Invincible - Chapter 2298

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Chapter 2298: Dark Devil Island.

“The White Bone Blade Devil, Yu Dongyuan….” Huang Xiaolong swept his gaze across the mission slips and locked onto the second hardest mission.

The mission was to kill the White Bone Blade Devil, Yu Dongyuan!

According to the basic report written on the mission slip, Yu Dongyuan was hiding in one of the islands near the Dragon Heart Island. The island he was on was called the Dark Devil Island.

From Huang Xiaolong’s current location, it wouldn’t take him long to travel to Dark Devil Island.

After killing Yu Dongyuan, he could head over to Dragon Heart Island to look for the purple grandmist aura. If he managed to obtain the purple grandmist aura, it wouldn’t be too late for him to head over to kill the remaining three after he entered the peak of the late-Tenth Order Sovereign Realm.

Huang Xiaolong had already made up his mind. He would kill Zhuo Ze last.

After killing and devouring Zhou Ze’s saint attributes, he would be at the gates of the Venerable Realm.

His saint godhead would also enter the top one thousand ranks.

Every thousand ranks was a watershed, and the difference between the ranks meant a difference of heaven and earth. The difference between a rank three thousand saint godhead and a rank four thousand one was like a deep ravine, while the difference between a rank two thousand and a rank three thousand saint godhead was like the void that filled the space between heaven and earth.

If Huang Xiaolong wanted to increase the rank of his saint godhead from the ninth hundred rank to the eight hundredth rank, it would be several tens of times harder than breaking into the one thousand rankings!

However, that was a problem for another time. His goal for this mission was to enter the top thousand ranks, nothing more!

Leaving the Holy Gate’s branch the very next day, Huang Xiaolong charged towards the Dark Devil Island without rest.

This time, he wasn’t riding on the Golden Pig Treasure. Instead, he rode on the back of a phoenix that was enveloped in multi-colored light!

The tiny Rainbow Phoenix had hatched from the Holy Beast egg Huang Xiaolong had obtained in the past. Even though it had already hatched for quite some time, this was the first time he had called it out. As a Rainbow Phoenix, Huang Xiaolong was extremely perplexed when he noticed the nine tails growing on its back.

No matter how he searched through his memories or books he obtained in the Holy World, Huang Xiaolong failed to learn of its identity.

Despite its tiny appearance, it possessed unbelievable speed! It wasn’t any slower than the golden pig!

With the ability to move so quickly even at a young age, Huang Xiaolong had no doubt that it would only fly faster and faster as it matured.

The little Rainbow Phoenix soared through the heavens with Huang Xiaolong on its back and crossed mountain range after mountain range.

However, it slowed down all of a sudden. It opened its mouth and started to chirp loudly and a smile broke out on Huang Xiaolong’s face when he heard it. Retrieving a level-one origin spiritual pill that emitted brilliant rays of light, Huang Xiaolong tossed it into the little phoenix’s mouth.

After swallowing the pill, the little Rainbow Phoenix cried out in joy as it started to accelerate once again.

Ever since the egg had hatched, and the little fellow was born, Huang Xiaolong had fed it fire attributed level-one origin spiritual pills occasionally. Well, it wasn’t because Huang Xiaolong was restricting its diet to fire attributed pills. Instead, it was because the little bird wouldn’t eat anything other than fire attributed origin spiritual pills!

It matured extremely quickly under the assistance of the origin spiritual pills, and the nine-colored feathers on its body emitted a resplendent glow that seemed to increase in intensity every other day.

“Little brat, you’re lucky I’m your master. If you follow any other disciple from the Holy Gate, you’ll probably starve to death in a year! Your master will go from a rich man to a pauper by feeding you!” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

The Golden Pig Treasure was satisfied with a top-grade chaos spirit stone, and even though that was an acceptable expense to Huang Xiaolong, it was pretty extravagant for others. However, whatever the Golden Pig Treasure didn’t matter when compared to the little Rainbow Phoenix! It ate a level-one origin spiritual pill a day!

