Invincible - Chapter 2270

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Chapter 2270: Doesn’t That Mean?!

“Furthermore, this, this rate of evolution, is too scary!” Chen Shiming gasped.

According to what they knew, the eight legendary peerless experts’ evolution speed of their evolvable saint physiques, saint bloodlines, and saint godheads was quite slow, despite their outstanding talents.

The one with the fastest evolution speed, who also had the highest talent amongst the eight experts had taken more than a million years for his complete dao saint godhead to rise from below four thousand rankings into the top twenty!

Yet, in less than a year, Huang Xiaolong’s saint physique, saint bloodline, and saint godhead had evolved, rising more than one hundred places in the rankings. At this rate, it won’t take Huang Xiaolong a million years to enter the top twenty rankings, wasn’t it?

Thinking of this point, Guo Qirong, Xu Jun, Yang Jingzhi, and the others looked jarred to the soul.

There were a lot of rumors related to the legend. One of them claimed that the peerless expert with the fastest evolution speed and highest talent would, sooner or later, become the Holy World’s number one powerhouse!

It was because his evolution speed was too fast, and it wouldn’t be long before his achievements surpassed other peerless experts.

Now, Huang Xiaolong had an evolution speed faster than that peerless expert. Doesn’t that mean…?!

At the thought of this, Li Wen, Chen Shiming, and the rest felt like the air was robbed out of their chests, and they were almost asphyxiated from excitement, trembling all over.

In the meantime, Huang Xiaolong had stepped out from the array.

Li Wen, Chen Shiming, and the others recovered from their daze and hurried forward to Huang Xiaolong’s side.

“Congratulations, Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong!” Li Wen actually bowed as he approached Huang Xiaolong and congratulated him.

As the head of Eminent Elders, Li Wen’s status was naturally one of the highest in the Holy Gate. When Wan Zhuoyuan was around, Li Wen also used to bow to Wan Zhuoyuan, but he had never knelt, and today, Li Wen bowed to Huang Xiaolong!

The crux of the matter was, Huang Xiaolong was merely a late-Ninth Order Sovereign, whereas Wan Zhuoyuan was already a True Saint!

However, seeing this sight, none of the present Eminent Elders thought it was unusual. In truth, their attitude seemed to take Li Wen’s action for granted.

“We congratulate Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong’s second test’s success!”

Chen Shiming, Guo Qirong, Xu Jun, and the others also bowed and sent waves of congratulations. Especially Xu Jun, Guo Qirong, Gong Chen, and Li Yuhui. Their behavior was more respectful than the rest, with concealed trepidation and great unease.

Half-True Saint experts actually felt trepidation and unease when facing the late-Ninth Order Sovereign Huang Xiaolong. If the word about this were to spread out, the four of them would be reduced to laughing stocks in a second. But Xu Jun, Guo Qirong, Gong Chen, and Li Yuhui were really filled with trepidation and unease.

Between Huang Xiaolong and the Holy Alliance, the four of them had stood on the Holy Alliance’s side, publicly supported Jiang Tian. Due to this, they had even permitted the iron ores and jade materials allocated for Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation palace to be given to Huang Zhouping. Not forgetting, the origin pills that were supposed to go to Huang Xiaolong were also taken away by Huang Zhouping.

Not to mention, Guo Qirong had set Huang Xiaolong’s new disciple training task to be killing the Three Red Devils at Blue Sea, a task that was difficult to complete.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head at Li Wen, Chen Shiming, and the others’ good wishes as a response. But when facing Xu Jun, Guo Qirong, Gong Chen, and Li Yuhui, Huang Xiaolong wore a deadpan expression, not showing any response towards them, as if he had not seen them at all.

Upon seeing Huang Xiaolong’s less than tepid reaction, the four Eminent Elders’ hearts dropped to their stomachs.

Xu Jun gritted his teeth as he decisively made concession and spoke humbly, “Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, the four of us previously supported the Holy Alliance and Jiang Tian. It was our mistake. Once again, we apologize to you!”

He took out a jade bottle as he spoke. “This bottle contains Golden Buddha Divine Pills that I’ve spent a lot of time and effort to refine. There are eight pills in total. Please accept them, and forgive our previous offenses!”

