Invincible - Chapter 179

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Chapter 179: Imperial City Battle (11)

Streaks of lightning targeted Yanggang, whipping him like a savage torrent. Howling winds akin to cries from hell bombarded his body as hard rain pelted down, accompanied by wails of an Asura and angry thunderbolts.

Huang Xiaolong had successfully combined the fourth move of Asura Sword Skill, State of Abundant Lightning with the first move and second move, Tempest of Hell and Tears of Asura. This triple attack combination had more than doubled the attack power compared to when Huang Xiaolong previously only attacked with Tempest of Hell and Tears of Asura!

The sudden burst of terrifying energy from the three combined moves made the expressions of the experts who were outside the battle arena tighten.

On the stage, Yanggang watched in horror as the bright streaks of lightning grew denser.

"Celestial Yin Body!"

Terrified, Yanggang once again used Celestial Yin Body, softening his body to a state of seemingly being boneless, shifting quickly around the stage to avoid the attacking lightning. His boneless body continued to twist as he moved on the stage or twirled when jumping in midair. Using this method, Yanggang managed to avoid dozens of attacks, but in the end he was still struck in the chest.

A tragic resounding scream came from Yanggang as his body plummeted down from midair.

Numerous lightning streaks raged as if they excitedly found a place to vent their frustration and unleash their wrath upon. Every bolt of lightning hit Yanggang at the same time. Even though Yanggang tried to roll away, his back was exposed.

The aroma of charred meat permeated the air.

This move, State of Abundant Lightning, attacks by triggering the essence of the lightning element which was several times stronger than average lightning. Even with the Celestial Yin Body, Yanggang could not avoid being turned into roast meat when struck with such high intensity lightning.

All of the flashing lightning disappeared from the stage.

Huang Xiaolong floated down from midair onto the stage, staring coldly at Yanggang's figure lying on the battle stage. The ice blue film enveloping the surface of his skin slowly receded. Since he was so heavily injured and the battle qi in his body was exhausted, he could no longer maintain his altered physical transformation. Celestial Yin Body was deactivated.

One could hear faint howling cries coming from Yanggang's body while Huang Xiaolong stepped towards him.

Yanggang convolused in pain, flopping and grunting on the stage floor. His face was distorted and his hands clawed and tore at his robe as if he wanted to rip apart his own chest. Red blood was instantly stained everywhere.

A queer silence fell on the square as everyone watched this scene.

No one uttered a sound. The result of this match was obvious to everyone.

The crowd looked at the tortured Yanggang with a complicated expression, all the while the cries and whistling howls did not cease to echo from Yanggang's body.

Below the stage, Cui Li, Pang Yu, and the rest all stared at Huang Xiaolong, unable to conceal the horror within their hearts.

If the person who battled against Huang Xiaolong just now was one of them and not Yanggang, what would've been their ending?

Yanggang's misery and anguish sent chills through Pang Yu down to his very core as cold sweat dampened his back.

In that very moment, Huang Xiaolong was more terrifying than Xie Puti in not only Pang Yu's eyes, but the crowd's as well. Although Xie Puti's phoenix fire brought about unbearable pain, it was nothing compared to the torment Yanggang seemed to be experiencing as he drowned in so much excruciating pain that he'd be better off dead. This exceeded what Xie Puti's phoenix fire induced.

"I, I, I!" Yanggang tried his best to say something when he noticed Huang Xiaolong's approach.

Huang Xiaolong sneered while watching him for he already knew what Yanggang wanted to say, but he would not give Yanggang that chance. A tiny spark of murderous rage glinted in Huang Xiaolong's eyes, then he raised the Blades of Asura in his hands.

However, just as Huang Xiaolong was about to swing the Blades of Asura down at Yanggang, a voice shouted: "Stop!". That voice seemed to contain an enthralling power that jarred Huang Xiaolong's consciousness, causing his action to halt midway.

"Huang Xiaolong, you've already won this match!" Cheng Jian stood up and said, "Stage battles only determine a win or loss, not life and death!"

Only determine win or loss, not life and death—this was one of the Imperial City Battle rules!

