Invincible - Chapter 1596

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Chapter 1596: 1596

“This is the desolate world surface . ” Jiang Hong said as he looked at the enormous world surface . He introduced to Huang Xiaolong in a meaningful tone, “This world surface was famous during the desolate era because this world surface was where one of the most powerful clans, the Black Dragon Clan lived!”

“The desolate era’s Black Dragon Clan!” Huang Xiaolong and the rest were astounded upon hearing that .

As one of the strongest clans during the desolate era, the Black Dragon Clan was undoubtedly powerful .

The little cow interjected at this time, “During the desolate era, other than the Divine World’s Emperor Palaces, there were various powerful ancient clans and tribes . Some of these ancient clans and tribes’ powers were comparable to the top ten Emperor Palaces, the Black Dragon Clan for example was one of them . The Black Dragon Clan during the desolate era could go head to head with the Grandmist Emperor Palace!”

Even though Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, and Yao Chi had guessed the desolate Black Dragon Clan was powerful, they had not expected to hear that the Black Dragon Clan was actually comparable to the Grandmist Emperor Palace!

The Grandmist Emperor Palace was the Divine World’s number one Emperor Palace . It stood high above the rest that even the second ranked Brightness Emperor Palace and the third ranked Fiend God Emperor Palace combined could not shake the Grandmist Emperor Palace’s position . Just from this, one could imagine how strong the Black Dragon Clans was in the desolate era .

“What happened then?” Huang Xiaolong asked .

The little cow’s head swayed as she spoke, “Later on, the Black Dragon Clan’s Ancestor and Patriarch disappeared, and the Black Dragon Clan deteriorated from then on . The desolate Black Dragon Clan no longer exists . They have not existed in the Divine World since several tens of millions of years . ”

Although this possibility had occurred to Huang Xiaolong, he still felt melancholic .

“The desolate Black Dragon Clan’s Ancestor and Patriarch went missing?” But Huang Xiaolong himself frowned after asking the question .

As if knowing what Huang Xiaolong was thinking, the little cow spoke solemnly, “The year when the Black Dragon Clan’s Ancestor and Patriarch went missing suddenly raised a lot of suspicions . That was about the same time when the Devil World’s Archdevil Lord went missing . ”

“There was also the Ancient Heavenly Emperor! The Ancient Heavenly Emperor also went missing around the same time . ” Jiang Hong added .

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow already knew that the Ancient Heavenly Emperor had fallen in the depths of the Devil Abyss, but Jiang Hong did not .

“Senior Brother is saying that the Black Dragon Clan’s Ancestor, Patriarch, and the Devil World’s Archdevil Lord’s disappearances are connected?” Huang Xiaolong asked .

Jiang Hong’s eyes glimmered . “There is such a possibility . In truth, this is what most of the Emperor Palaces’ Ancestors think . However, after all these years, no one has found the answer to this mystery . ”

“Alright, enough with this topic . Quickly hurry to the Old Man Grandmist’s Grandmist Land . It has been a long time since I’ve seen Old Man Grandmist, and this old cow can’t wait anymore . ” The little cow clamored .

Huang Xiaolong burst her bubble, “I think you’re missing the Grandmist Fruits more . ”

There were the Grandmist Fruits on the Grandmist Land, fruits borne by a kind of grandmist divine tree that were absolutely tasty . In Jiang Hong’s words, it tasted a hundred times better than the spirit nectar .

The little cow blanked but swiftly covered up with a chuckle, “Hehe, did Kiddo Grandmist tell you about it? Though I crave the Grandmist Fruits, I also miss Old Man Grandmist ah, so, the truth is, I miss both of them, both of them . ”

As if afraid that Huang Xiaolong might misunderstand, the little cow repeated more than once that she missed both of them .

Huang Xiaolong didn’t continue bantering with the old cow . He had Xiang Xun and the Chaos Black Camel maneuver the Dragon Shark Flying Ship to the desolate world surface .

