Invincible - Chapter 1135

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Chapter 1135: 1135

Don’t have the ability!

Zhu Huan’s face darkened . As the Great Whale Sect’s Ancestor, his status and authority were among the highest on Green Cloud Island, yet a mere Barbarian God Sect disciple dared to mock him in front of others, saying that he, Zhu Huan, didn't have the ability to kill him?!  

“Very good, I want to see if that Green Ice Hail Devil can prevent me from killing you . ” Zhu Huan laughed in anger as he stood up from his seat . A purplish-blue fire danced on the surface of his skin .

The purplish blue flames were formed by a type of natural divine fire with significant destructive power . Zhu Huan decided to use his Bizi Fire in advance, well aware that the Green Ice Hail Devil’s frigid cold qi was extremely invasive . His fire was one of the things that could suppress a Green Ice Hail Devil’s frigid cold qi .  [1]

Just as he was about to make a move, Wuyue who had been silent for a while suddenly threw himself at Zhu Huan’s legs, wailing like a madman, “Ancestor, don’t—!”

Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai were dumbfounded by Wuyue’s inexplicable action .

“Wuyue, have you gone mad?!” Zhu Huan bellowed . “Scram, I and Brother Ren together will kill this Huang Xiaolong, then deal with that Green Ice Hail Devil!”

Wuyue continued to tightly hug Zhu Huan’s thigh, looking fearfully at Huang Xiaolong as he pleaded, “Senior Huang, I beg you, spare my Great Whale Sect, spare us . Our Ancestor was confused for a moment, please have mercy on our Great Whale Sect!”

Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai stared dazedly at Wuyue, unable to believe what they had just heard .

Senior Huang?!

Did Wuyue call Huang Xiaolong 'Senior' just now?

Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai’s gazes held surprise when looking at Huang Xiaolong this time, and Zhu Huan was no longer roaring at Wuyue .  

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes fell on the pleading Wuyue . There was no need to ask, it was obvious that he had already found out about the death of the Giant Tribe’s Ju Wufei and several Eminent Grand Elders .

“Sure, I can spare you . ” Huang Xiaolong spoke, “As long as the Great Whale Set and the Elephant Genesis Sect submit to me, I won’t kill you all . ”

“What did say?!” Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai who were still surprised at Wuyue’s action shouted angrily after hearing Huang Xiaolong’s words . Killing intent swept out from their bodies, letting out a wrathful laugh, “Huang Xiaolong, are you looking for a beating? You want our Great Whale Sect to submit to you, go eat shit!”

Zhu Huan couldn’t help swearing with the raging fury and killing intent in his heart .

Ren Changhai smiled coldly “Huang Xiaolong, you want the Elephant Genesis Sect to surrender to you? It’s not impossible, the way is you kneel and bark like a dog for ten thousand years, after ten thousand years, I will consider it . ”

The Divine World’s Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator’s maximum lifespan was ten thousand years . Therefore, Ren Changhai suggesting Huang Xiaolong bark like a dog for ten thousand years was something impossible in their eyes for a Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm like Huang Xiaolong won’t be able to live that long .

Wuyue turned a shade paler with each mocking word that came out of Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai’s mouth .

Huang Xiaolong was just as indifferent looking at Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai, offering, “You two wanted to know why the Giant Tribe did not annihilate the Barbarian God Sect, right? I juat came over from there . ”

Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai did not expect this .

Huang Xiaolong came over from the Barbarian God Sect?

“Ju Wufei is dead, the Giant Tribe’s several Eminent Grand Elders are also dead . ” Huang Xiaolong added without any emotion, “They were all killed by me . ”

Although they had actually been killed by the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts, indirectly speaking, they could be considered as having been killed by Huang Xiaolong .

However, Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai exploded into laughter, clutching their stomachs .

The Giant Tribe Patriarch Ju Wufei . The owner of this name was one of the most powerful experts of the surrounding islands for several thousand years, yet this Huang Xiaolong came to them claiming that Ju Wufei was dead . On top of that, he had died in the hands of a Barbarian God Sect disciple . Not only Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai, but any other person would it think such claim was ridiculous .

As Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai bent over laughing, two overwhelming, savage pressures filled every inch of the great hall .

Under this pressure, Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai felt as if billions of catties of weight were pushing down on their backs, so heavy that they couldn’t even stand up straight . Within their limited line of sight, they saw two mountain-sized beasts appear behind Huang Xiaolong .

The two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts’ crimson red large eyes were fixed coldly on Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai .

Their knees buckled, nearly kneeling in front of Huang Xiaolong .

“Two ancient Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts!” Zhu Huan’s tongue was quivering in his mouth, his eyes wide with fear .

Wuyue’s reaction was no different than Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai’s despite knowing in advance that Ju Wufei’s group was killed by Huang Xiaolong’s two beasts . Still, this was his first time seeing two Fifth Order Ancient God Realm Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts, not to mention at such a close distance .

Huang Xiaolong looked at Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai, “You two think it’s funny?”

Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai wanted to smile good-naturedly at Huang Xiaolong, but neither of them could smile at this moment .

“Se-Senior Huang,” Zhu Huan was the first to speak .

Huang Xiaolong cut him off, “I’ll give you three minutes to consider whether to submit to me or die like Ju Wufei . ”

Huang Xiaolong spoke lightly but Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai looked like they were already dead .

Three minutes later, both of them chose to submit .

Since Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai were Ancient God Realm masters, their soul force and will were stronger than the current Huang Xiaolong, a Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm . He was unable to directly control them, therefore, Zhu Huan, Ren Changhai, as well as Wuyue made a blood oath .

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong had Ren Changhai summon Pan Jue, the Elephant Genesis Sect Chief to make the same blood oath .

As for the two sects’ Grand Elders and Elders, Huang Xiaolong did not bother with them . After all, the two sects’ highest authorities, Zhu Huan, Ren Changhai, Wuyue, and Pan Jue would know how to control those subordinates .

Before leaving, Huang Xiaolong ordered Zhu Huan and Ren Changhai to kneel in the great hall for one year . Only after one year could they stand up . This was considered a small punishment for ‘suggesting’ him to kneel for ten thousand years .

From the Great Whale Sect, Huang Xiaolong did not return to the Barbarian God Sect, heading straight to the island where the Giant Tribe lived .

He did not forget about the three grade five spiritual veins sealed in Giant Island’s underground space .

Now was the right time to go collect them . Even though Ju Wufei and those several Eminent Grand Elders were dead, the remaining Giant Tribe’s strength was not to be underestimated . If he could subjugate them, it would be something to be happy about . If not, then he would directly wipe off their few remaining Eminent Grand Elders .

With the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts’ speed, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Giant Island two weeks later .

A few days later, he and Yao Chi left the Giant Island .

When Huang Xiaolong left, there were three additional grade five spiritual veins inside his Godly Mt . Xumi .

Fortunately, the remaining Giant Tribe Eminent Grand Elders led the tribe to submit to Huang Xiaolong . This was the only reason he did not take the Giant Tribe’s entire treasury away .

Back at the Barbarian God Sect, Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi stayed at the Celestial Immortal Manor, cultivating, and occasionally sightseeing outside .

Although Huang Xiaolong was anxious to head to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield to search for the grandmist aura so he could cultivate the Grandmist Parasite Medium, he wanted to spend some time with Yao Chi before departing .

1 . Bizi means blue purple