Chapter 930: Heavenly Dao’s Beginning

After cultivating two Immortal Physiques and surpassing the Life Reduction, one would be able to cultivate these domains! This was due to having the sufficient blood energy required to support these domains.

The world had always thought that cultivating multiple Immortal Physiques was impossible, but this was far from the truth! Of course, only existences like Li Qiye were able to spend enough time and effort to create a heaven-defying merit law like the One Thought, Myriad Physiques.

At this time, there was a bright radiance in front of his chest. All four Inner Physiques appeared in two pairs.

When these pairs were made, they would give birth to the absolute domains!

Li Qiye let the Hell Suppressing and Soaring physiques go together. This created the Stagnation Domain while the Void Imperfection and Sky Destroyer Physiques combined to form the Demise Domain!

Since the start of time, perhaps no more than three people had been able to cultivate these domains. One of them was the Black Dragon King. Of course, in the end, only the king was able to reach grand completion with two Immortal Physiques.

The Stagnation and Demise Domains kept on rotating until Li Qiye could use them at his whim. He withdrew his Inner Physiques and the domains disappeared as well.

Next, he opened his fate palaces and the pillar of life and cauldron of life emerged. Li Qiye then began a process that caused a rune to appear on the pillar of life that was crackling with lightning. The rune changed once more to reach an unfathomable level. There seemed to be an endless ocean of lightning inside this rune.

At the same time, the chapter imprinted on the cauldron of life was also laid out. The universal laws inside the chapter changed again and again. Eventually, a full system came into being. There seemed to be myriad dao inside. No geniuses would be able to understand their profundities.

After both sides finished transforming, the rune and chapter finally resonated. Both of them erupted as if they were being led by an unknown power. However, there was something missing and a true form couldn’t emerge.

After seeing this complete evolution with reactions from both sides, Li Qiye finally sighed and murmured: “Yes, just like the legends!”

The rune was taken from the Void Gate and hidden in the pillar of life. The chapter was taken from the blood pond and was imprinted on the cauldron of life.

Before obtaining the chapter, Li Qiye had always thought about how to use it together with the rune. However, he lacked past references despite knowing an ancient legend regarding the myriad dao in this world.

Despite his calculations, he couldn’t perfect this rune due to a lack of information. However, with the chapter, he was able to see the real mysteries inside, allowing him to complete the evolution.

“Ancient Void Rune and Heavenly Dao’s Primal Chapter.” Li Qiye murmured: “I am still missing something, I have to find the missing parts somehow to complete it.”

The Heavenly Dao’s Primal Chapter left behind by the Blood Progenitor was not about the origin of the blood race at all. It had nothing to do with the race, it was just that the progenitor managed to obtain it later on.

However, his descendants didn’t know this and assumed that it was their origin chapter, the focus of all of their cultivation; they were completely unaware of the truth.

According to the geographical divide, the Void Trap Desert should belong to the Blood Primal Ground. However, the primal ground was special and ignored the events of the world. They focused on passing down their legacy instead of competing with the world.

Because of this, it simply didn’t consider the desert to be part of its territory despite the abundance of minerals and ores below.

Thus, many cultivators came to the desert and established mining camps. Although there were many sects here vying for these resources, conflicts were rare. The reason was very simple; everyone was here to invest in profits, so no one wanted to attract the primal ground’s attention.

Li Qiye continued his long trek. The sand below and sun above made sure that the trip didn’t lack heat or dehydration, allowing him to train himself further and loosen the seal on his dao foundation.

He was challenging and refining his own body as a mortal. The desert’s harsh environment was definitely a great place to break through one’s limits. Along the way, he met many cultivators. Some flew while other darted forth with haste. There were sightings of flying treasures as well…

Some came alone while others came with their sects. No matter their strength, they came and left without caring for Li Qiye.

At this time, he looked like a commoner walking barefoot, completely battered by the desert. What stood out was his lack of blood energy and aura. It made others think that he was only a mortal.

A mortal was no different from an insect in the eyes of cultivators, so no one wanted to give him another glance, let alone waste time on him. However, there were always good people even among cultivators.

On one day, Li Qiye continued to move forward under the blazing sun. A magic carpet flew over his head. It was very large with around a dozen cultivators sitting on it. Their leader was an old man with an aura of water. He had a friendly appearance and a pair of bright eyes. Although he was old, his blood energy was still rich; it was easy to tell that he was an expert.

“Young man, are you lost?” The old man asked Li Qiye while riding his carpet.

Li Qiye stopped and looked at the people on the carpet. Outside of the old man, there were more than ten young men and women behind him. There was one particular girl that stood out. She had an elegant aura and occasionally smiled.

He then looked at the old man and gently shook his head with a smile: “Grandpa, you got it wrong. I am only walking through this desert, I know the way.” 1

“What is there to look at in this desert? It isn’t a scenic place at all.” The elegant girl chuckled.

Li Qiye glanced over at her in response: “Little girl, you don’t understand. Sceneries aren’t to be enjoyed with just one’s eyes. You have to use your heart to truly enjoy their beauty.”

“Such a big tone, not knowing the immensity of the heaven and earth!” A handsome boy next to the girl scowled and coldly glared at Li Qiye.

In his eyes, Li Qiye was only a mortal. How could this mortal call his junior sister a little girl without invoking his rage?

“A’Bao…” The old man gently waved his sleeve and stopped the young man. He shook his head to say: “The boy’s words are not without reason. There are many things that require the mind to feel.” 2

Li Qiye smiled. He was pleased with the old man’s attitude: “Are you all here to dig?”

“Sort of.” The approachable old man replied: “Our Suhang Country has a mine here in this desert. This old man is taking these young ones out to broaden their horizons.” 3

“Mmm, this is a good thing. Although the Void Trap Desert can be dangerous, it is not too life-threatening. It is a good place to train.” Li Qiye nodded.

The old man was the royal lord of Suhang; his name was Yi Chuan. After hearing this, Yi Chuan had to take another look at Li Qiye. Although the fella’s appearance was ragged and reminiscent of a beggar, his demeanor was relaxed and carefree. His dirty state didn’t seem to bug him at all.

Yi Chuan had the feeling that this young man was not walking on a desert but rather his own garden.

“You’re just a mortal, what do you know about training?!” The young man named A’Bao coldly snorted. Li Qiye’s answer annoyed him since he felt that it was not the place of a mortal to make such a comment.

A’Bao’s attitude was not too strange. It was already pretty good that he wasn’t treating Li Qiye, a mortal, like an insect!

Li Qiye didn’t mind the young man’s words and only chuckled. Yi Chuan was still curious and asked: “Oh? So you are also a cultivator? What sect are you from?”

Li Qiye smiled: “You guessed wrong, I’m not a cultivator. I simply picked up a few random merit laws and trained them casually.”

“You stated some clear logic so I thought you had a good teacher. So it was all talk and nothing more.” A’Bao snorted. He was not hostile towards Li Qiye, but he couldn’t stand Li Qiye’s bragging style.

“A’Bao, don’t be rude.” Yi Chuan stopped the young man and shook his head again. He glanced over at Li Qiye to say: “So, you came to this desert to train.”