Chapter 95: Complete Imperial Saint Physique (1)


(Bao’s Note: Reading this chap and the physiques, keep in mind some common general knowledge for Xianxia. Yang = Sun = Hot = Male, Yin = Cold = Moon = Female)

Her beautiful eyes gazed intensely at Li Qi Ye in astonishment, and gravely said:

“Who are you in the end?”

Solar Immortal Physique was not passed down by Immortal Emperor Min Ren. Even inside the Su Clan, it was a big secret.

“You should know that I am a disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, your disciple, Li Qi Ye.”

Li Qi Ye calmly smiled.

Su Yong Huang’s eyes became chilling, her gazes became as sharp as a sword. It was as if invisible swords were approaching one’s body, causing others to fidget.

But Li Qi Ye was still leisurely sitting there, he shook his head and said:

“Don’t make a move against me. Coming from the Su Clan, I know you are truly powerful. But inside the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, if I want to kill you, it would be easier than killing an ant. I believe that young brother Tu have told you about my matters.”

After a while, Su Yong Huang finally withdrew the coldness in her gaze.

Li Qi Ye looked at her for a very long time, and finally gently shook his head and said:

Solar Immortal Physique, was the word “Yang” within the six words of the Physique Scripture, one of the two strongest and extreme Yang Physiques!

“Even though grandpa Tu had spoke of your miracles, I know that you have some talents, even with the Patriarch teaching you in your dream. But regarding physiques, don’t boast ignorantly. If you know that I am a Solar Immortal Physique, then you should know that as his descendant, this physique is proven.”

Su Yong Huang coldly said.

In fact, Su Yong Huang was very angry at the moment. Her origin could be considered very mysterious, but Li Qi Ye easily found out her true details, but she didn’t know anything about Li Qi Ye. This made her very nervous.

Su Yong Huang’s words made Li Qi Ye laugh out loud. Regarding physique types and physique methods, throughout all of the nine worlds and ten earths, if he claimed to be second, no one would dare to claim first. He spent countless of years with the Physique Scripture, and Immortal Physiques coming out from him was more than just Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s Solar Immortal Physique!

“What are you laughing at!”

Seeing Li Qi Ye’s laughter, Su Yong Huang said with a deep tone.

“Even though you don’t believe it, but my words are the truth. The Solar Immortal Physique merit law might be the ultimate technique of your Su Clan, but you truly practiced the wrong physique.”

Li Qi Ye shook his head.

The six words of the Physique Scripture were not allowed to be circulated by him. Immortal Emperor Min Ren learned the Solar Immortal Physique from him, and the Black Dragon King also learned an Immortal Physique method as well, but they had a pact with Li Qi Ye and used their True Fate to make the oath.

There was only one exception, which was Su Ru. Because Su Ru gave birth to the son of Min Ren, this meant that in the future, this branch would have a high chance of the Solar Immortal Physique appearing, no matter whether it was the Complete Sky Physique within the Saint Physiques, or Minor Sky Physique and Mutual Sky Physique within the King Physiques.

Li Qi Ye was always ashamed seeing Su Ru, so he broke the rule and gave her the Solar Immortal Physique, not for Min Ren, but for her own achievements and contributions.

“You said that I practiced the wrong physique, then come up with some solid evidences.”

Staring at Li Qi Ye, and noticing that he was not joking, she gravely said.
Li Qi Ye looked at Su Yong Huang, and finally said:

“An ancestral grandmother from your family in a random generation must have been the Heavenly Devil Physique at grand completion, one of the two Saint Physiques, correct?”

Hearing these words, Su Yong Huang’s expression slightly moved, and stared at Li Qi Ye in amazement, and said:

“How did you know?”

“I calculated using my fingers.”

Li Qi Ye smiled and said:

“Moreover, your Inner Physique whenever you channel the incantations of the Solar Immortal Physique, it became as hot as the Blazing Sun, right?”

“This is a characteristic of the Solar Immortal Inner Physique. Solar Immortal Physique is an extreme Yang method, one of the twelve Immortal Physiques. The Inner Physique became as hot as the Blazing Sun, nothing is wrong with that.”

Su Yong Huang could be considered an expert regarding this physique. Afterall, their ancestor Min Ren was a Solar Immortal Physique, so they had a very deep understanding of this physique.

“The problem is in this matter. In the center of your Inner Physique as hot as the Blazing Sun, there is a stand of Yin energy that isn’t affected by your heat.”

Li Qi Ye gently shook his head.

Li Qi Ye saying so caused Su Yong Huang to be shocked, because this was an extremely private matter, outsiders had no way of knowing. But Li Qi Ye just revealed the secret of her Inner Physique, which she thought was a normal thing of the Solar Immortal Physique method.

“If I practiced the wrong physique method, then where is the mistake?’

At this moment, Su Yong Huang was a little moved, and asked.
Li Qi Ye continued:

“From within the Yin, the Yang was born. The woman with the grand completion Heavenly Devil Physique was pregnant with the descendant carrying the Solar Immortal Physique. This was a bit outside of my expectation. If my guess is not wrong, then you thought you were a natural Minor Sky Physique, one of the twenty four King Physiques, correct?”

