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Chapter 040 – Vlad House, Signal of Counterattack!

Lute, 12 years old.

The young lady and I are safe; we were able to obtain accommodation in Meiya Dragoon’s estate. Though it was a slightly different reaction from what I had expected, but if we are welcome then there shouldn’t be any problems.

We were guided to the bath to recover from travel fatigue as a gesture of her goodwill.

I took off my clothes in the dressing room and entered the bath.


A bath large enough that you’d be able to swim in it was filled with hot water. Soap, a towel, and even a brand new pail was provided.

As expected of a well-known genius magic tool inventor of the Dragon Continent. Money doesn’t seem to be an issue.

I wash my body with soap, and clean off any filth. For the first time since I was reincarnated in this world, I am able to soak in hot water up to my shoulders.

“Aa~ This is the life. As I thought, baths are really nice…”

I didn’t swim, but I enjoyed stretching out my hands and feet as I soak in the spacious bath.

When I got out of the bath, a change of clothes had been prepared. Neatly folded traditional clothes worn by men of the Dragon Race was there.

The design looks like certain kung fu attires from China in my previous life. It features short sleeves, and 7/8th length cropped trousers.

When I went out to the hallway, maid-san was waiting and she showed me to the dining room.

In front of the aforementioned dining room, I ran into ojou-sama who had just gotten out of the bath. She was also wearing the dragon race’s female traditional clothing; it was a dragon-dress look.

The women’s dragon-dress had the exact same design as Chinese clothes.

My eyes gravitated towards the thin thigh peeking from the slit on the bright red dragon-dress.

“Oops! My feet slipped– (monotone)”

I trip unnaturally, looking at ojou-sama’s figure in the dragon-dress up close.

Thin ankles, as well as thighs dyed slightly red from taking a bath. Her smooth skin was still wet, and I understood that it would definitely be pleasant to touch. And precisely because they were childlike, they exuded an immoral charm.

If I had encountered the current ojou-sama in my city from my previous life, I have confidence I would’ve stalked her.

Ojou-sama’s post-bath skin became even redder and she quickly hid her mini blackboard behind her legs. That gesture is also cute.

I awkwardly cleared my throat, and stood up while moving as if brushing the dust off my clothes.

A close call. Just a bit more, and my fascination with ojou-sama would’ve been exposed. Then maid-san opened the door for us, and we entered the dining room.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Lute-kamisama, Chrisse-san.”

The head of the mansion, Meiya Dragoon, greeted us with a beaming smile.

She is 18 years old. She wore the same red dragon-dress as ojou-sama. Big breasts, shapely waist, and a slender legs that are long like a model. She’s also a beauty to the extent that 100 out of 100 men all would have praised her face.

Apart from the two dragon horns on her head, her appearance was almost invariably similar to the human race. She kindly offered us some dinner.

“Although we have some things to talk about, why don’t we first enjoy a meal? Our chef, for you both, spared no expense in preparing it.”

At Meiya’s signal, it was brought in. The dishes were cramped on to a round two tiered table.

It was a Chinese-styled table.

Steamed meat buns. Pale brown tea similar to oolong tea. And others such as small dragon buns, spring rolls, shumai, gyoza, sui gyoza, etc… — A world of traditional Chinese yum cha snacks extended before us.

We had to ration our meals in order to travel to the Dragon Continent from the Demon Continent; we who were trying to be economical with our money… our stomachs rumbled.

“Come now, both of you, no need to be reserved.”

Urged by Meiya, ojou-sama and I expressed our gratitude and started eating.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


The three of us finished up the dishes that filled the Chinese-styled table. While we were drinking the oolong-like pale brown tea, apparently called “chacha”, I once again informed Meiya if our circumstances.

In order to start my own Legion, I left the orphanage and became an adventurer. Then I was deceived by rookie-hunters, stripped of all my possessions, and sold as a slave. Fortunately, I was bought by Chrisse-ojousama’s father, Count Dan Gate Vlad, and narrowly escaped a cruel fate. Those benefactors, her parents, are currently being held captive. He frankly told Meiya everything; that they came to meet her in order to seek her aid with regard to obtaining necessary resources and intel to free Chrisse’s parents and retake her house.

Supposing Meiya lent her strength, then after the recovery of the Vlad house and Chrisse’s parents, the Vlad house promises to cover any expenses and provide a suitable reward on top of that. Ojou-sama also nodded in agreement to this arrangement.

But Meiya simply shook her head at that proposal.

“I’m not interested in monetary rewards. Instead, I would like to make a request to Lute-kamisama.” “A request?”

Meiya rose from her chair, and proceeded to kneel on the floor with her hands held together in front of her chest. Then she, very deeply, bowed her head.

The gasps of the maids who were waiting on us sent shivers down my skin.

