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Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Meiya, Shia and The Chrysanthemum Knights vs . Armor Remnants


Plan Σ is to destroy or seize a predetermined opponent when entering a battle . After each had completed their role, they had decided to reinforce other battles under the direction of their commander .

The battle between Meiya & Shea and the members of the Chrysanthemum Knights vs Armor Remnants began .

The Armor corps, which were hit directly by anti-tank mines, greatly reduced the number that was initially 300 . the number dropped sharply to about a dozen .

They could only execute simple commands, but they didn’t fatigue, felt no pain, attacked without fear or hesitation unless their magic power was exhausted . Armor is thicker than normal and will prevent attacks from here as long as the magical power it possessed automatically continued .

There were still more than 10 such monster armor left . Despite the decrease, it could be said that they’re a threat .

“Run! Run! If they catch up, they’ll kill you with their fucking arms!”

Shea scolded the members while wearing maid clothes . They were now running off the plains of Kokori Street .

Shia occasionally fired the AK47 behind her, throwing a defensive “shrapnel grenade” . However, the opponent was a monster that could withstand a direct hit of a 40mm grenade . It’s only about stranded at best .

The armors were not afraid of gunshots or explosions, they kept their weapons in their hands and chased them like wolves .

“Here! It’s almost over! Lure the enemy in front of them!”

It’s not that Shia and the knights were just running in the dark . On their way, Meiya and several members of the Knights came out of the trench .

Sandbags are piled in front of the trench, a General-Purpose Machine Guns PKM3 was prepared and waiting . The girls evaded the PKM’s line of fire and jumped into the trench . Shia, who was last, threw the last grenade and jumped into the trench .

“Meiya sama, I beg you for the rest!”

“The fool who turns the fangs to the treasure of this world named Lute, the blockhead hack is ours! Lute’s best disciple, right arm, confidant Meiya Dragoon is justice! I’ll give divine punishment in the name of God!”

“Meiya san! Meiya san! The enemy! The enemy is almost here!

One of the members who rush into the trench screamed, but Meiya was drunk on her own words and had a euphoric look .

The distance to the Armor Corps is less than 10m . At that moment the Armor Corps vanishes .

They fell into a pit that had been set up in advance .

But it’s just a pitfall . It’s not so deep that they couldn’t go up, but the armors that could only obey simple instructions didn’t immediately try to get out of the hole .

There was a time lag before recognizing the situation . That was the difference between winning and losing .

Meiya gave instructions in a sharp voice .

“Throw them in!”


At the same time as Meiya instructed, anti-tank mines were thrown into the trap . The members of the Knights who were waiting in the trench with Meiya threw them .

Shortly after, the explosive energy of the “anti-tank landmine” penetrated the pit . A large amount of dust was thrown up together, causing the area to have poor visibility for a while .

Despite such a bad environment, Meiya leaned out of the trench alone and put on a tingling expression with both hands on her cheeks .

“As expected of the great Lute sama to make such a wonderful attack-type weapon, “Anti-Tank Mine”, from a defense-type weapon that was originally intended only for an ambush …”

Meiya writhe and shakes her body .

That’s why Lute chose the “T . Mi . 35 ‘ . It had an explosion prevention fuse on the side and bottom surfaces .

The original use is when an enemy finds a mine with a metal detector, then the enemy removes the upper fuse at the top . If this does not explode, it will keep enemy soldiers off guard and lift the land mine . As a result, the fuse on the bottom side detonates .

However, there are other uses for this prevention fuse .

That’s how, under the direction of Meiya, the Knight members threw anti-tank mines into the hole like grenades .

Originally it is an anti-tank mine which is a passive defense weapon, but a grenade fuse (usually using a side socket) for the exclusion prevention (B . Z . 24) is attached to the detonation Fuse . Then one rushes to the tank, ignites the grenade fuse and squeezes and throws the anti-tank mine handle . You can destroy enemy tanks in this way .

The Armor corps, which Lute was unable to defeat with the first anti-tank mines, were planned to be defeated in this way .

So, while Lucca was addressing the Armor Corps, she used the power of magic to dig pits . (TN, I don’t know who dig the pits . I suppose it was Meiya, so I use ‘she’ . )

Trenches, sandbags, and PKM were all traps distract them from the pitfalls .

Meiya continued talking without getting bored while the dust kept dancing .

“He is truly a genius magic tool developer, cough, cough, he is called, cuff, cough! God, I respect you, Cough, I love you! This world cuff, cuff, should be governed by you! Chough . ”

“… Meiya sama, it’s better if you don’t talk forcibly . ”

Shia, as expected, points out while handing out a handkerchief to Meiya .

Unusual for her, who did not show much emotion, she sweated so coldly that she feared Meiya a little .


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