Chapter 943: Captivating Goddess

She maintained her unrivaled charm in the face of the boorish question: “Why do you think I came with a purpose?”

Her words contained an unspeakable charm and elegance. They were beyond the boundaries of the mundane world. Each of her tempting words and actions could make others lose their minds.

Li Qiye coldly glared at her: “Girl, don’t try that trick in front of me. Your style is indeed captivatingly beautiful, but don’t play with fire. If you keep on tempting me, I will strip you clean!”

Ye Chuyun couldn’t help but wryly smile at such offensive words. No one had ever said something like this to Mei Suyao besides Li Qiye.

Mei Suyao blushed and felt a bit helpless in her mind in addition to a strange sense of defeat. Even though she was not the flirtatious type, she still had complete confidence in her charm. In her opinion, not many would be able to escape her temptation.

However, Li Qiye didn’t seem to care at all. In his eyes, she was no different from other women. She didn’t know whether to feel angry or sad because of this.

In the end, she only softly sighed. Even her sigh was moving enough to win many sympathizers.

Li Qiye did not budge. He nonchalantly looked at her and asked again: “Girl, why are you here?”

“This matter is supposed to be confidential, but Brother Li is not a stranger so it is okay to tell you.” Although she lost her cool a bit earlier, she quickly regained her flawless style.

Li Qiye smiled and leisurely said: “Should I feel honored that you are treating me as one of your own? Or, in other words, should I take you in as my bed warmer? What do you think?”

Mei Suyao smiled wryly while saying in her soft voice: “Brother Li, can you spare me?” She let go of her posturing and said: “I was rash last time and offended you. If you are still mad at me, then go ahead, I will accept the punishment.”

At this time, she was relaxed and had a delicate attitude. Any man would feel pity after seeing her. When a supreme beauty like her said the words “I will accept the punishment”, it would be too much for any man to bear. They would immediately be conquered by her!

“Incredible.” Li Qiye had to praise after seeing her moment of weakness: “Girl, you may not be as talented as Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui, but you have an exquisite style. I’m afraid even the empress was not a match for you when she was young.”

Mei Suyao stood up and bowed after hearing his praise: “Your praise gives me great happiness. It is more than enough for me to hear you compare me to the Matriarch.”

“Okay, girl. Your means are indeed brilliant. Out of consideration for your sensibility this time, I won’t make things difficult for you.” Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve.

She sat down again and regained her transcendent nature that would be loved by anyone.

“I won’t hide it from you, I came to the southern region this time for the Buddhist Funeral Plateau.” Mei Suyao purposely showed a weak side of her: “According to the speculation of my sect’s elders, someone might ascend this time.”

“Ascend?” Ye Chuyun was startled and asked: “Ascend like in the legends?”

Mei Suyao slightly nodded: “Yes, and this time, it might not be just one person. There might be a second and even a third.”

The surprised Ye Chuyun asked: “Isn’t the legendary ascension even more difficult than becoming Immortal Emperor?” She had heard of ascension before, but she didn’t think she would be able to see it in this generation.

“Not necessarily.” Mei Suyao explained: “Ascension is a secret that belongs to the plateau. For some people, ascension is easy and hard at the same time. It depends.”

No one understood more about ascension than Li Qiye. He was not too interested in this and was more drawn in by other matters at the plateau. He glanced over at Mei Suyao then asked: “Girl, go ahead and let the rest out. Would ascension alone garner so much of your attention? You have obtained a legacy so ascension shouldn’t be of interest to you.”

“Brother Li’s eyes are as bright as divine torches, nothing can elude your sight.” Mei Suyao charmingly spoke: “The ascension this time might have something to do with my Eternal River School. I came hoping to obtain elucidation. It will be very beneficial.” 1

“Eternal River School…” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and contemplated for a second. For the past millions of years, who from the school went to the plateau, and who among them could ascend?

“So to say, the old geezers from your school know who is about to ascend?” Li Qiye revealed a faint smile.

Mei Suyao shook her head: “Truth be told, I don’t know either. Brother Li should know that once someone enters the plateau, it is the same as abandoning all else. Although many seniors of our school have entered the plateau in the past millions of years, we have never received any news of them.”

“I believe the elder’s words on ascension are just wild speculation. They are not certain either.” Mei Suyao spoke seriously: “Because the matter this time is of grave importance, I have to personally come to take a look.”

“Ascension…” Li Qiye only smiled. In his eyes, the elucidation left behind by ascension was not much either.

Mei Suyao noticed his expression and asked: “You aren’t interested?”

Li Qiye casually replied: “Ascension is no big deal. I don’t need something like elucidation or else I wouldn’t be waiting till now to try for it.”

Mei Suyao softly asked: “You don’t want to take a look at the Nalanda Temple?” When she spoke in this gentle manner, everyone would feel their whole body melting. Even a cold glacier or a heart of steel would soften.

Li Qiye smirked. Even though it might be a prohibitive task to others, entering the temple was not difficult to him. He looked back at Mei Suyao and asked: “Girl, you should be saying that you want to climb to the temple.”

Mei Suyao was not embarrassed at all after being found out. She freely said: “Yes, I do want to reach the Nalanda Temple!” She met his gaze and said: “I had this idea after coming across you today by accident. We can work together to climb to the temple.”

“Work together?” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Girl, you look down me, Li Qiye, too much. If I wanted to reach the temple, I wouldn’t need to work with anyone. As long as I am willing, it doesn’t matter if the temple was as deep as an ocean, I could still come and go freely!”

Anyone else would think that Li Qiye was blustering and didn’t know any better. The Nalanda Temple was a place that Godkings wouldn’t tread. Even an Immortal Emperor had to be careful, let alone a mere junior!

Mei Suyao took a deep breath and smiled while glancing at Li Qiye. Her smile was more charming than blooming flowers, putting them all to shame.

Her current expression could drive people crazy; she softly spoke while exuding her charm: “How about I shamelessly go with you to the Nalanda Temple?”

It wasn’t easy for her who was always noble and unreachable to make such a comment. In fact, she had the power to reach Nalanda as well. However, she chose Li Qiye due to her strong confidence in him!

“Go with you? Girl, I know you can reach there by yourself. What is in it for me if I take you with me?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh after hearing this suggestion.

Mei Suyao smiled like a flower ready to bloom. Her words were full of temptation: “If you are willing, I will lend you a helping hand. The same goes for my Eternal River School!”

Her words had a hidden connotation since she spoke on the behalf of the entire school. Anyone’s heart would beat faster after gaining the support of the river school, a mighty existence with three emperors. Its support was the same as adding wings to a tiger, especially for the younger generation. It would open up a path of unlimited potential!