Invincible - Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Heavenly Treasure: God Binding Ring

Huang Xiaolong already detected Duan Wuhen’s impending arrival through the increasingly terrifying pressure he emitted and his aura and his nerves stretched tautly. If Duan Wuhen arrived first, Huang Xiaolong would surely die!

Should he flee now or hang on a little longer?!

If he left now, he could probably escape but would end up leaving the Heavenly Treasure behind. Duan Wuhen might not have time to chase after him but if he continued to refine the golden ring, Duan Wuhen might arrive during the process, or worse, just when he finished refining the treasure.

What to do?

What should he do?!!!

Huang Xiaolong was nervous, conflicted, and unwilling.

While Huang Xiaolong was busy contemplating, the twin dragons who were previously shaken off became angered and their heads tilted and roared as bright lights burst out from their bodies. The oppressive might of a Primordial Divine Dragon enchanted their bodies and once again, they entwined around the golden circle, causing the golden ring to emit strange cries and shine brightly as it struggled. However, this time it failed to shake off the twin dragons.

Both the black and blue dragons wound around it firmly and returned to Huang Xiaolong’s body, dragging the golden ring along as a prisoner.

When the golden ring disappeared into Huang Xiaolong’s body, the area around Huang Xiaolong darkened, revealing a black hole. An immense suction force exploded out from the black hole, swallowing Huang Xiaolong inside.

The black hole shrunk and vanished like it was never there.

Right when the black hole vanished, a silhouette shot towards it at breakneck speed − this new arrival was naturally Duan Wuhen!

Watching the black hole vanishing right before his eyes, an enormous suction force suddenly burst out of his palm. It seemed like it could absorb a part of Heaven and Earth, he nearly ripped Huang Xiaolong out from the black hole. A shocking pressure gushed out from the black hole at this time, cutting off Duan Wuhen’s suction force and indirectly saving Huang Xiaolong’s life.

Duan Wuhen staggered a step back from being rebuffed by the black hole. His face distorted due to outrage and he let out a roar at the top of his lungs. With an angry swing of his hands, the surrounding area’s rocks, reefs, seaweed, fish, and everything else exploded into pieces.



So close! So close!

Just one step! The Heavenly Treasure was taken by someone else and it disappeared right in front of his eyes!

Regardless of how well his demeanor and upbringing was, he could not help but spit out foul curses.

That was a Heavenly Treasure! He made every effort to plead with his Imperial Father to use the Saint level space-time artifact so that he could make it in time from the Duanren Empire, consuming more than a hundred thousand Spirit Dan. Thinking of the hundred thousand Spirit Dan that were wasted, Duan Wuhen could not contain his anger and disappointment. He did not even know what the Heavenly Treasure looked like.

At this time, a Sect Patriarch of a prominent sect in the Baolong Kingdom arrived on the scene and was shocked seeing Duan Wuhen’s presence. As he concluded something, he walked up to Duan Wuhen in a flattering manner, saying: “Congratulations to his Imperial Highness Second Prince for acquiring the great treasure. Imperial Highness Second Prince’s prestige will resound throughout the world!”

Yet Duan Wuhen turned around and glared at him, killing intent glinted and disappeared in his eyes too quickly before the Sect Patriarch could detect it. He faced Duan Wuhen with confusion on his face and it was then that Duan Wuhen’s fist abruptly attacked. The fist punctured the unlucky Sect Patriarch’s chest and exited through his back. Duan Wuhen’s entire arm punctured through the hole.

The Sect Patriarch cast his vision downward, staring blankly at the huge hole in his chest, and a finger lifted to point at Duan Wuhen as his body washed away with the undercurrent. Up to the moment of his death, the Sect Patriarch didn’t know why Duan Wuhen wanted to kill him.

Was it because he saw Duan Wuhen getting the Heavenly Treasure and so was killed to keep the secret?

How could the pitiful Sect Patriarch have any idea it was because his words of flattery were like rubbing salt on Duan Wuhen’s wound?

Several more prominent sect leaders and family Patriarchs arrived on the scene. Seeing Duan Wuhen kill a prominent sect’s Patriarch with just a punch, their hearts jumped with fright. Each person was filled with terror as they turned around to flee.