“Is this not correct?”

Su Yong Huang emotionally said.

Li Qi Ye shook his head and said:

“Wrong, you are a natural born Complete Imperial Saint Physique! Because your physique seemed to be very similar to the Minor Sky Physique, one of the twenty four King Physiques. In reality, your physique is similar to the Minor Sky Physique, and also the Mutual Sky Physique! Your first impression was that because you are the descendant of the Immortal Emperor Min Ren, so you assumed you were a natural born Minor Sky Physique.”

“Complete Imperial Saint Physique…”

Su Yong Huang was in a daze, and said:

“The legendary one of the six special Saint Physiques… Complete Imperial Saint Physique?”

There were forty eight types of Xiantian Physiques, with four branches in each. King Physiques have twenty four different ones, with two branches in each. As for Saint Physiques, cultivators in this world considered that there were twelve Saint Physiques, that correspond with the twelve Immortal Physiques.

However, true Saint Physiques altogether amount to eighteen types. Whenever Saint Physique is brought up, cultivators usually ignored the other six Saint Physiques.

Natural born Saint Physique was an extremely rare occurrence. The six special Saint Physiques were even rarer, less seen than True Dragons and Godly Kings! Because the twelve corresponding Saint Physiques could be cultivated from the corresponding King Physiques, but the six special Saint Physiques didn’t have anything other King Physiques preceding them. In another sense, the six special Saint Physiques were impure.

Li Qi Ye nodded his head, and said:
“It seems like your understanding of physiques isn’t too bad, ah. Correct, you are a natural born Complete Imperial Saint Physique, one of the eighteen Saint Physiques, not the Minor Sky Physique like in your imagination.”

Su Yong Huang’s expression was vagarious within this moment. Even though she was normally elegant and calm, but she couldn’t help it at this moment. This news to her was positive because a natural born Saint Physique was much stronger than a natural born King Physique. But, this was also a bad thing.

If she was a natural born Minor Sky Physique, then she would be one of the two King Physiques within the Solar Immortal Physique’s family. She had an advantage that others didn’t because the Su Clan had the Solar Immortal Physique method, plus it was the strongest, highest, and earliest method within all Immortal Physique methods.

With such a method, she hoped that one day she could achieve the Solar Immortal Physique just like their ancestor! This was a grand wish of the Heaven’s Edge Su Clan.

Currently she was a natural born Complete Imperial Saint Physique, this meant that she will never have the chance to cultivate a completed Solar Immortal Physique.

“Complete Imperial Saint Physique at grand completion is my limit?”

Li Qi Ye shook his head, and said:

“Not necessarily, the Complete Imperial Saint Physique still cannot escape the word “Yang”. It was simply given birth by the fusion between the Solar Immortal Physique and Heavenly Devil Physique. Complete Imperial Saint Physique, nine parts Yang and one part Yin, and Yang was born from Yin. As long as the Immortal Physique method is strong enough, the Complete Imperial Saint Physique could still become the Extreme Light Immortal Physique!”

Extreme Light Immortal Physique was one of the two extreme Yang Immortal Physiques, along with the Solar Immortal Physique.

“What type of Immortal Physique method would allow for it to become Extreme Light Immortal Physique?”

Su Yong Huang couldn’t help but ask.

“The strongest, the highest, the earliest Immortal Physique method.”

Hearing this, Su Yong Huang’s heart was shaking. The strongest, highest, earliest Immortal Physique method could only come from the Physique Scripture, but there is no one in this world who knew where it was! How their Su Clan and Immortal Emperor Min Ren obtained the Solar Immortal Physique was not written down! But they do know that their Physique method was the strongest, highest, and earliest method from the Physique Scripture. But this was a top secret, outside of direct descendant, no one else knew that their method came from the scripture.

In reality, Li Qi Ye as the Dark Crow passed the God of War Formula along with the Solar Immortal Physique to Su Ru but Su Ru made a vow to never reveal the Dark Crow or the Physique Scripture to her descendants.

After a long time, Su Yong Huang looked at Li Qi Ye, and said:

“I do not know your history or origin, but after today, I trust in your abilities. If you drive the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, I trust there will finally be a day of revitalization, and the will of my ancestors will not be destroyed. The sect master’s seat will be pass on to you, since you are the most suitable candidate.”

“Passing the seat to me?”

Li Qi Ye was a bit surprised.

Su Yong Huang smiled, and elegantly said while looking at Li Qi Ye:

“The elders do not willing serve me when I am the sect master, I know this in my heart. If this sect was not founded by my own ancestor, I wouldn’t be willing to be involved in this muddy water. Revitalizing the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, such an easy thing to say. Letting a little thirteen years old girl at that time to become the new sect master, it was an impossible matter. If Elder Xu didn’t think that I could successfully cultivate the Solar Immortal Physique and let me become the sect master, I would have not stay behind.”

Su Yong Huang’s words were very candid and direct. Finished speaking, she paused for a moment and stared at Li Qi Ye, then continued:

“Today there is a successor for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, I do need to go back to the Heaven’s Edge Su Clan.”

“You and your ancestral grandmother…”

Li Qi Ye almost blurted something out, but then he shut his mouth.