Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden - Volume 4 - Chapter Aft

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Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 4, Afterword
People's resolve can weave the heavenly melody.

Thank you very much for picking up this book, I'm Sazane Kei.

How did you enjoy Eden volume 4? Volume 3 was an epic showdown between the main character <Sheltis> and the Golden Spell <Maha> so I tried to draw volume 4 in line with the idea of a "life-sized person". The compositions of volume 3 and volume 4 became completely opposite but I wonder if the impressions given at the end are similar?

With the main characters also making a first appearance and the happy accident known as a drama CD, I feel like I'm being pushed on and that I'd like for the story to start running all-out.

......And with that.

Like I just announced, "Eden's" drama CD has been finalized!

Sazane himself was surprised, but this is all ─── all thanks to the editors, K-san and Kasukabe Akira-san, and above all else, all the readers who have taken this book into their hands.

After this, the drama CD's information will be released in Dragon Magazine and on Sazane's blog and there are also plans for it to be featured on the producer, Marine Entertainment-sama's homepage. Key points, check!

Next Volume Preview

Frozen......I have always......always awaited you.

Now, Sheltis, please chase after me <nothing>. That will be the beginning of everything.

Representatives from both organizations gather at the Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> and the Governmental Sector's assembly.

The Priestess representing the tower, Ymy, and the Cadres Guard, Ishtar. And Sheltis once more heads to the Governmental Sector as an escort together with his comrades.

Ymy attends the assembly. On the other hand, Sheltis gets a glimpse of the secret the Governmental Sector is hiding.

However, there lies another shadow of the "uninvited"───

Well then, let us meet once again in December in "Hyouketsu Kyoukai Volume 5, Absolute Sanctuary".

Last third of June, 2010
Sazane Kei

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