“This posture is, to the Dragon race, an act which shows utmost respect.”

Meiya explained so. Is this the so-called dogeza of my previous life’s Japan?

“Please, please… take this Meiya Dragoon as Lute-kamisama’s disciple!”

“Dis… disciple!? To take the genius magic tool inventor, Meiya Dragoon-sama, as such a thing like a disciple would be outrageous!” “Far from it! Lute-kamisama is the true genius! The owner of talent that far surpasses the level of a mere genius!”

“By the way, I’ve been wondering since some time ago, but why are you addressing me with -kamisama?” “How else could I address the divine being who could create such a magnificent magic tool!? I could not even hazard a guess!” “I, I appreciate the sentiment, but still… -kamisama is a bit…”

“If so, then how about ‘Lute-sama’?” “Please simply address me as Lute; no need for honorifics.” “What about ‘Lute-kyunsama’?” “Seriously! No honorifics is fine! Rather, what’s with the “Lute-kyunsama” nonsense!? “Impossible! To address Lute-kyunsama without honorifics! I would not do it even if you rip up my lips.” “… … if so, then “-sama” is fine. Please never use “kyun” or the like ever again.”

I sighed in resignation. Meiya once again pressed me.

“In that case, I accept and shall address you as Lute-sama. I, until Lute-sama takes me in as a disciple, will not for even a moment move from this spot.”

Meiya continued to exclaim.

“If it is Lute-sama’s desire, I would offer my everything! Status, fortune, and even my body and soul! All of it! So please make me your disciple, Lute-sama!”

Cut it out; ojou-sama’s sorrowful gaze is painful.

“I understand. I’ll make you my disciple. You don’t have to offer me things like your body or your soul; so instead, please lend us your strength to rescue master and the rest.” “My utmost gratitude for this blessing.”

Meiya had on a smile that could outshine even the sun. After a long journey, having eaten my fill and securing aid, the feeling of tension was gone and it made me sleepy.

Ojou-sama seems to also have reached her limit.

I proposed that we get a good rest for now and leave discussing the details for tomorrow. Ojou-sama and Meiya were also of the same mind, and so we were dismissed for the day.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


The next morning… Ojou-sama, Meiya and I were gathered in an open space beside an atelier within the Meiya estate’s grounds.

I requested Meiya to create mud walls and foundations with magic. Atop the foundations, bricks were arranged in a typical fashion.

While waiting, I checked the guns’ conditions.

The S&W and AK47 I made, swindled away from me a bit more than 2 years ago by some fake adventurers, are back in my hands.

As for the revolver, its firing pin and hammer’s mainspring are worn out. If they’re this worn out, then even if the primer is struck, it probably can’t cause an ignition. It seems the cylinder’s insides hasn’t been properly cleaned, either. Like this, when the ejector rod pushes out shell casings, it wouldn’t be smooth.

To put it bluntly, after firing, it may longer be possible to eject shell casings without hitting the ejector rod with a hammer or something.

Only for the characteristically tough AK47 does there seem to be no problems. It may also be because I made it I made it after I was already experienced with handling Magic Liquid Metal. Banana magazine loaded; safety catch toggled. Set to semi-automatic. I pulled the cocking handle, and the first bullet moved to the chamber.

Taking a shooting stance, I shot the brick blocks one by one, smashing them.

It worked perfectly, without flaw. As expected of the AK; truly an assault rifle that can be fired without a hitch even if it were to be buried in a wet rice field for 6 months covered in rust and dirt. Though I intend to disassemble it later, just to be safe.

“How is it, Lute-sama? Are there any problems?” “The revolver still needs a little bit of tuning, but it seems that there are no major faults on either one.”

Surprisingly, ojou-sama was not afraid and showed interest in the handgun. On the contrary….

[Lute-oniichan, could you also teach me how to use that magic tool?]

She is proactively trying to learn.

[Using that magic tool; father, mother, everyone… I want the strength that can help them.]

Ojou-sama snorted roughly, demonstrating her will to fight. The image of the girl who was afraid to simply go out of her own room until not too long ago was completely gone.

“Of course. I had fully intended for ojou-sama to join the battle. In fact, I believe that ojou-sama is our greatest war potential, our trump card.” [Someone like me is?]

Ojou-sama was perplexed by my unexpected response. I answered with an earnest smile that I was not lying.

“For ojou-sama, the S&W M10 revolver and AK-47 are no good. I will prepare something more appropriate.”

Something that would suit ojou-sama–

“A gun that properly utilizes ojou-sama’s unique traits; that would be — the sniper rifle.”

[The sniper rifle?] “Yes. … … The hour of our, the Vlad House’s, counterattack approaches.”



This moment marked the birth of the vampire who would one day be feared as “Magician Slayer”, “Princess of the Night”, and “Nightmare”.



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