I Said Make My Abilities Average! (LN) - Volume 15 - Chapter Aft

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LONG TIME NO SEE, everyone. FUNA here.

Welcome to Volume 15, our second volume since changing publishers to Square Enix. This time we got to meet the elder dragon squad…and some cute beastgirls?! Truly, Mile’s paradise has arrived—along with her personal Fury Road!

MILE: “I’ll destroy them all!”

It seems that the Wonder Trio have been up to quite a bit as well…

Next time, we’ll be hitting up the demon village—while the mysteries surrounding this world and the identities of the unknown invaders slowly start to reveal themselves. Are we finally approaching the climax? Mysteries abound! Keep your eyes peeled for the next volume!!

Speaking of, there was a larger-than-normal gap between Volumes 13 and 14 because of the change in publisher, but things should start moving along more swiftly from here on… 

Recently, I’ve only been leaving my house twice a week to visit the supermarket a three-minute walk away to buy groceries. I speak to others with the same frequency—enough to say, “No thanks, I don’t need a bag.” I don’t ride the train, and I rarely meet up with anyone. It’s a full corona lockdown life.

MILE: “Don’t you get bored of living like that? Why don’t you just hurry up and squash this corona thing so you can get back on with your lives?”

REINA: “Shh! He’s living the exact same way he did before corona!”

MILE: “Ah…”

A-a-anyway! It’s a life that keeps me away from the virus!

Keeping up with Average, I Will Survive Using Potions! has now passed one million total sales as well! By the time this is published, 80,000 Gold will have gotten there, too. The fact that all three of these series have continued to be published with no talks of cancellation is all thanks to you, the readers, as well as those manga artists who have undertaken putting my works into comic form.

Comics sell way more than novels anyway, so as long as the comics sell, my future is secure! Not that I haven’t been concerned for what that means for me as an author…

Oh, speaking of comics, the fourth volume of the spin-off manga, Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Everyday Misadventures, by Yuki Moritaka, goes on sale on March 12th. If you haven’t read it yet, don’t miss this chance to snag it now! The art is adorable. Moritaka-sensei is definitely on the same wavelength with me with the humor and seems to understand the Crimson Vow even better than I do!

Oh, and it looks like the series is doing well overseas, too, with the English version (judging by the star ratings on U.S. Amazon!).

And finally, to the chief editor; to Itsuki Akata, the illustrator; to Yoichi Yamakami, the cover designer; to everyone involved in the proofreading, editing, printing, binding, distribution, and selling of this book; to all the reviewers on Shousetsuka ni Narou who gave me their impressions, guidance, suggestions, and advice; and most of all, to everyone who’s taken these stories into their homes, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I am sure that we will see each other again with the next volume…


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