Even though it was only a level-one origin spiritual pill, it was several thousands of times more valuable than a top-grade chaos spirit stone!

In a year, how many holy bills were required to purchase three hundred and sixty-five level-one origin spiritual pills?!

Thinking ahead, the little bird was merely an infant! As it grew up, it would probably feed on level-two and level-three origin spiritual pills! There was even a possibility that Huang Xiaolong would have to feed it level-four origin spiritual pills!

Even with Huang Xiaolong’s wealth, it would prove to be a huge problem!

When Huang Xiaolong was thinking about how he should feed it in the future, the little bird turned around and looked at him with its large round eyes.

“Hehe, I’ll just call you Little Nine from now on….”

The Rainbow Phoenix nodded its head and chirped in joy.

Several tens of days later…

Huang Xiaolong returned to the Blue Sea.

As soon as he arrived, he decided to make a trip to the Mirage Sea Spiritual Island. After ensuring that there weren’t any problems with the management of the two islands, he left for the Dark Devil Island.

Half a month later…

Huang Xiaolong and Little Nine stopped in the space above a massive island.

Different from all the islands around it, devil qi pierced the skies as frigid qi dominated the lands. It went without saying that that was the Dark Devil Island!

Even though they were pretty high above the island, Huang Xiaolong could hear the wails of mournful spirits coming from the island.

After pausing for a moment, Huang Xiaolong tore through the devilish qi in the skies and entered the island.

Despite the shocking might of the frigid devil qi on the island, Huang Xiaolong could withstand it with his fleshy body alone. He didn’t bother circulating energy in his body at all. As for the little Rainbow Phoenix, it wasn’t afraid of the devil qi in the slightest. In fact, the flames around its body were the bane of all devilish existences.

The moment he entered the island, Huang Xiaolong led Little Nine towards one of the desolate lands in the northern part of the island.

That was where the White Bone Blade Devil, Yu Dongyuan, was hiding!

Along the way, they ran into piles and piles of bones. There were bones of desolate beasts, and there were bones of those from ancient races. There were even bones of several beings Huang Xiaolong couldn’t identify.

Some of them were as large as mountains, and there were also some as small as specks of dust.

Corpse qi gathered in the air above them, and a vortex of corpse qi could be seen swirling about in the skies above them. With the concentration of corpse qi, even half step Venerables would enter the gates of hell the moment a trace of it entered their bodies.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong entered the island, he was met with waves of assault from dark devil beasts. All of them cultivated by absorbing the devil qi in the air surrounding the Dark Devil Island, and the frigid qi they emitted was terrifying enough. Out of all the beasts in the Azure Sea, the dark devil beasts were one of the most terrifying species.

However, they couldn’t even approach Huang Xiaolong when they were smashed to bits by the tiny chaos axe formed by his Sovereign’s will.

Along the way, the number of dark devil beasts that died in his hands numbered in the thousands.

“Junior sister, are there really Langya Trees here? We’ve been searching for dozens of days, but we failed to catch even the shadow of the tree!” A voice rang through the air and entered Huang Xiaolong’s ear as he soared through the skies.

“I’m sure!” A woman’s voice pierced through the skies. “I learned about this from the sect leader of the Blade Wind Sect! Even if he was tired of living, he wouldn’t dare to lie to me! Whatever the case, he only told me that Langya Trees grow on this island. He didn’t say where to find them!”

A group of people soon appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s sights. He was stunned when he saw the insignia on their robes. They were from the Revered River Divine Sect, the number one sect in the holy ground!

He was no stranger to them. In fact, he had already seen the leader of their sect, Fàn Fan!

It seemed as though the relationship between the Revered River Divine Sect had close relations with the Jiang Family….

As if on cue, the members of the Revered River Divine Sect turned around and noticed Huang Xiaolong.

“Junior Sister, why don’t we capture that brat and beat the answer out of him?” One of the disciples asked.

“Sure! He looks pretty suspicious anyway. He might even be here for the Langya Tree!” The lady nodded her head and quickly agreed to the suggestion.