Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki - Volume 18 - Chapter Aft

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Thank you for buying volume 18 of How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom. I am Dojyomaru, who has been making good progress writing romantic comedies on the side because this story is so serious a lot of the time.

This volume is the first half of the final battle with Fuuga.

Fuuga rushes forward, pushing on by the times he lives in, while Souma tries to change the era itself. The conclusion to this battle, which every country has been caught up in, is close at hand.

I’m the type who gets invested in the characters he creates, so the ensemble cast has grown more and more. Even in an isekai story, in which people prefer the protagonist to be the only strong one, or in a romantic comedy like Yashiro-kun, my cast keeps on growing, and the length of the text with them.

By contrast, for Nomad Princess, I’ve been focused on avoiding that by making it a one-on-one romantic comedy. Although, I suspect the cast will grow there too, but it should be fine...I think.

Now, with this series having grown to eighteen volumes before I knew it, the story is nearing its conclusion. I expect volume 20 will be the final volume of Realist Hero.

I’d like to thank everyone who was involved with this book, and all of my readers.

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