Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki - Volume 15 - Chapter SS5

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Yuriga’s Yukata

The night of the summer festival Souma planned...

“What do you think, Yuriga?”

“Yeah, it looks good.” Yuriga smiled shyly as she looked at herself in the mirror.

She was currently wearing one of the yukatas that Souma had made for Tomoe—who had given one of them to Yuriga so she could participate in the summer festival. Because Yuriga had wings, Souma had cut holes in the back for them to fit through.

“You look cute, Yuriga. It looks good on you.”

“W-Well, it’s not bad. I’ll give it that.”

Yuriga didn’t seem to mind the compliment. Her wings flapped busily, making it readily apparent she was happier than she let on. Tomoe chuckled at the way Yuriga was acting.

“Your hair is deep blue, so a yukata with a relaxed vibe suits you.”

“Hmph. And yours looks strangely good on you too. It’s weird how well those fox ears and fox tail go with a yukata.”

“Murgh. They’re wolf ears and a wolf tail,” Tomoe protested, holding down her ears as she did.

“But when you look at it that way, don’t you think mystic foxes like Kaede and Kishun looked good in Nine-Headed Dragon Island clothes too? These yukatas are kind of similar.”

“Now that you mention it... That kind of outfit probably looks good on dog, wolf, and fox beastmen. With feline beastmen... I won’t say it doesn’t suit them, but it gives off more of a creepy vibe.”

That was likely because of the image of inugami and the god Inari as compared to bakeneko. But those were preconceptions from Souma’s old world, so these two, lacking that knowledge, didn’t understand why they should feel the way they did.

“Well, anyway, the problem’s been solved, so now I can enjoy the summer festival without any fears.” After saying that, Yuriga held the sleeves of her yukata and did a little twirl.

She must have really liked the outfit.

“Ah ha ha, you sure can, Yuri—ah!”

Tomoe had been watching with a smile, but when she noticed something, her eyes went wide.


“Whoa! Wh-What? Why did you shout all of a sudden?”



“Your panties are showing. I can see your butt.”

“Say what?!”

Yuriga hurriedly looked at her rear end in the mirror. Her underwear was peeking out through a hole in the rear of the yukata.

“Oh, right. There was a tail hole there,” Tomoe said, clapping her hands as she figured it out.

Because it was originally Tomoe’s yukata, Souma had put in new holes for Yuriga’s wings, but he’d forgotten to close up the one for Tomoe’s tail.

“It all makes sense now.”

Yuriga rounded on Tomoe, her face beet red. “I don’t care if it makes sense! What’re we going to do to fix it?!”

“Let’s talk to Big Brother about it. Okay?”

Tomoe was intimidated, but managed to mollify Yuriga somehow.

◇ ◇ ◇

“Whew, sorry about that. I totally forgot about the tail hole,” Souma said when Tomoe and Yuriga asked him for help.

Having just finished his tasks for the day, he led the two of them to his workroom, where he also made the Little Musashibo dolls. Obviously, Yuriga couldn’t walk around with her panties exposed, so she’d taken off the yukata and was carrying it in her hands.

Once inside the room, Souma sat down in front of the foot-operated sewing machine he had there.

“All right, let me borrow that yukata for a bit.”

“Here.” Yuriga handed it over to Souma.

“I guess I can put another piece of fabric of the same color there for now, and then come back and fix it properly later. We don’t have a whole lot of time, after all. I wouldn’t want to be late to the festivities,” he mumbled to himself as he efficiently worked the sewing machine.

Yuriga watched with her arms crossed, as if something about it didn’t sit right with her.

“I realize it may be out of line for me to say this after asking you for a favor, but was it really necessary for you to do this yourself? Surely you have servants who could have managed it.”

“Oh, come on, Yuriga,” Tomoe said, sounding a little miffed, but Souma seemed unbothered.

“Huh? Well, it’s not that much trouble... There we go.”

Apparently finished sewing, Souma spread out the rear portion of the yukata to inspect it.

“My grandma always did this kind of sewing, and she’d smile wide when grandpa and I would thank her. I feel like I can understand the joy of having your work enjoyed by family now.”

“Sir Souma...”

“Here you go. It’s ready.” Souma handed Yuriga the yukata. And then he placed a hand on each girl’s head. “Now, get out there and enjoy the festival.”

“Okay, Big Brother!”


Tomoe replied energetically, while Yuriga stared at the yukata as she responded. Then, holding it tight, she seemed to find her resolve and looked up.

“Um, Sir Souma.”


“Thank you for the yukata.”

Souma smiled wide when she said that.

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