“Golden Buddha Divine Pills!”

Chen Shiming, Song Yi, and others were shocked with Xu Jun’s generosity.

Those were level-seven origin pills!


They were hard to find in the Holy World!

Moreover, the difficulty of refining level-seven origin pill was a hundred times harder than level-six origin pill. Even for a peak half-True Saint expert, a level-seven origin pill was extremely precious. Who’d have thought that Xu Jun would offer it to Huang Xiaolong, pleading for Huang Xiaolong to forgive their offense!

Then, Guo Qirong, Li Yuhui, and Gong Chen also gritted their teeth and took out origin pills they had treasured for a long time that they were reluctant to use, and offered them to Huang Xiaolong, hoping for Huang Xiaolong’s forgiveness.

Li Wen took a step forward and cautiously acted as the peacemaker, “Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, since Junior Brother Xu Jun, Guo Qirong, Li Yuhui, and Gong Chen are aware of their mistakes, and they have apologized sincerely, will you please pardon them?”

Chen Shiming, Song Yi, and several other Eminent Elders also stepped forward and cautiously pleaded for Xu Jun’s group.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the four uneasy but sincere faces, and turned to Li Wen, and other Eminent Elder who pleaded for Xu Jun’s group, and finally nodded.

At the root of the matter, Xu Jun, Guo Qirong, Li Yuhui, and Gong Chen do not have any personal grudge with him, the earlier conflicts were due to their bias towards Jiang Tian and the Holy Alliance.

Not to mention, Xu Jun had ‘offered’ the Golden Buddha Divine Pill to him. This was sufficient to compensate for his losses.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong nod his head, Xu Jun and the rest breathed in relief, and their faces lit up and they hurried to pass the pills in their hands to Huang Xiaolong as if they were afraid that Huang Xiaolong would change his mind in the next second.

Li Wen, Chen Shiming, and the others smiled wryly. They had seen a lot of strange things in their lives, but this was still the first time seeing someone anxiously pushing level-seven origin pills into another person’s hands.

After collecting the origin pills offered by the four Eminent Elders, Huang Xiaolong said, “My building materials were taken by Huang Zhouping. What should we do about this matter?”

Xu Jun quickly replied, “There are still a lot of high-quality materials at my palace. When I go back, I will select the best of them and personally send them to Your Highness’s Myriad Dragon Peak!”

Guo Qirong, Li Yuhui, and Gong Chen also showed their stance, promising to send a batch of iron ores and jade stones to Huang Xiaolong, even claiming if Huang Xiaolong needed more, they would send people to purchase from the Central Holy Dynasty.

Huang Xiaolong added, “Now that Huang Zhouping is dead, there is no point in leaving his cultivation palace standing. Have people dismantle it, and those materials, divine trees, and spiritual herbs, send them all to the Myriad Dragon Peak. Eminent Elders, what do you think of my suggestion?”

“Of course!” Li Wen promptly complied, “As it should be!”

Xu Jun, Guo Qirong, Li Yuhui, and Gong Chen hurried to agree.

“Also, the Myriad Dragon Peak was destroyed by the Holy Alliance earlier, and the Holy Alliance’s members killed my guardian beasts, and my subordinates.”

The gaze in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes hardened as he went on, “I hope the Eminent Elders will capture the murderers as soon as possible!”

Li Yuhui, who was in charge of the Enforcement Hall quickly responded, “Rest assured, Your Highness. I will order the Enforcement Hall Master right now to go all out to investigate this matter and capture the murderers in the swifest time, and send them to the Myriad Dragon Peak.”

“There is no need to send them to my Myriad Dragon Peak.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “Just deal with them according to the Holy Gate’s rules.”

Li Yuhui nodded, and immediately sent an order to the Enforcement Hall Master, ordering him to look into the matter personally, and capture the murderers.

While the Enforcement Hall Master headed to the Holy Alliance Peak with a group of Enforcement Hall disciples, Jiang Tian and members of the Holy Alliance had just made it back to the Holy Alliance Palace.