A while later, the Dragon Shark Flying Ship stopped not far from the world surface .

Standing before the world surface, Huang Xiaolong detected a vague energy barrier that was similar to vigor qi, enshrouding the entire desolate world surface . Intermingled within this vigor energy were spiritual energy, death qi, frigid qi, and a unique darkness energy .

The Dragon Shark Flying Ship broke through the barrier of vigor energy and entered the desolate world surface .

“Kiddo Huang, though the desolate Black Dragon Clan is already extinct, there are still a lot of the clan’s treasures that were left behind . Moreover, you have the True Dragon Physique, if you can get your hands on the Black Dragon Clan’s treasures, it would greatly benefit your cultivation . ” After entering the world surface, the little cow suddenly said .

Huang Xiaolong was stunned .

“You’re saying, although the Black Dragon Clan has disappeared, their treasures were not snatched away by other experts?” Huang Xiaolong asked with a stirring of excitement .

“You can put it that way, but not entirely . More than ten million years ago, the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s Kiddo Fiend God brought a group of Fiend God Emperor Palace’s Ancestors here, slaughtered the remaining of the Black Dragon Clan, and took away more than half of the Black Dragon Clan’s treasures . ” said the little cow .

Huang Xiaolong hadn’t expected for the Fiend God Emperor Palace to have actually slaughtered the last of Black Dragon Clan!

“Though the Fiend God Emperor Palace more or less moved everything away, they did not find the Black Dragon Clan’s several heritage treasures!” Jiang Hong chimed in at this point . “In so many years, even though numerous Emperor Palaces’ experts have searched this world surface over and over again, none of them have managed to find those heritage treasures . ”

“What are those treasures?” Huang Xiaolong asked as curiosity and desire bubbled up his chest .

“One of them is the Black Dragon Divine Armor, a top-grade grandmist spiritual artifact, also one of the Black Dragon Clan’s most precious treasures . No need to explain how strong the armor’s defenses are, additionally, when you put the armor on, the black dragon soul within would absorb dragon qi from the Dragon World on it’s own to temper the wearer’s flesh and soul . Worn on a dragon clan’s disciple, it accelerates his cultivation speed by leaps and bounds . The other treasure is the Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangle . Though the Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangle cannot compare to the Black Dragon Divine Armor, it’s a wonderful top-grade grandmist spatial artifact . The third treasure is the Black Dragon Throne, also a top-grade grandmist flight artifact of astounding speed!” Jiang Hong named the treasures one by one .

Huang Xiaolong and the others grew increasingly astonished as they listened to Jiang Hong .

“On top of that, that Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangle contains the desolate Black Dragon Clan’s numerous spiritual pills, spiritual herbs, and spiritual veins . ” The little cow supplemented . “Any one of these three treasures is enough to make the Divine World’s experts fight a bloody battle for it . ”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in agreement .

“But these three treasures might be on the Black Dragon Clan’s missing Ancestor or Patriarch, right? Otherwise, why didn’t the various Emperor Palaces’ experts find it after searching so many times in so many years?” Huang Xiaolong asked after some thought .

Jiang Hong shook his head and replied, “According to the last Black Dragon Clan’s young lord, these three treasures were not on the Black Dragon Clan’s Ancestor or Patriarch, and it’s here somewhere on this world surface!”

“Senior Brother, do you know where the Black Dragon Clan’s ruins are?“ Huang Xiaolong asked .

Jiang Hong was caught off guard by his question before he laughed . “Both Senior Azure Cow and I know . It’s on the way, might as well go and take a look around . Junior Brother has great luck, who knows, maybe Junior Brother would be able to find these three treasures . ”

With that decided, with Jiang Hong and the little cow guiding their way, Huang Xiaolong had Xiang Xun direct the Dragon Shark Flying Ship towards the Black Dragon Clan’s ruins .

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