But Duan Wuhen’s anger was not pacified. Seeing these flies trying to run, another fist struck out. This fist strike divided into several smaller fist prints targeting different individuals. Be it family Patriarch or Sect Leader, each had a fist penetrating through their chests.

“A bunch of lowly slaves!” Duan Wuhen snorted coldly while looking at the corpses. With a flash, he disappeared from the area.

Not long after Duan Wuhen left, Big Sword Sect’s Yu Chen, the Martial Ning Family’s Ning Wang, and the rest who arrived were aghast when they saw all of the scattered corpses.

Each person exchanged an astonished look with their companions.

They recognized these dead people. All of them were either Sect Leaders or Patriarch’s of prominent families. Moreover, each of them were Xiantian realm experts. The only person capable of killing so many Xiantian realm experts at once while the rest were rushing over was: His Imperial Highness Second Prince, Duan Wuhen!

These people were killed by Duan Wuhen… did that mean the great treasure in Enlightenment Lake was taken away by him?!

Although none of them said it out loud, all of them were absolutely sure it was Duan Wuhen who acquired the treasure.

Even if there was an unwillingness in their hearts, this result was within their expectation. Thus, there was not much of lingering resentment. They turned around and left.

Meanwhile, after being pulled into the black hole, a glaring bright light flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes and he was brought to an ancient battlefield. This ancient battlefield looked like the one he saw carved into the mountain wall. Everything was the same. A bleak desolate era filled with death, slaughter, and savageness all fused together. This was the ancient battlefield before his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong activated his battle qi and focused on his surroundings as he cautiously and slowly stepped forward.

The sand beneath his feet was soft and grayish-yellow in color, and there were ruins and corpses surrounding him but he did not any see any corpses from the two, four, and six winged races.

As Huang Xiaolong moved forward, the golden ring in his body shook for a moment and a buzz resounded in his mind before some memories were added to his consciousness.

God Binding Ring!”

From the flood of memories, Huang Xiaolong learned the name of this golden ring. It was called the God Binding Ring!

Huang Xiaolong stood still with his eyes closed, then opened them abruptly. Both palms struck forward and a ring-shaped palm print ripped through the air traveling several hundred meters, separating the airflow in front of him.

This was the heritage battle skill he received – God Binding Palm!

According to the memories, by reaching the pinnacle when cultivating this battle skill, one could bind heaven and earth, space, time, and even a God.

A real, true God!

“So powerful! It can actually bind a true God!” Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded.  Heaven and earth, space, and time were all invisible elements. If this God Binding Palm could constrain these intangible things, didn’t that mean it could bind living beings as well?!

“I wonder where the God Binding Ring ranks in the Heavenly Treasure List? Duanren Institute’s Absolute Soul Pearl sits at number four, and its heritage battle skill, Absolute Soul Finger, is said to be able to penetrate hell. I wonder which one is stronger?”

By triggering the God Binding Ring, one could enter this ancient battlefield? What is here and what is the purpose? Huang Xiaolong organized his thoughts.

Since he was brought there, a purpose must exist.

Could this place be used for practice?! A thought suddenly emerged in Huang Xiaolong’s mind and he quickly sat down, running the Asura Tactics. Behind him hovered the black and blue twin dragons. The netherworld spiritual energy rained down like a waterfall from a void above, and Huang Xiaolong noticed that it did not disappear. Other than the netherworld spiritual energy, there was another foreign spiritual energy that came from the ancient battlefield before it was absorbed into his body.

“What spiritual energy is this?!” Huang Xiaolong was stunned.

Not only did this spiritual energy fuse smoothly with his nether battle qi when entering his body, but even the rate of netherworld battle qi conversion in his Qi Sea became several times faster!


The passage of time flowed by like a river.

Huang Xiaolong had spent several days practicing in this ancient battlefield and the speed in which his nether battle qi condensed was astonishing. Several days of practice in here was the equivalent of one month outside.

Huang Xiaolong was overjoyed. At this rate, in another two weeks’ time he could advance to late-Ninth Order!