Chapter 923 - She Was Here!

--Robina 4 star hotel, Capital City, Baymard--


A beautiful curvy middle-aged woman lay in a tub of lukewarm water filled with rosy scented bubbles.

The lady couldn't help but marvel at all the things she had witnessed ever since stepping her feet in Baymard.

Yes, even though the newspapers, pamphlets, books always showed a glimpse of what the place was like... Seeing and experiencing it was a whole over feeling.

She had heard about these phone things, fridges, radios, microwaves and had a rough thought about them.

But using them made her realize how easy life could be.

Not to talk of the miraculous clean water from the taps, the thing called air conditioners that seemed to cool down the heat from outside.

And don't get her started on the magical floors and stairs that seemed to move on their own in public buildings like the landport.

Even taking her picture and doing her hair in the salon made her realize how advanced this place truly was.

In fact, everything should've made her happy, but it didn't.

How could she?

She was frightened by the notion that these Baymardians might be strong.

After all, she, Ex Arcadinian Queen Eliza, came here to rescue her son, Connor Barn.

So if the enemy was strong, then where would that lead her?

Her body trembled with a bit of fear, and her face turned pale with worry.


This was all so frustrating!


When she arrived 4 days ago, her thoughts of attacking were pushed aside.

In the face of such divine technology, how couldn't she panic?

She knew that she couldn't act rashly because this might be the only chance she had to launch a surprise move against the enemy, increasing their chances of getting Connor out.

She wasn't the only one thinking that since even her men and the assassins decided to investigate properly before making their move.

They wanted to confirm whether the facts they gathered out of Baymard were true or not.

That way, they'll know how to act.


She got out of the water, did another rise in the shower, carefully wiped her skin and stepped out of the bathroom.

She had to dress up fast because soon, the men would send in their reports.

And after 10 more minutes, right on cue, there was a knock on her door.

Knock Knock Knock.

Her most trusted guard, Soliar, looked through the peephole before opening it.

Good, the head of the assassin group was here.

Now they could go right down to business.


Eliza sat down in a comfy chair and crossed her legs: "What's the situation?"

The assassin leader glanced at her calmly before leaning back

"There's nothing special, and no over my dangerous people to worry about.

Just as we thought, they are still guarded by the Caronians.

From our investigation, they don't have any Knighthood Academy as we estimated, but they do have a police academy hidden within District B.

We tried to get close to the place, but each time, their patrol dogs alerted people of our arrival.

Those dogs are almost inhuman.

They could detect us even in the dark, chasing after us and even fight against us.

It was like nothing we've ever seen before.

So we decided to give up on District B.

But, we did manage to step into the Police station in District C to 'report that our items were missing.'

And just as we expected, the only weapons they had were those things that they call Tasers, which would only work if we were close to them.

So it's highly possible that just as the Lower region is off-limits, District B might also be off-limits because they don't want people to steal the tasers there.

They might even be manufacturing them there."

Eliza and Soliar nodded in agreement.

After all, they too were also busy with gathering information.

And even from the job offers in the newspapers, they could tell that the lower region was a working place where ordinary people went on and went out.

So far, these sorts of places were highly guarded because of the manufacturing processes.

Even they would do the same if they created all these beautiful things.

Just look at everything within this room?

It was all so heavenly.

Likewise, the tasers might be produced in District B, with only the guards and police officers making them.


If it were just a regular training academy like any of the knighthood academies, why bother prohibiting people from the place?

All over the continent and even within other continents, Knighthood academies were public and open.

They were nothing worth hiding.

Even some peasants were allowed to the academy under their masters as slaves who would shine their master's swords, shoes, do their laundry and so on.

In fact, if it were a regular training academy, it would be open, allowing any foreigners or citizens to take a look.

But that wasn't the case here, meaning that they did more than train... They also produced the tasers!

At least, they knew the weaknesses of these things.

Provided they predict the trajectory when the front part of the taser got detached, then that was good.

Looking at it now, the Baymardians didn't have much going for them.

And after seeing the 5-storey mighty Caronian embassy in Baymard, they were more convinced that Carona was backing up Baymard.

They even met a few Caronian guards at the embassy gate too.

But what shocked them the most was when they heard that soon, the Teriquen embassy would get completed... meaning that Terique would also send more guards after it got done.

Lucky, they decided to take action now.

Because if they chose to come later when Terique had joined in, wouldn't their mission's difficulty get raised?


Eliza breathed out a sigh of relief when she listened to their apologies and conclusions.


Baymard wasn't as dangerous as she feared.

Thankfully, she had hired hundreds of top-ranked professional killers from the Venomous Butterfly Assassins Guild to deal with these issues.

Just looking at how the leader of their group spoke made her feel excessively optimistic too.

"Madam, this mission is a trivial one for the Venomous Butterfly Guild.

I can assure you that this low level of security wouldn't be much for us to handle.

We also visited the option easier and even spoke with your son as planned.

There were guards at the back, so he couldn't tell us anything.

But he kept opening his eyes and shaking his head vigorously while looking at the guard beside him.

He also rejected you from seeing him.

I think he was trying to make me stop talking because the guard might be listening on.

In the end, your son wouldn't give us any helpful information, but we found that the prison layout was far too easy." The assassin said before chewing a gr.a.p.e on the table.

But what he failed to understand was that in the day, he had passed through the visitor area, which was basically laid out in a simple manner for visitors to see their loved ones via the glass.

And as for the real reason why Connor refused to see his mother, that was simple.

If they succeeded in bringing him out, fine and good.

But if they lost, then his mother won't be associated easily.

She can flee or deny everything till the end.

In a way, he was protecting her.

As for the rest, why should he care about them?

He also wanted to tell them that they were playing with fire, but because of his previous fight with one of the Pirate captains in prison, there was a guard by his side at the moment.

Call it bad timing.


The assassin leader massaged his chin, feeling overly confident.

To him, these Baymardians were idiots.

How could they allow both rich and peasant people to visit prisoners?

This was unheard of!

Were they so confident in the Caronians that they weren't afraid of others mastering the way in and out?

How stupid!

"Tomorrow, we'll make our move while you stay behind and await the good news."

Eliza smiled: "Excellent."

Soon, she would rescue get beloved son, teach that brat, William, the lesson of his life before coming back to deal with these Baymardians who fared to lock her son up.

Fortunately, she heard that he didn't have any body parts missing, or else her revenge wouldn't been far worse.

She tapped her armrest gently.

Soon, she would get her precious son back!

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