Huang Xiaolong frowned, but he put the blades away.

"For this battle, the winner is Huang Xiaolong!" Seeing Huang Xiaolong willingly drop the matter, Cheng Jian proceeded to announce the result.

When Cheng Jian officially made the announcement, the entire Duanren Square began to boil.

Before the battle started, it never crossed anyone's mind that Yanggang would end up losing so miserably. Moreover, Huang Xiaolong defeated Yanggang without relying on his martial spirit! If Huang Xiaolong were to summon his martial spirit, to what extent would his strength reach?!

Outside the battle arena, the over one thousand participants that were ousted on the first two days of competition had beads of cold sweat trickling down their foreheads after watching Huang Xiaolong and Yanggang's battle. At the same time, a feeling of solace washed over them.

They were thankful for not meeting Huang Xiaolong on the stage, and also thankful that they did not provoke him.

Huang Xiaolong turned around and walked down from the battle stage.

When he was passing by Xie Puti, Xie Puti spoke, "You are much stronger than I had expected. When we meet on the stage, I will use everything I've got to fight you!"

Huang Xiaolong looked at Xie Puti's face, then nodded at him but did not say anything. Just like that, he returned to his seat.

Cui Li's gaze that had been closely following Huang Xiaolong slowly looked away. At this moment, her emotions were in a state of turmoil.

The truth was, she had a good impression of Huang Xiaolong. They might not have known each other for long, but good impressions were not measured by how much time one spends with somebody else.

It was just that… ! Thinking of Heartless Young Noble and her family, Cui Li sighed hopelessly.

After the third group's battle between Huang Xiaolong and Yanggang ended, the fourth group was up. Pang Yu versus Jiang Damin.

The result was soon announced and was within everyone's expectation, Pang Yu defeated Juang Damin, winning the fourth group's battle. The match moved onto the fifth group which paired Dai Shanni against Hu Zhi and also ended in the assumed outcome without much suspense. Dai Shanni won.

With that, the first five battles of the day ended.

Six people with superb talent martial spirits. Other than the eliminated Yanggang, the remaining five secured the top five spots. The crowd lamented after witnessing this sad outcome. Yanggang was a popular candidate for winning second place in this year's Imperial City Battle, yet in it ended with him not even making it into the top five.

Not to mention how heavily injured he was by Huang Xiaolong, whether Yanggang could even cultivate smoothly in the future was a question that remained to be answered.

With the top five spots determined, the remaining five people would next battle for the top three spots in the coming round.

At this time on the main platform, Cheng Jian inquired from Duan Wuhen, "Your Highness Second Imperial Prince, how should we arrange the coming matches?" According to Cheng Jian's original plan, once the competitors were whittled down to five candidates, Xie Puti would automatically be placed in the top three without contention. However, the strength Huang Xiaolong had just shown made him hesitate.

This question also made Duan Wuhen wrinkle his brows. Choose Xie Puti… or choose Huang Xiaolong as one of the top three without contention? It was a hard choice for him too.

"Follow what we set earlier." Duan Wuhen said solemnly.

Since it was hard to choose either one of them, proceeding according to the previous arrangement would work best.

"Yes, Second Imperial Prince." Cheng Jian understood Duan Wuhen's implied meaning.

Following that, Cheng Jian announced Xie Puti would directly enter the top three without contending against anyone else, thus leaving Huang Xiaolong, Cui Li, Pang Yu, and Dai Shanni to draw lots and battle it out.

The announcement did not faze Huang Xiaolong. He stepped out to draw a lot, and he got… Cui Li.

When Cui Li saw that her next opponent was Huang Xiaolong, the complicated emotions in her eyes deepened, while Pang Yu and Dai Shanni breathed out in relief on the side.

Against Huang Xiaolong, neither of them had any chance of victory. At least there was now an opportunity for one of them to enter top three.

Standing on the stage, Huang Xiaolong and Cui Li faced each other.

Cui Li looked grievously at Huang Xiaolong, "Do you blame me for bringing Zhao Wuji to look for you the other day?"