Hello, Heir - Chapter 519

Chapter 519

He would be lying if he said that he wasn’t angry .

Si Zhengting felt that all his hard work during the past couple of days had gone to the dogs .

To make matters worse, the dog had even turned around and bitten him .

And to make matters even worse, he couldn’t do anything about this dog .

He picked up his blazer and strode out angrily, intending to stomp down the stairs .

However, just as he stepped out of the room and saw those stairs, he froze .

It was unclear if Mother Zhuang was dead or alive . Of course she was anxious about that . Why was he making a fuss over the matter?


All the tickets out of Beijing had been fully sold . Didn’t he also feel that there was something fishy about that?

However, he didn’t want her to leave as well . Thus, he decided to turn a blind eye to these strange happenings and to trust Ji Chen . After all, hadn’t he done that before?

He also thought back to what she had said before .

“I’m not a pet that you can order to come and go as you please!”

He rubbed his temples, his head throbbing . He suddenly understood the wisdom behind the words — the cause of a matter would influence its final effect .

If he had not confiscated her passport in the first place, she would not have doubted him .

He stood in place for a moment, then turned around and stood before the door to the room . He hesitated for a moment, then reached out, intending to open the door by pulling on the doorknob .

Just as he was about to open the door, the door opened with a creak .

Si Zhengting stopped in his tracks, then saw someone carelessly and blindly rushing into his arms . It knocked him off balance .

Zhuang Nainai was paralyzed with shock . The collision with the chest had hurt her nose . She rubbed it, then lifted her head . She blinked, then blinked again . Si Zhengting was standing in front of her, his hand extended, intending to open the door .


He was back?

Perhaps he wasn’t angry any longer?

A flicker of light flashed past her dark eyes . She said, “Si Zhengting, you…”

Si Zhengting’s face remained emotionless . Without waiting for her to continue, he coolly said, “I’ve requested for an air route early tomorrow morning . We might as well fly early tomorrow morning instead of taking a plane now and transferring to another flight later on . ”

After he said this, he pulled out his phone and said in a business-like manner, “You can take a look at this . These are the fastest routes to Kentucky . ”

After he said this, he handed his phone over to Zhuang Nainai .

Zhuang Nainai subconsciously reached out for the phone . Then, she looked at the flight routes listed on the display . Finally, she pursed her lips . After some internal hesitation, she said, “I can wait for more news first before deciding . ”

Si Zhengting was taken aback . He lifted his head and looked at her in disbelief .

Her big eyes were twinkling . When he looked over at her, she even blinked . It was as if she was saying to him, Si Zhengting, I’m sorry~

Upon looking at her small face, he felt the anger that was raging within him dissipate .

He even caught the apologetic gleam that flashed past her eyes, which seemed to reflect the guilt she felt toward Mother Zhuang . He felt the need to atone for it .

He felt that his entire life had fallen into the hands of this woman called Zhuang Nainai .

Si Zhengting sighed internally, then checked the time . “Rest well at home . We’ll leave for America with the family doctor tomorrow afternoon . ”

He would take the family doctor along with them to America because she was still worried about Mother Zhuang . This was the biggest concession he was willing to make for her .

Zhuang Nainai felt a warmth spreading throughout her entire body, and it made her feel inexplicably touched .

She nodded dumbly, then returned to the bed in the master bedroom to lie down on the bed as Si Zhengting had told her to do .

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