all based on fate.

In fact, all of the Blood Race and the primal ground had always wanted to obtain it because it was related to their origin — a heaven-shattering secret.

People from the clan came and gone to this place. They all obtained some benefits, just not the legendary item!


  1. Idiom for weak and useless men.