Invincible - Chapter 19

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Chapter 19:  Body Metamorphose Scripture – Fourth Stage


But, the Tempest of Hell cyclones did not last long at all, it zigzags within the perimeter of the small yard lasting about one breath’s time - then it is gone.

After that, Huang Xiaolong did not did not swing the blades again, but reenact the motions and how it feels when the Tempest of Hell forms. As he stands there, inside his mind were an endless parade of swirling cyclones that engulf everything in its path, however, the sporadic movement is seen clearly by his eyes.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong suddenly moves; his hands wield the blades. This time, there are eighteen rays of blades appeared out of nowhere, in a constant spin in midair; air drafts rotates forming two dense cyclones – doubled the size of previous cyclones.

Once again Huang Xiaolong stands motionless, recollecting the sensation when the Tempest of Hell forms, the way it swirls, and the way it rotates as it moves accordingly to a predetermined trajectory and lastly, its directions.

Another half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong waves out Blades of Asura once again.

And so the circle repeats, over and over again.

Every time after he slashes out, he stands immobile on the spot like a statue, comprehending the essence of the move then attacks again.

From morning till noon, until evening and till the last ray of sunlight is about to disappear; the blades in Huang Xiaolong’s hands suddenly strikes out. Two distinctive Tempest of Hell is constantly rotating that the whistles of the wind are akin to mournful whimpers that crawl out from hell; causing hearts to palpitates listening to it.

Apart from that, the current Tempest of Hell can last for five breathes time.

As he listens to the faint cries of hell coming from the Tempest of Hell, Huang Xiaolong lets out a sigh of relief; according to the piece of paper, once Tempest of Hell issues faint hellish cries then it is considered as minor completion!

If the Sovereign Founder of Asura’s Gates, Ren Wokuang knew that Huang Xiaolong only used one day of practice to reach minor completion in Asura Sword Skill’s First Style – Tempest of Hell, he would be dumbstruck speechless.

During Ren Wokuang’s time, when he accidentally got hold of this particular exercise law; it took him more than two months practicing Tempest of Hell before he could produce the cries from hell.

Whereby Huang Xiaolong only used one day!

Battle skills training are irrelevant to martial spirits for it relies on individual’s talent and insight. In his previous life, Huang Xiaolong’s a rare martial arts prodigy in a hundred years. The concept of battle skills is similar to martial skills. Thus it’s not something inconceivable that Huang Xiaolong just needs one day of practice to achieve minor completion in the First Style of Asura Sword Skill. 

Watching the night descends, Huang Xiaolong stops his training. He enters his room and sits cross-legged on the cold jade bed, running Asura Tactics exercise law to practice his battle qi. 

Ever since he advanced to Fourth Order, his double-headed serpent martial spirits not only evolved into superb talent twin martial spirits, physically its size had gone up a notch.

At the time when Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirits had just awakened, the double-headed serpent martial spirits were only half a meter long.

Black and Blue Dragon hovers at behind Huang Xiaolong; its mouth wide open devouring nonstop the netherworld spiritual aura pouring down from midair. The netherworld spiritual aura became darker, thicker and purer after the broke through to Fourth Order.

From the bodies of Black and Blue Dragon faintly emits the prestige of a dragon.


Time flies and very quickly one month had passed.

The days gives way to month; every day is the same routine. Apart from practicing Asura Tactics, and Body Metamorphose Scripture, every morning Huang Xiaolong will be practicing Asura Sword Skill in the small yard. After one month’s time, when Huang Xiaolong attacks with Blades of Asura, the blade rays has reached up to forty from the initial eighteen; and the cyclones generated by Tempest of Hell has more than doubled in size.

One night at the back mountain, Huang Xiaolong wants to tests the power of Tempest of Hell; with a wave of the blades in his hands, Tempest of Hell flew out spinning. As the Tempest of Hell spins around, every tree within thirty meters was cut down and on the tree trunks of these cut-down trees was covered with numerous slash marks as if someone slashed them with a sword more a hundred times.

Looking at the trees on the ground, Huang Xiaolong nods his head in satisfaction; Asura Sword Skill’s attack power is quite high and so much stronger than his previous life family’s sword skill, the Excrate Devil Sword.

“But, with this speed, to reach this move – Tempest of Hell’s major completion still needs six months’ time.” Huang Xiaolong thinks silently.

Although the power of Tempest of Hell’s attack is already quite high after a month’s hard penance, however, compared to that piece of paper’s description, his power is still a far cry from major completion.

This Tempest of Hell attack’s once he reaches major completion, once the two cyclones form Huang Xiaolong could change directions according to his will.

After practicing for some time at the back mountain, Huang Xiaolong slowly adjusts his mood. Opening his legs wide apart and both of his hands stretches up above his head; absorbing the surrounding spiritual aura that seems to gush into his body, converting them into internal strength; accumulating inside Huang Xiaolong’s dantian.

Moments after entering his Body Metamorphose training pose, suddenly Huang Xiaolong notice a bright flash of golden light from his dantian. Subsequently, his body follows, glowing brightly, the air ripples outwards in four directions as an internal qi bursts forth from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Slowly, Huang Xiaolong retrieves his palm and stops his training. His eyes open as he circulates the third stage internal qi along his meridians, opening them further!

With his, he will be able to train in the fourth stage – Convert Power of the Stars.

Recalling the instructions for the Fourth Stage, Huang Xiaolong’s right feet steps one foot forward facing his left foot similar to the number eight (八 ), his body bending forward over the knees. His left hand stretches over the head pointing up to the sky, and in this posture, Huang Xiaolong breathes slowly. The spiritual aura once again rushes towards Huang Xiaolong, absorb into his body.


The night passed quietly.

Only when the sky starts to brighten that Huang Xiaolong puts down his left hand and steps back; finishing his Body Metamorphose Scripture training.

After breathing out a mouth of foul qi, he strikes out some Ethereal Palm as practice before heading back to Huang Clan Manor. By the time he reached Huang Clan Manor, the sun’s already high up in the sky; with ambling steps, Huang Xiaolong heads towards the Eastern Courtyard’s hall. Stepping into the hall, Huang Xiaolong sees both Huang Peng and Su Yan are present however something about the atmosphere in the hall seems not right that Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but ask: “Dad, Mom, what’s the matter?”

“Huang Wei’s out from the Spirit Pool!” Huang Peng said looking at his son; his voice sounded weak: “I heard he reached peak-late Second Order!”

Only at this moment, Huang Xiaolong remembers that one month has passed since the Spirit Pool opened. Peak early-Second Order?  Looks like the result of one month's practice in the Spirit Pool is not bad; Huang Xiaolong sneers.

“Dad, Mom, you don’t have to worry about next year’s Clan Assembly.” Huang Xiaolong said: “Actually, I had already reached peak early-Second Order the day before yesterday!”

Huang Xiaolong projects his battle qi after he finishes his sentence.

“This, peak early-Second Order!” Huang Peng and Su Yan were full of shock sensing the battle qi coming from Huang Xiaolong’s body. 

“Xiaolong, this?!" Huang Peng stares at his son, could it be his son had another fortuitous adventure? If not, how could he advance with such speed?

Laughingly, Huang Xiaolong explains: “About this matter, it’s better if you don’t ask.

Huang Peng and Su Yan made eye contact; it seems their son carries many secrets, but since their son does not wish to elaborate, then they will not pester him about it.

“Okay, Xiaolong, as long as you breakthrough to Third Order by the end of the year, even if you can’t defeat Huang Wei, Dad will still allow you to practice at the back mountains.” Huang Peng said as he looks at his son.